Do you know Coconut oil? The best natural hydration! April 03 2018 1 Comment

Coconut oil the best natural hydration

Nature gives us everything we need, since we are her children. All hair and skin products feature a diversity of natural products that make up a nutrient formula. What many people do not know is that many nutrients can be used pure, like coconut oil

The oil has vitamin K, vitamin E and iron. They leave the scalp stronger and nourished. For those who have dry hair, it is one of the best options, because it can penetrate the scalp. This is an incredible differential because most oils moisturize only the surface of the hair.

Coconut oil for hair hydration
For the women's nightmare, as double ends, coconut oil is also a great ally. It seals the ends giving a more uniform look to the hair, without the unwanted frizz. In addition, it is responsible for optimal shine and softness.

It is important to tell you that this oil is also one of the most versatile on the market. If your hair is very oily, it is good to pass it before showering and then wash. But if the case is a dry hair, it is ideal to pass the product after the bath, in small amount, as a leave-in. This will make it bright longer. Now, if your desire is to accelerate hair growth, massage the scalp, this stimulates blood flow and increases capillary oxygen.

As you can see, this oil rich in fatty acids is one of the best options when it comes to improving hair health. It is rich in oxidants, and best of all: you can include it being your hair long, short, blonde, tan, red, afro, curly or straight. No segregation!

 Written by Luiza Lima

Learn how to do hair hydration with eggs and get a powerfull hair! February 05 2018

Eggs hair hydration

Hydration with Egg in the Hair? Do you feel your hair is weak, malnourished and lifeless? So it's time for you to make this homemade recipe from Grandma's time, to make her hair beautiful again ...

I'm talking about moisturizing with egg, and it's not easier to make a feature because an egg yolk brings incredible benefits to the hair, it will make up for the work you're going to get through the egg in the hair ...

Come with me to learn how to make your hair beautiful and powerful with this excellent moisturizing with egg in the hair ...

Hydration with Egg in the Hair
The egg yolk has proteins and fats, and will help a restore your hair and leave the good and the new.

Hydration with egg in curly hair brings innumerable benefits such as eliminating dryness nutrition and controlling hair volume.

And the hydration with egg in the straight hair, also helps a lot, it increases the brightness and a strength of the smooth hair ...

So whatever the type of hair, you should use a moisturizing with egg yolk, which only for benefits to the hair ...

I will put down some amazing replicas for you to make an egg use in the hair, just choose one that you prefer and start with the benefit of the benefits the egg brings to the hair ...

What is it that you want to know?


Hydration with eggs and hair cream
Hydration with Egg and Hair Cream
This moisturizing is really cool, because the moisturizing cream and the apple cider vinegar slightly soften the smell of the egg yolk.

It is important that you choose a very fragrant capillary cream, to use in hair moisturizing, which disguises the smell of the egg, see how to do ...

Hydration Ingredients with Egg and Cream
• 1 egg yolk
• 2 tablespoons of moisturizing cream
• 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

Hair hydration with egg Yolk
How to prepare for homemade moisturizing with egg yolk:
1- Mix the yolk with a fork.

2- Add the hydration cream and the apple vinegar until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

How to use a moisturizing with egg yolk in the hair:
1- Wash your hair with your traditional shampoo.

2- Rinse the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture.

3- Apply the wick to the wick and leave it to act for half an hour (30 minutes), put a rolled paper or a plastic cap on the hair.

4- Wash your hair with water and your preferred conditioner.

5- Rinse again with water to remove the conditioner and let it dry naturally.

Hair hydration with egg and aloe
Hydration with Egg and Aloe
That a slug is wonderful for the hair and for a beauty you already know, already taught here not blog how to grow hair with slug, a hydration with slug and other more recipes ...

How about joining the power of slug, a nourishment of the egg yolk in the hair? This is what you want, so write down what you need to know.

Ingredients of Hydration with Egg and Aloe
• 2 tablespoons pulp or slug gel (gelatinous part from inside the leaf)
• 2 egg yolks
• 1 tablespoon of moisturizing cream

How to Prepare a Hydration with Egg and Aloe
1- Knead aloe gel with a fork.

2- Beat the egg yolk with a fork and add the slurry pulp, mix well.

3- Finally, add the hydration cream and mix until smooth.

Step by step how to moisturize hair with egg yolk and slug

1- Wash your hair with your traditional shampoo.

2- Rinse the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture.

3- Apply the mecha hydration to the wick and let it act for half an hour (30 minutes), using a plastic cap on the hair.

4- Wash your hair with water and shampoo again.

5- Apply your preferred conditioner.

6- Rinse with water to remove the conditioner and let it dry naturally.

hair hydration with eggs and olive oil
Hydration with Egg and Olive Oil
This is a more well-known and more traditional recipe of all things that are related to government and olive oil.

It is simple and easy to do but will greatly improve the health of your hair, some people can already see better in the hair on the first application.

See how easy it is to make this recipe ...

Moisturizing Ingredients with Egg Yolk and Olive Oil
• 2 egg yolks
• 2 tablespoons olive oil

How to prepare:
1- Place as egg yolks and olive oil in a bowl and beat thoroughly until a mixture of creamy and homogeneous.

How to Use Hydration with Egg Yolk and Olive Oil on Your Hair
1- Wash your hair with your traditional shampoo.

2- Rinse the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture.

3- Apply the mecha hydration to the wick and let it act for half an hour (30 minutes), using a plastic cap on the hair.

4- Wash your hair with water and shampoo again.

5- Apply your preferred conditioner.

6- Rinse with water to remove the conditioner and let it dry naturally.

Damaged hair: how to return health to the wires October 16 2017

If you think that to have healthy hair you only need to use good products, you are mistaken. Food is one of the main allies for having beautiful threads.

We have already given some hydration and nutrition tips, if you have not read it, click here to read. So, today we are going to talk about the importance of consuming some food so that the final result of the hair + food treatment is the best possible.

 Bananas to help hair hydration


The banana contains Biotin, a vitamin responsible for giving health and growth to the yarn. This food also helps in the growth and fortification of the nails.




Eggs contain nine essential amino acids to ensure strength for your hair.

 Salmon to help hair healthy



The omega 3, present in salmon, not only helps maintain the luster and beauty of the wires, but also prevents double falls and tips.

Do not forget to combine feeding with good hair products, you can know our hair treatment line by clicking here.


With the right products, it is possible to make a homemade moisturizing with the same results as a professional.


When we talk about moisturizing hair at home, a good product is not necessarily expensive. Currently in the market many moisturizing masks get results very close to the procedure done in the salon, with the advantage of lasting much longer, having packages of up to one kilo. The gains are many: healthier hair, free from dryness and moisturized with a product that makes the difference in the look of the yarn, especially for those who have hair that suffer from chemicals such as coloring and straightening.


The main advantage of hydration pots is the cost benefit. The hairdresser Aline Santanna explains: "these pots of treatment can last up to 40 applications for those who have medium hair, that is, neither too full nor too large.It is an advantage for price and quality, they have a great cost x benefit". In addition, they are practical and save time in the day-to-day, as they avoid constant trips to pharmacies and perfumeries in search of specific products for hydration, and are also economical, since the result in the threads is similar to the procedure done by professionals .


Moisturizing hair at home is not just about passing the mask on the wires and then rinsing. Many people complain that home hydrations are not as good as those in the salon, and that they do not have the same effects as one made by a professional. But with the proper application, it is possible to leave the locks beautiful and healthy without having to mark the time in the hall.

The first secret of hairdressers is to begin treatment from the shampoo, which leave the hair clean and ready to receive hydration. For the mask to have more effect, invest in the anti-waste, which will leave the cuticles of the yarns more open to absorb the assets of the cosmetic. In weekly care, switch use with another type of shampoo, especially if hair is chemically colored, as deep cleansing shampoo gradually removes hair chemistry and decreases the length of procedures - like straightening - in the locks.



Before passing the moisturizing mask on the threads, remove excess water and comb the hair with wide teeth, which prevents the fiber, more sensitive when wet, split while it is combed. Removing moisture is important because water can disrupt the effect of the cream, which may not be absorbed properly.

To apply hydration, a special technique is also required. Pass the product from ear level down, avoiding the root, wick to wick, massaging the hair parts so that the hair fiber absorbs the active moisturizing mask. After massaging the hair, choose a source of heat, such as thermal caps, foil or hot towel, because with heat, the scales of the thread open, facilitating the penetration of the cream into the hair.


After respecting the time of the treatment, which depends on the manufacturer and the chosen product, rinse well, until removing all the waste, as Aline explains: "Rinsing well is a precious tip for those who make hydrations at home. Leave the hair heavy when the problem, in fact, are the residue that stay in the wires. The fault is not the cream, the mistake is not rinse right. "

The ideal temperature for rinsing water is ice, because at this temperature the hair scales close and retain the moisturizer for longer. Take advantage of this time to massage the scalp, which stimulates the renewal of the cells and nourishment of the locks. Another advantage of the icy shower is to brighten the locks, which will become more evident after drying. Then, just go to the usual finalization. If you choose a brush, it is important to use thermal protection to avoid damaging the newly hydrated wires.


The masks of treatment masks are also versatile and can accumulate other functions, such as replacing the conditioner, assist in baths of brightness or potentiate a nutritious hydration with oils and vitamins, explains the hairdresser Lela Athanasio: "Today there is a Incredible variety of oils that can be used along with moisturizing to complement the treatment.It is possible to include the oil in the cream and use the two together, or use the oil as a finisher, only at the tips" taught the hair stylist.


Find these hydrating pots in HERE.

HYDRATION X NUTRITION. Discover which is the ideal treatment for your hair! June 12 2017


With lots of hair treatments that exists in the market, many people have difficulty in discerning which is the ideal for their hair type, and with this, end up harming it by the excesses of vitamins and other components in these products.

Hydration and Nutrition are treatments with different goals, and often used without knowledge by most people. Understand here the difference and find out which one is the best option for your hair type:



It is suitable for opaque and dry threads. Its main purpose is to retain water, providing the natural moisture of the hair, returning movement and flexibility to it. Normally, hair exposed to much chemistry needs the care of hydration.

We recommend: Panthenol, Glycerin, Keratin and Silicones.



Even the virgin hair of children needs nutrients. Nutrition is a very important replacement because all the wires are exposed daily to the sun, the wind, and in some cases, to the sea. Therefore, it is necessary, to restore the natural oiliness of the threads, lost with these day-to-day exposures.

We recommend: Argan or Moroccan oil and Vegetable butters, such as Cocoa and Karité.

Karité Butter

Check out all our products and choose which one your hair needs to shine here.