Understand how your hair is formed: From the roots to the end August 29 2016



The hair needs constant care and moisturizing, but you know why? The hair fiber, or any wire length, is divided into three parts with different functions that, together, leave your beautiful and healthy hair. The treatments work to correct problems caused by chemical and external agents such as pollution, and ensure that the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla function properly.

Who ever heard of that particular product need to close the scales to have greater effect, or the hot air jet opens the cuticles and the cold air is important to close them? The cuticle is the outermost layer, responsible for regulating the inflow and outflow of water from the fiber. It is, for example, the coloration is deposited.

It is composed of six to eight layers of flat cells overlapped and covered with an invisible layer of lipids resistant to water, which acts as a natural moisturizer. Most hair damage happens in this area of ​​the wires, which thanks to external damage, break the protective cuticle and cause fall, porosity and dryness.

The cortex is the most important region of the wire and is responsible for defining the shape, color, strength, elasticity, natural amount of moisture of the yarn and the strength. "It is in this area that proteins are grouped in parallel giving resistance to the wire," taught dermatologist Sara Bragança in an interview with "woman bag".

These proteins are grouped into rods formed of keratin, important to avoid falls and double-ended, and melanin, which gives color to the hair. In the cortex is also defined texture of the hair, whether it is straight or curly, which also depends on the chemical bonds such as disulfide bridges responsible for wire format in addition to join the proteins found in the hair shaft.

The higher the number of links, more frizzy hair and are more difficult for the natural oiliness of the scalp to get the horns, needing products to meet this function. As the cortex is an innermost layer of the cuticle, the damage that area tend to be more severe leaving the most fragile hair and in some cases, only the scissors is the solution.



The hair is still formed by the cord in the innermost layer. "While it may be absent in some patients, its function is to direct the new strand of hair and aid in thermoregulation. The spinal canal may be empty or filled with keratin" explained Sara Bragança.

The medulla is the only part of the hair fiber that is in contact with the bulb and is only found in the thicker wires or whites. She is responsible for distributing minerals and nutrients to the tips; allowing the cells which are created in the bulb and make hair grow, are brought to the ends.


To make the progressive last you need stop doing various things. 

To begin with, nothing to wash your hair every day, which is a problem, by the way, because at the beginning the root is super oily. Thus, the hair should be washed, at most three times a week. Deep cleansing shampoo can be used, which is kind of logical, since the progressive wraps the wires, and deep cleansing shampoo, while not removing the progressive speeds the process, which causes the smooth check if "losing". In addition, the deep cleansing shampoo opens the "scales" and further dries the wires.

Everyone knows that shampoo without salt is myth, so be sure to look for shampoo without salt is stuck. What you need, really, is to use specific products for hair with progressive, and that includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in (comb cream) and so on. Products with reconstructive and nutritive properties, rich in amino acids, are the best options, as well as the smooth effect of products such as INOAR Post Care line, which helps keep the hair more disciplined and it is wonderful.

It does not make two chemical on the same day. Who understands this is tricologist and no hair, and a tricologist doctor says, and this is consensus, that does not make two chemical on the same day, you can not do, because you have to give time for the hair to get it to recover outside the risk of damaging and cause undesirable reactions is much greater when making two procedures at once.

In addition to this problem, it has another: Yellow progressive wires, and discoloration should always be taken before the progressive, because as the decolorizer removes the pigment, it removes other things, minimizing the smooth effect and detonates the hair. So if you want to make lights and give progressive, make the first lights and about 20 days later make progressive.


Although embalming the wires, which prevents entering treatment assets in hair fiber, you will need to deal with, at least superficially. And that means investing in reconstruction, nutrition, and regular moisturizing. When I talk about "regular" I'm not talking about every month ok? Hydration is weekly, nutrition is every 10 days and reconstruction is at least monthly. And since embalmed hair, try to provide an excellent reconstruction mask, which is the least you can do for your hair!

Care to be holding the hair, especially if it is wet, since, being more fragile, it tends to break more easily, which is a disaster!

You know the pool? Avoid! The reason? Well, the contact with chlorine leads to wear the progressive effect. No more, every time you enter the sea or the pool and wet your hair will need to wash after, and this leads to the problem that I mentioned earlier.

We hope we could help =)


Written by Ju Lopes