Learn how to take care of your hair after straightening April 17 2018

 With so many products on the market, nowadays a woman can choose what type of hair she wants. It is possible, for example, to have a curly hair and make a straightening treatment. However, nothing comes for free in the world, so, you have to be aware of the care that must be taken after modifying the structure of your hair. But do not worry! In this text we will help you continue with strong hair after straightening.Curly hair

To begin with, it is advisable to reduce the number of chemicals after the procedure. It's good to wait some time to dye your hair or make highlights. When you paint it again, ask the hairdresser to do a test to see if the hair can get another procedure. If the wires have become elastic, it is best to postpone the process.

It is also very common for the hair to become dry after straightening. If you notice that yours is like this, make hydrations weekly with products for your hair type. Another good tip is to put a thermal cap or a plastic bag to drown the hair with the cream, boosting the hydration. Leave-ins and natural oils are also a great option. The tips tend to get even more dry because straightening makes it difficult for nutrients to reach them. In this case, it is interesting to apply silicone to the ends.

Before and after straightening treatment

Lack of brightness is also a well reported problem after straightening. In that case, probably the cause is the loss of keratin. Therefore, it must be returned to the hair, applying liquid or cream keratin weekly in the first month. Then the application can be reduced to every 15 days.

Lastly, feel your hair! Just wash it when you really need it, and not because of routine. The less times you wash, the more your smoothing will last and you will still maintain the natural nutrients and oiliness.

Result of a hair straightening treatment

So, we came to bring the good news to you: no more nightmares! It is totally possible to have straight and healthy dream hair, you just need to take care of it later. In addition, we show that it is not so difficult to have the care routine. With some good products, the nutrients will be returned to the hair strands.

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Written by Luiza Lima

Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it October 23 2017

Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it


Are you one of those who will not let go of the straightened wires and, every three months at the most, run to the salon to finish the progressive brush? So, it is good to stay alert and take some care to maintain hydration and health of the hair. The procedure, dear to control the wires without having to go through the routine of iron, can cause some damages. Frequent chemistry removes water and nutrients from the hair - and has to be replaced. You may have noticed that, after some progressives, the root tends to get greasier, and the tips even drier. 

-The root has a natural oiliness that spreads to the rest of the hair. When the progressive seals the threads, this oiliness can not come down and is concentrated there. So, too, that the tips tend to get drier.



Specialists suggests that about two or three weeks before you do the progressive, you invest in a cauterization to recover and moisturize the wires.

- Cauterization is a deeper hydration that returns nutrients and water, which are removed by chemistry. So when you have been applying the product, your hair will be moisturized and the progressive brush will seal the yarn.


Choose the right shampoo

Specialists recommends using a shampoo that has acidic pH. It works like this: each part of the body has a PH, the wires usually vary between 4.2 and 5.8 - it is acid, according to a scale that goes from 0 to 14 (when it reaches 7, PH becomes neutral and, above that, alkaline).

- The shampoo with acidic pH will keep the cuticle of the hair closed, preventing it from losing moisture and dehydrate.

A hair stylist gives a tip: if you also have dyed yarn, the shampoo for this type of hair works for both cases.

Choose the right shampoo

Always hydrate

The hydration should be constant, mainly because of the tips, which get even drier than the length. Laine recommends that at least once a week you moisturize with collagen masks, vitamins and minerals.

- This will lessen the dryness of your hair and prevent it from getting hard, without balance and shine. Just wash normally, remove excess water and apply the mask over the entire length, letting act for five to 10 minutes.

Denise adds that in addition to the masks, you can bet on natural products like coconut oils and olive oil to moisturize. Pass before bath and leave to act for some time, then wash normally.

 Use thermos

Use thermos

Those who are progressive often know that as the effect goes on, the dryer becomes even more indispensable - and ends up being part of the routine. Laine Calixto warns of the importance of thermoprotectants. The hairstylist explains that the constant use of the dryer without any protection burns the wires, but that, together with the thermoactive ones, can bring benefits

- These products have nutrients that are activated with the heat of the dryer and are another way to hydrate the wires.

 finalize hair treatments


After drying the threads, finish with products like leave in or serum, which control the threads and still give way in the resected aspect.

- Bet on products with moisturizing substrates such as argan oil, which is extremely moisturizing and lustrous, in addition to helping renew against chemical damage.

This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz! April 24 2017 3 Comments

We’ve tested the method that turned phenomena into salons

This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

Victims of frizz, unite yourselves: this matter is for you.

Like thousands of women, my hair seems to have a life of its own, no matter the season or the humidity of the air. Every day my strings rebel as much as I put leave-in, spray, etc. It is a boring condition, but I confess that I had given up trying to find a solution. "Emphasize your faults," said Diana Vreeland, and so I fell into the capillary conformity.

Until I met the botox for the hair. About 15 days ago, I tested the method applied by hair stylist Evandro Angelo, from C. Kamura Hall, in São Paulo. And you want to know? I fell in love.


Capillary botox is a hair fill treatment that recovers the shine and elasticity of hair. Its greatest merit is the almost complete elimination of frizz.


This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

Treatment that has become a breakthrough in hair salons in recent years, it promises (and, believe me, it does) reduce frizz and up to 50% of the volume without removing the natural waves from your locks. Not to mention the brightness - seven days after the application, I continue to receive praise for the healthy appearance of my hair.


"Capillary botox is formulated with raw materials of very low molecular weight," says Evandro. Unlike the progressive brush, it does not take formaldehyde in its composition, in addition to having no smell and not causing discomforts such as itching or burning eyes during the application. In practice, it is the kind of completely painless, odorless and "quiet" treatment to do. All you need is time. "It will promote volume reduction and elimination of frizz thanks to the thermal realignment of alpha and beta zones of the fiber," explains the hair stylist.


Reserve at least three hours of your day when venturing out with the hair botox - but I guarantee it's worth it. The first stage is the traditional washing of the hair, which follows from the application of the product along the entire length of the threads, from the root to the tips. 50 minutes later, most of the botox is rinsed, leaving only 20% of the substance in the locks. After this phase, with the help of a board, the yarns are sealed quietly, wick by wick. After that, go to the water again: it is time to do the final rinse and finally perform the brush with a drier.


This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

Although you come out with the super smooth strands, do not confuse the capillary botox with progressive brush: it takes out the frizz and the volume, not the curls and waves. In short, the treatment leaves you with hair the best style "I woke up like this", but without the part of the messy wires.

I washed my hair 24 hours after the treatment and did not have any problems: a week later, I leave the bath and let my hair dry naturally (I am not adept at the hair dryer). The result is that famous "salon effect" every day.


Does not have. Everyone can do it!


"Avoiding anti-oxidant products, keep the hydrations fortnightly at home and, every 30 or 45 days, perform deeper hydrations with your reliable professional," advises Evandro.


We have lots of different hair btox for you to choose wich one fits better with your hair. Check the collection HERE.

Did a Keratin Treatment? Here's the best after guide! February 20 2017


Straightening the hair can help make the women's routine more practical, but it requires special care that goes beyond weekly hydration. Hygiene, for example, should be a little different from what you're accustomed to, whether it's to ensure healthy and beautiful yarns or to maintain chemical treatment for longer. Check out the tips of the Stay Diva and learn how to wash your tresses properly after the progressive brush!


Intercache the days of washing the hair

Girls who have recently invested in progressive brushing should give up washing their hair every day. This habit can accelerate the elimination of the chemical in the threads and lessen the smooth effect you both craved. The ideal wash interval is every two days, however, the owners of the most oily tresses can intercalate every other day to preserve smoothing.


Reveal the unsalted shampoo with the chemically treated hair

Smooth hair tends to be greasier than normal, so it is best to insert the type of shampoo to ensure clean and smooth wires longer. First, you can start with the unsalted shampoo, which will gently wipe the scalp without damaging the smoothing effect. Already at the next wash, maybe it's time to invest in products for chemically treated hair, as they will moisturize, strengthen and repair the hair roots when they start to grow.

In addition, the most recommended by dermatologists is to apply the salt-free shampoo only to the scalp and massage with the fingertips - never with the nails - to stimulate growth. When the foam begins to descend to the length, it is time to rinse and apply the conditioner from the middle to the ends of the hair.


Anti-residue shampoos do not even think!

The proposal of deep cleansing anti-waste shampoos may even be seductive, but you will be compromising your brush. This type of hygienizer with a higher pH than normal opens the cuticles of the hair, removing excess substances accumulated in the wires and scalp, including chemical processes such as smoothing and coloring.

Keratin Treatment: 13 secrets that prolong the smooth effect December 05 2016


Get to know some cleansing, moisturizing, and care tips that will help progressive products last.

Moderate in the wash

  1. Depending on the type of brush you have made, wait 48 hours to do the first wash. Confirm this with your hairdresser so as not to compromise the result.
  2. Wash on alternate days. The progressive creates a kind of cover on the wires, which lasts from 30 to 40 washes. So the more you wash your hair, the faster it goes.


Gain Extra Strength

  1. One week after doing the progressive brush cauterize or moisturize with keratin. These two treatments help keep the brush longer because they close the scales of the wires.


Focus in hydration

  1. It gives movement to the threads and seals the capillary cuticles, prolonging the smooth effect. Choose nutritious masks with vitamins.
  1. Once a week, make a homemade mask. After washing and conditioning, apply honey to the ends of the strands and wrap them in foil with the shiny side facing inward. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse. Then apply a combing cream to reduce volume.


Attention to shampoo

  1. Wash hair with mild shampoo, preferably without salt. This helps to keep the cuticle from the strands closed. And run away from the anti-waste so the brush does not run down the drain.
  1. Check the packaging of the pH of your shampoo! Slightly acidic (between 4.5 and 5.5) is most indicated. Alkaline opens the scales and eliminates the product used in the treatment.
  1. Bet on shampoos and conditioners with smooth effect. They are soft and form a protective film over the wires, providing a long lasting smooth effect.



The dryer is released

  1. Those who do the progressive want to have the wires smooth without making a brush. But instead of letting them dry naturally, help with the dryer. As the progressive one is a thermoactivated treatment, the use of the heat reinforces the action of the product in the wires. And with that, your smooth lasts a lot more!
  1. Prefer the dryer with tourmaline. The mineral helps keep the yarn smooth and healthy longer.


Do not overdo the dyes

  1. If you dye hair, attention. Make the coloration only with a minimum interval of fifteen days, before or after having performed the progressive.


Use this homemade lotion!

  1. The scalp usually gets oily after progressive. To avoid daily washing, make this homemade lotion: boil 1 cup. (Tea) fresh mint leaves, 1 cup. (Tea) of mineral water and the juice of a lemon for 5 minutes. Let cool. Put in a plastic spray bottle. Apply root to tips on washed hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.


Protect the wires from heat

 13. Before drying, be sure to protect the wires with a heat-protected leave-in (non-rinse) cream. This prevents the wire scales from opening and the progressive.