G-Hair Moroccan treatment. Know one of the best smoothing product! September 19 2016

Inoar Moroccan Smoothing Treatment
Inoar Moroccan Hair Smoothing Treatment consists of a progressive brush which is to the volume reduction and in addition to all the nutrients your hair needs, thus giving softness, shine and a natural smooth as if it had made brush every day.

Treatment Inoar Moroccan Hair Shampoo - 1000ml: deep cleansing shampoo for the treatment of normal or dry hair. Remove wire residues and prepares them for the Moroccan Hair Treatment.
 Inoar Moroccan Hair Treatment Treatment Mask Suave - 1000ml: Masking treatment for normal or dry hair, part of the Moroccan Hair Treatment. Deposit assets recover damaged hair and reduces its volume in the first application.

Brush Progressive Moroccan Inoar Kem has 3 Complex technology, Cocoa Extract, Keratin and White Clay, retrieves the wires damaged by chemical processes, giving them back the motion, shine, softness and volume reduction in the first application.

Unlike other products, the Moroccan Hair Treatment Inoar has a nice cocoa flavor, which provides added convenience. Furthermore, rinsed and holding the hair on the same day of treatment application. It contains formaldehyde.
Inoar Moroccan Smoothing treatment product
Take a look at some of the results! How special!
Inoar Moroccan SMoothing Product 2
Another one, and look at this user review below:
"Guys, I just loved this product is easy to apply, is a product that is worth the price you have and the result is excellent, so I, as my sister and my mother loved the result, super worth it to have bought, I recommend to who wants smoother hair (because yes, smooths SIM), and also recommend to anyone who wants to reduce the volume of the hair, the result this there, WONDERFULL"
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Written by Alexia Cristina