Painting the hair at home: how to avoid stains? December 18 2017

hair painting

Keeping beautiful, shiny hair requires dedication and extra bucks. Hence, many women have chosen to economize by painting their hair at home. To ensure you get a salon result, we separate some tips to not stain your hair when applying the paint, see below:

Choose the right paint for your hair

The choice of paint is a step of extreme importance to ensure good results. Invest in a good brand and in the right tone.

Make sure you have no allergy to the product.

Apply some of the paint on your arm, if there is any symptom like itching and irritation, it is a sign that this product is not for you.

Wash your hair well before applying paint.

Use an anti-waste shampoo the day before. Clean your hair to ensure the color of your hair lasts longer.

Follow the suggested step-by-step instructions on the packaging to the letter

Pay close attention to the suggested steps on the product packaging, prepare everything before starting to apply.

avoid stains painting your hair at home

Applying inks

  1. Pour an ointment into the parts that may come into contact with the ink, such as the foreheads and ears;
  2. Separate several strokes of hair to apply one by one;
  3. Start by applying by the nape;
  4. Follow all packaging recommendations carefully, as suggested above;
  5. Wash your hair with cold water.

 Now you know how to do it at home! Find out the best ink for you and get started!

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before! October 02 2017

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

The ultimate success of coloring depends exclusively on the health of the hair, so it is so important to treat it before and after the application of the paint. This means that if the yarns are too dry, they require moisturizing and nourishing so they absorb a beautiful and shiny color, otherwise the result may be well below expectations: extremely dull hair with a very different color than expected. That's why we've listed some of the care you take before and after the application of the paint, know what they are:

  • We strongly advise moisturizing 3 weeks before the coloration, as they will strengthen your hair and reduce the risk of dryness. (check out our moisturizing masks);

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

  • Do not forget to choose a good professional to carry out the application. Look for indications of friends who have already painted their hair and have had good results;
  • The quality of the paint is essential for the success of this procedure, invest in good products;
  • After painting the hair, always wash them in cold water, as it helps to seal the cuticles of the hair, leaving the color alive longer;

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

  • Use specific products for dyed hair. (We have great options, just click HERE);
  • It is very important to moisturize your hair at least once a week. Replace the conventional conditioner with a good moisturizing mask, we have the ideal for colored hair, click HERE.

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

Healthy hair fixes color for longer and gets very shiny after coloring!

Check out our products that will help in the maintenance of your hair.