VIDEO: How to do a Keratin Treatment at home! August 08 2016

How to do keratin treatment at home

As we promissed you, we gonna give you every week a video teaching you the best way of taking care of your hair at home, or even with a professional, using the best products in the web!

This is a video made by Cadiveu Brasil, very simple and clean, and easy to understand and follow. It shows you how easy it is to do a good Keratin Treatment at home! What are you waiting? Get the best of your hair!



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25 tips to get the best of your hair everyday! August 01 2016

To have hair dream you can not give up the daily care, choosing the right products, and think of the ideal cut for your face type. And it is not necessary to spend a lot or spend hours in the lounge.

25 ways to get the best of your hair

Home care for hair

1 - A beautiful hair can never be washed with water 'piping hot' because the heat opens the cuticle of the wire and cause frizz. Use only cold and warm water.

2 - When washing your hair at home, make two steps: Use the measure of a real coin 1 shampoo, massage the wires with the fingertips, rinse well and repeat.
3 - Shampoo anti-residue is used at least once a week. But it should be avoided by those with progressive or dye, because it clears the chemical.
4 - Never use conditioner at the root, not to increase the oiliness of the region. To find out where to apply the product, measure four fingers from the letter. From there down, the conditioner is released.
5 - Remove any hair conditioner, nothing to leave a little bit to help comb.
6 - No matter if your hair is straight or curly drained: always use a cream to comb after washing. It serves to replenish nutrients and protect the wires.
7 - Then use the finishers. A good leave-in is the beauty secret of many celebrities. and spread the product with your hands and comb the threads. But use the product sparingly, as excess can leave the hair heavy. Ideally, the equivalent of a 50 cent coin.
8 - Who does brush need to use a cream that termoativo and protects the wires, have ingredients that moisturise.

9 - Whoever brightness can apply the silicone in wet or dry hair. To reduce the dry aspect, pass on the tips after the leave-in. It will form a gloss film.
10 - The ointment is indicated for modeling the wires, but if your hair is oily, avoid, because it is greasy. Instead, use a cream to model hairstyles or silicone, if the problem is frizz.
11 - The tip for frizzy hair is to use the mousse after the leave-in. Spend the equivalent of a product ping-pong ball, use a comb to help spread and flatten the wires in his hands.
12 - If your hair weapon throughout the day, choose a strong hold mousse, which is twice more powerful than common, to tame her curls and avoid that lioness effect.
13 - The face shape is crucial to the choice of court. The inverted triangle shape goes well with frayed and side bangs wires. Round, with long frayed on the ends. The square should stay away from short. And the oval goes with almost all cuts.

14 - Who has straight hair and want to give volume to cut it in layers. And who has rolled up and want to tame the wires should reels off them.
15 - The chanel remains high, and can be used even by those who have curls, but is bulky.
16 - One way to know if you can be blonde is the eyebrow. If it is dark, closed with wires, you should not adopt the tone. But if it is dark and translucent, with thin wire and a little skin showing up, all right.
17 - Who has the whitest skin can have any color hair.
18 - Who has dark dye and want to whiten should go easy. Make wicks every three months, and when 50% of your hair is lighter, have to see in color. That way, you mugs less wires.
19 - As soon as you leave the room, buy shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. Ask your stylist to choose the best products to use at home.
20 - A lot of people think the color wash assaults less wires, but this is not true. If used for three months, the amount of color pigments accumulated on the wire is the same dye, but without apparent effect the same.
21 - Take a break of at least one month between two chemical to save hair.
22 - moisturizing should be done at least once a month in the lounge.
23 - If your strands are very dry, need moisturizing products. Find out through the label if they have oil fruits and nuts, avocado and shea butter, which are great to hydrate. See some HERE. Since brittle hair that break easily, such as those with dye, proteins need to be strengthened.

24 - Cut the ends of three months.
25 - Want to moisturize the wires? See the best product options HERE.

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau instructions video! July 29 2016 2 Comments

Lots of our precious customers ask us frequently about how to use our products at home. Without spendind any money in sallons and everything. So, we decided to give you a instruction video, showing very carefully step by step of using CADIVEU BRASIL CACAU. 

Take a look and eliminate any doubts!




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To make the progressive last you need stop doing various things. 

To begin with, nothing to wash your hair every day, which is a problem, by the way, because at the beginning the root is super oily. Thus, the hair should be washed, at most three times a week. Deep cleansing shampoo can be used, which is kind of logical, since the progressive wraps the wires, and deep cleansing shampoo, while not removing the progressive speeds the process, which causes the smooth check if "losing". In addition, the deep cleansing shampoo opens the "scales" and further dries the wires.

Everyone knows that shampoo without salt is myth, so be sure to look for shampoo without salt is stuck. What you need, really, is to use specific products for hair with progressive, and that includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in (comb cream) and so on. Products with reconstructive and nutritive properties, rich in amino acids, are the best options, as well as the smooth effect of products such as INOAR Post Care line, which helps keep the hair more disciplined and it is wonderful.

It does not make two chemical on the same day. Who understands this is tricologist and no hair, and a tricologist doctor says, and this is consensus, that does not make two chemical on the same day, you can not do, because you have to give time for the hair to get it to recover outside the risk of damaging and cause undesirable reactions is much greater when making two procedures at once.

In addition to this problem, it has another: Yellow progressive wires, and discoloration should always be taken before the progressive, because as the decolorizer removes the pigment, it removes other things, minimizing the smooth effect and detonates the hair. So if you want to make lights and give progressive, make the first lights and about 20 days later make progressive.


Although embalming the wires, which prevents entering treatment assets in hair fiber, you will need to deal with, at least superficially. And that means investing in reconstruction, nutrition, and regular moisturizing. When I talk about "regular" I'm not talking about every month ok? Hydration is weekly, nutrition is every 10 days and reconstruction is at least monthly. And since embalmed hair, try to provide an excellent reconstruction mask, which is the least you can do for your hair!

Care to be holding the hair, especially if it is wet, since, being more fragile, it tends to break more easily, which is a disaster!

You know the pool? Avoid! The reason? Well, the contact with chlorine leads to wear the progressive effect. No more, every time you enter the sea or the pool and wet your hair will need to wash after, and this leads to the problem that I mentioned earlier.

We hope we could help =)


Written by Ju Lopes