Hair Coloring Myths and Truths August 22 2019


For many years, it was believed that the colors and lights were bad for the hair, but in fact, if the procedures is well done and the hairdresser can identify the limit of the hair, it can remain healthy and beautiful, without breaking or falling.


Still, there is a lot of misinformation spreading about colored hair. But don't worry, cause we going to tell you all of them! Check out:


  • The ink dries the hair


Myth. The ink not makes the hair dry. Actually, Hydrogen peroxide (the substance present in the oxidants) is the real responsible for causing dryness, but it all depends on the volume used of the substance, a point that people do not usually pay much attention to. For the paint, there are oxidants from 10 to 40 volumes. The higher the volume, the more aggression to the wires. Each of these oxidants is specific to a hair type, so it is up to the hairdresser to evaluate the porosity and structure of the hair to determine which one is appropriate. If there is no such assessment, there may certainly be dryness.


  • Coloring the wires with dark tones helps to protect the wires


Myth. This information is very popular, but it is completely false. All dyes have the same action on the hair, regardless of color, and can damage the hair if not used properly. In fact, people get this impression because dark inks reflect more light than lighter shades, which causes a false impression of hydration.



  • Who has colored hair can use flat iron or baby-liss


Truth. Those who have the colored wires can use flat iron or baby-liss, but carefully. Use should not be daily and care must be taken with temperature. It is essential to use a thermal protector first and the wires should always be well dry.


  • Natural blonde hair suffers more from dyes


Myth. Again, the dyes have the same action on the hair and their color does not influence it. What determines how much hair will suffer from dyeing is the thickness of the strands. Thinner strands tend to suffer more because they are more delicate, but with proper diagnosis and the use of products that oxidize less, it is possible to preserve the integrity and beauty of even the finest hair.


  • Hair toners are less aggressive than paints


Truth. Hair paints often contain ammonia, a substance that opens the cuticles and allows the color to penetrate more into the strands. This is what makes the dye last longer. The toners have no ammonia, so they are less aggressive and also last less, fully losing their color in about two months.


Much is said about the keratin when the subject matter is the beauty of the universe. But you know that this protein is and why it is so important to keep always healthy and beautiful hair? Although the wires already naturally possess this substance in its composition, some natural aggression promote its weakening, requiring replacement work the same. "Without it, the wires are vulnerable because the surface scales open, leaving the exposed inner layer, which results in loss of water, nutrients and more keratin," explained Cabeleireira Councilor Kérastase Brunna Fabricio, Studio W Iguatemi hall, in Sao Paulo.

The importance of keratin hair

According to professional Keratin is a protein that produces the human body and is found in skin, nails and hair. Composed of 21 amino acids, it represents about 90% of the constitution of the wire. "Keratin is ensuring strength, elasticity and resilience to the fiber. It proofing and protects the hair of certain aggression, such as contact with sea water, hot water, chlorine, straightening, coloring and excess strands. Heat tools such as dryers and flat irons, and with exposure to the sun, are also very harmful in that sense. so to keep the always beautiful and healthy wires is essential to restore the protein, "explained Brunna.

Beware of excess keratin on the hair

Despite the need to return the lost keratin to the hair, hairstylist cautions that its excess can bring an unwanted result. "Too stiffens the fiber, causing the wire to break," he said. "For this reason, customers wiper brushes and heat sealing which already have keratin in its formula, which have even more quantitate protein using" exemplified.

Replacing keratin with Discipline

Once you understand the importance of keratin to the hair, the next step is to know the Discipline collection of Kérastase, that among many benefits, restores protein in the wires. "Discipline has an innovative technology with formula containing the Morpho-Queratina®, unlike anything that has been seen in the cosmetic market. In addition to returning the substance to the wire, it restores the structure of the inside of the hair fiber while the double layer existing technology polymer acts outside the wire, lining the surface and preventing the penetration of water, "he explained Brunna.

"Another important factor to be noted about this collection is the possibility to use it daily, since she does not let that hard look in the hair. Full, Discipline unites control, lightness and discipline and is superindicada for those who want to display always radiating wires" , concluded the expert.


Wrote by Alexandra Gurgel 


Keratin can bring lots of benefits to you hair and you beauty.

Keratin is a fibrous protein that constitutes various parts of the human body including the hair and nails. Formed by amino acids, about 90% of the yarn, is responsible for the integrity of the hair and therefore is used in many hair treatments in beauty salons. It works as a protection and fulfillment of faults caused by external processes or disfunction.

In the book "Dictionary of Care Products Ingredients with hair", author John Halal points out that "the amino acids of keratin can be produced from human hair and also wool, as well as horns and animal pens," which it means that different sources will produce different mixtures of amino acids.

Lack of this protein may be caused by excess chemicals, sun, flat iron, hair dryer and pollution. With the action of these "enemies", the surface of the hair scales to open, leaving the inner layer exposed, which results in loss of water, nutrients and keratin.

The daily aggression to the hair resulting brittle hair, dull and worrying elasticity. To restore them, the missing are not treatments for replacement of keratin, such as the sealing, Nanoqueratização and Hidroqueratização Photonics, but it is very important to consult a professional to know which is the right type of treatment for the lack of your hair .

Like any excess, keratin is also harmful. The tense wires, which can cause dryness, opacity, breakage and loss in the natural movement of the hair. Experts recommend using it with caution and be very careful when buying any product that promises to restore with this substance.