Hair Coloring Myths and Truths August 22 2019


For many years, it was believed that the colors and lights were bad for the hair, but in fact, if the procedures is well done and the hairdresser can identify the limit of the hair, it can remain healthy and beautiful, without breaking or falling.


Still, there is a lot of misinformation spreading about colored hair. But don't worry, cause we going to tell you all of them! Check out:


  • The ink dries the hair


Myth. The ink not makes the hair dry. Actually, Hydrogen peroxide (the substance present in the oxidants) is the real responsible for causing dryness, but it all depends on the volume used of the substance, a point that people do not usually pay much attention to. For the paint, there are oxidants from 10 to 40 volumes. The higher the volume, the more aggression to the wires. Each of these oxidants is specific to a hair type, so it is up to the hairdresser to evaluate the porosity and structure of the hair to determine which one is appropriate. If there is no such assessment, there may certainly be dryness.


  • Coloring the wires with dark tones helps to protect the wires


Myth. This information is very popular, but it is completely false. All dyes have the same action on the hair, regardless of color, and can damage the hair if not used properly. In fact, people get this impression because dark inks reflect more light than lighter shades, which causes a false impression of hydration.



  • Who has colored hair can use flat iron or baby-liss


Truth. Those who have the colored wires can use flat iron or baby-liss, but carefully. Use should not be daily and care must be taken with temperature. It is essential to use a thermal protector first and the wires should always be well dry.


  • Natural blonde hair suffers more from dyes


Myth. Again, the dyes have the same action on the hair and their color does not influence it. What determines how much hair will suffer from dyeing is the thickness of the strands. Thinner strands tend to suffer more because they are more delicate, but with proper diagnosis and the use of products that oxidize less, it is possible to preserve the integrity and beauty of even the finest hair.


  • Hair toners are less aggressive than paints


Truth. Hair paints often contain ammonia, a substance that opens the cuticles and allows the color to penetrate more into the strands. This is what makes the dye last longer. The toners have no ammonia, so they are less aggressive and also last less, fully losing their color in about two months.

The advantages of using Hair Spray! September 12 2016


You've done a hairstyle and at the end of the night your hair was all messy? After hours in the hall the final result was not good as you would like? Many have gone through similar situations. It was not just you. Regardless of the constitution of the wires are thin or thick, straight or curly, the use of hair fixers will help keep the hairstyle for a long time.

In the old days, when it came to fasteners, we remember sprays or gels that left the hard hair look wet, in addition to very dry wires. Today there are more advantages than disadvantages in using a fixative. Technology has advanced and the products have a lighter formula and with different levels of fixation, which prevents the wires from getting the appearance of dirty. Thus, the present sprays, after application, give more naturally to the hair and are easy to be removed in the wash.

So, what are the fixers?
The fastener is a lacquer, varnish of a type which mixes a high pressure gas passes when the valve packing. The product is intended for hairstyles, especially in finalizing the same, ensuring a good fixing. There are no limits to the use of sprays, at any age, hair and thick wire size the use of fasteners is valid to ensure an intact hairstyle.

Apply the spray at the correct distance
Advantages of applying the hair fixative

With already dried and brushed wires, apply the product at a distance of at least 15 centimeters away from wires. This distance facilitates distribution of the product, allowing it to be distributed throughout the hair also. If the hairstyle is a bun, you can sprinkle the nearest spray around the hairstyle for security; so it will be tight. If you want to leave the flat or curly wires, the tip is to apply the right next fastener strand by strand and after that pass the board or curling iron.

Removing and maintain the hydrated wires after use fasteners?
To remove the wire spray, you should wash the hair, massaging well with the fingertips over the head and rinse under running water. If you use too frequently the fastener, either daily or weekly, it is advisable to regular hydration to prevent the hair becomes brittle and parched.

How to choose a hairspray?
The market has a wide variety of hair fixatives products, but your choice will depend on your needs. If you want to keep a ponytail, bun, braid or loose hairstyles with curls and long flat, choose a quality product that serves to keep the hairstyle for a long time. As Hair Spray Inoar which has a high power setting, providing more control wires and durability hairstyle. It features ease of application, since it does not require drying after brush. Its formula contains D-panthenol and vitamin E, which provide hydration and shine. It can be easily removed with the passage of the brush.