How to get your hair brighter combing January 01 2018

This is the second post on how to keep your hair beautiful and shiny with simple care, look:

Method 2 - Combing your hair

 Aplly leave in at your wet hair

2.1 - Apply leave-in conditioning while the wires are wet.

If your hair is dry, it may get a little lifeless after it has dried. Use a good leave-in conditioner to make them less dry and opaque. While still wet, apply a portion the size of a 25-cent coin of the product. Using a comb, scatter to the ends.

 Drying hair at air

2.2 - Let them air dry.

Of course a brush can make them soft and shiny at first. However, after a while, doing brush constantly will damage them and leave them looking opaque and rough. By letting them air dry, there is no risk of damaging it. After a few weeks or months, you will begin to notice the difference in texture: they will be softer and brighter.

Avoid as much heat as possible to stylize your hair. Little girls, baby liss and others can give a beautiful result temporarily, but with prolonged use, they leave the hair lifeless.

 Argan finishing oil

2.3 - Use a finishing oil.

As soon as they dry naturally, gently spread the finishing oil through the wicks. A good product will give instant shine and protect wires from damage. Wait until they are dry for a better result. A little is enough, so do not use more than a portion the size of a dime, depending on the length of your hair. It is possible to buy a special hair oil, or use one of these oils as a finisher:

Olive oil

Argan oil

Almond oil

Jojoba oil

Castor oil

Coconut oil


2.4 - Try a serum to give shine.

 This is a product that has a special formulation to give shine to the hair. It contains silicone and other ingredients that leave the wires instantly shiny. Most of them can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Using serum every day can have the opposite effect. Silicone can give shine, but buildup over time weakens them. It's best to keep it for special occasions.

Look for an alcohol-free serum. Alcohol can dry out hair.

 Reduce frizz to the maximum

2.5 Reduce frizz to the maximum.

Frizz is an enemy of the bright wires. A halo of frizz leaves hair dull and rough instead of shiny. It is possible to tame frizz in any type of hair by following these steps:

Wash your hair with cold water. The cold helps to keep the wires flat and flat, rather than standing upright. You'll be amazed at the difference that this simple step can make.

Do not dry your hair tightly with a towel. Slap it lightly and then let it dry in the open air. Using a towel with force leaves them armed and with frizz.

Replace the brush with a wide-toothed comb. Brushing can break the wires, especially if they are curly or wavy. Broken strands stand up, causing frizz. Use a wide-tooth comb. Back off your hair when it is still wet, starting from the tips towards the root.

Use silk or satin pillowcases. Who has curly hair knows that this trick works wonders to avoid frizz. The cotton fabric absorbs moisture, leaving the yarns dry and frizz. Satin or silk preserve the hair in the natural state without frizz.

 Cut your hair reguraly

2.6 - Cut your hair regularly.

Removing the double ends makes all the difference to give more luster. Ask your hairdresser not to use chemistry or excess heat to straighten your hair.

How to have bright hair December 25 2017

We are going to make a series of posts on how to have the most brilliant hair possible. In each post will be disclosed a method to have the best of your hair every day, at home!

Method 1 - Using hair masks

 Eggs are good for hair brightness

1.1 - Use egg.

It may seem strange, but an egg does wonders. The yolk nourishes the yarns so they do not look lifeless. The clear cleans them, removing any residue. The result is very shiny hair after only one application. Here are the instructions:

1 Beat an egg in a small bowl.

2 Moisten your hair.

3 Place the egg on your head. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread it to the ends.

4 Leave it in your hair for about 15 minutes.

5 Wash them with shampoo as usual. Rinse with cold water for maximum brightness.

 Apple cider vinegar are good for hair brightness

1.2 - Try to use apple cider vinegar.

Increasingly it has been considered a natural conditioner and glow intensifier. It balances the pH, clears the threads and leaves them loose and soft. After drying, the smell of vinegar will not remain. Follow these steps to make a treatment with apple cider vinegar: 

1 Use your usual shampoo, but skip the conditioner.

2 Pour the mixture 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbsp of water to the head. Comb to the ends.

3 Let it act for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water at the end of your bath.

 Avocado is good for hair brightness

1.3 - Make an avocado mask.

The fruit has natural fats that nourish and brighten. Using a ripe makes it easy to uniform application. Put on the avocado mask when your hair is dry and needs extra hydration.

1 Knead avocado until smooth. You can also use a processor.

2 Moisten your hair.

3 Spread it from the root to the tips.

4 Leave for at least 15 minutes.

5 Wash with shampoo normally. Rinse with cold water.

 Honey is good for hair brightness

1.4 - Use honey.

Honey is moisturizing and has whitening power. This combination is perfect for brightening opaque hair. Raw honey is very nutritious, but any type works well. To make a mask with it,

1 Mix ¼ cup honey and ¼ cup water.

2 Wet the hair.

3 Comb them to spread the mixture.

4 Let her act for 15 minutes or more.

5 Wash with shampoo normally. Rinse with cold water.

 Deeply conditionning hair works good for hair brightness

1.5 - Deeply condition hair.

 If they are not bright because they are dry, lifeless and with frizz, a deep conditioning treatment could help. Once a week, follow these steps to do this:

1 Wet the hair.

2 Comb 1 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil from the root to the tips. Put on a plastic bath towel.

3 Let it act for an hour or overnight.

4 Wash with shampoo. You may need to wash it 2 to 3 times to remove oily residue. Rinse with cold water.

Painting the hair at home: how to avoid stains? December 18 2017

hair painting

Keeping beautiful, shiny hair requires dedication and extra bucks. Hence, many women have chosen to economize by painting their hair at home. To ensure you get a salon result, we separate some tips to not stain your hair when applying the paint, see below:

Choose the right paint for your hair

The choice of paint is a step of extreme importance to ensure good results. Invest in a good brand and in the right tone.

Make sure you have no allergy to the product.

Apply some of the paint on your arm, if there is any symptom like itching and irritation, it is a sign that this product is not for you.

Wash your hair well before applying paint.

Use an anti-waste shampoo the day before. Clean your hair to ensure the color of your hair lasts longer.

Follow the suggested step-by-step instructions on the packaging to the letter

Pay close attention to the suggested steps on the product packaging, prepare everything before starting to apply.

avoid stains painting your hair at home

Applying inks

  1. Pour an ointment into the parts that may come into contact with the ink, such as the foreheads and ears;
  2. Separate several strokes of hair to apply one by one;
  3. Start by applying by the nape;
  4. Follow all packaging recommendations carefully, as suggested above;
  5. Wash your hair with cold water.

 Now you know how to do it at home! Find out the best ink for you and get started!

Learn now the Benefits of Omega 9 for your hair December 11 2017

Omega 3 and 9 and its bennefits for your hair!

You should already know omega 3 and 6, popular for being good fat and for bringing benefits to our health. What you may not yet know is the omega 9. This substance is formed when the body already has the omega 3 and 6. But what does this have to do with the universe of beauty? What all indications is that omega 9 for hair can bring many benefits to our hair health. Know more!

What is omega 9 for hair? How to consume?

When our body has omega 3 and 6, omega 9 fatty acid is produced. Through our diet we can gain these fats. There are also capsules with concentrated doses with these acids.

Omega 9 is present in olives, avocados, almonds, peanuts, sesame oil, nuts, pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. So it is worth to include these foods in your food routine.

Is omega 9 good for your hair?

Information on the internet indicates that omega 9 makes hair grow faster. But for the dermatologist Adriano Almeida, director of the Brazilian Hair Society, omega 9 has another benefit for hair: "It has as its main representative oleic acid, which has hydration power," he explains.

Other benefits of this acid for the hair, according to the expert, is the increase in brightness and partial repair of damages caused by external agents such as hair, flat iron and straighteners.

Can omega-9s bring some harm to their hair?

Everything in overdone is bad, so look for a professional to prescribe a recipe with the exact amount you need to consume omega 9.

Dr. Almeida warns that excess can bring negative results to our wires. "The malfunction can occur if applied exaggeratedly in people who already have oily hair, because their excess may favor dandruff," he explains.

Are omega-9 products indicated?

The use of omega-9 products in their formulas is released. "As this active tends to be moisturizing and if the need is to hydrate the wires, the use of these products may be a good option," concludes the dermatologist.

Omega 3 and 6 for hair

Omega 3 and 6 also have their properties and offer benefits to our hair. Are they:

Foods rich in omega 3

Omega 3: it is present in fish such as sardines, tuna and salmon. Its consumption can interfere in the blood circulation of the scalp, stimulating by stronger threads.

Foods rich in omega 9

Omega 6: it can also be found in fish, in vegetable oils and cereals. It can help fight hair loss, as it prompts hair growth through hair follicles.


Written by amanda Miquelino

Hair loss? Learn one of the causes! December 05 2017

Hair loss? Emotional problems can be the cause!

Hair loss is an increasingly common complication between men and women and are a warning that something is not happening well in your body. In many cases, this drop is linked to emotional imbalance, according to several researches conducted by dermatologists.

Hormonal changes such as thyroid, polycystic ovaries and metabolic changes in the production of glycemia / insulin contribute to this imbalance and, as a consequence, to the fall of the head. Internal balance is one of the main preventions to ensure the health and beauty of your entire body, including the wires. One way to ensure this balance is to adopt good physical and eating habits, ingesting antioxidant foods that stimulate the birth of wires and reduce inflammation caused by hormonal imbalance.

Emotional problems can cause hair loss

It is also important to count on the help of quality cosmetics which will provide brighter and more life for your hair. If you are experiencing a similar situation, be sure to consult a medical specialist. Click here to see a product that help hair growth.

Learn how to get the best of your gray hair! November 27 2017

Learn how to take care of your gray hair!

The gray and white hairs are becoming more fashionable, and with it, enhancing the beauty of age and naturalness. But to have dazzling white threads, you have to take some care. Find out what they are:

 Purple Shampoo

Keep the color

It is necessary to apply some shampoo with grayish or violet pigments, to neutralize the color and not to leave it yellowish. We recommend using this product every 15 days. Click HERE to find purple products.


Always moisturize

White hairs tend to dry out faster than others, so a rigid routine of hydration is needed. We recommend the use of moisturizing masks once a week. Click HERE to see our hydrating masks.


Protect from the sun

Regardless of white or not, the wires need to protect themselves from the sun just as our skin needs. In addition to protecting from the sun for the health of the wires, it is necessary to avoid the sun's rays due to the yellowing of the hair. Click HERE to find a good hair sun protector.

 Gray hair combing and moisturizing

You can find some products for your white hair in our store, just click HERE.


Written by Bárbara Barros

Learn good daily care tips to get the best of your hair! November 21 2017

Today we will talk about daily care to keep hair always beautiful and brighty ...

A lot of people do not give importance to this, think that just doing moisturizing and moisturizing every week, the hair will be well taken care of. But daily care is also very important, as hair experts say. So let's get down to tips.

 Hair washing


First you should choose the right shampoo for your hair type, whether it is dry, oily, mixed, etc. In the washes is very important the massage at the time of the bath, as it activates the blood circulation favoring growth and helping to maintain the health of the scalp.

 Felps marula conditioner


The conditioner is important to seal the cuticles that have been slightly opened by the shampoo. If you hydrate and do not know if the mask serves as a conditioner, use it so you do not run the risk of leaving the hair with the cuticles open. Click HERE to see good conditioner options!

 Hair combing

How to Combing:

Experts advise that combing the hair is very important, since the strands break or break very easily at this time, especially when the hair is wet. When it comes to combing, you should start from the tips up, gradually. Always slowly, using a soft brush or a wide-tooth comb, use a finisher leave-in to help untangle the wires.

 INOAR Argan oil hair finalizer

Protectors and Finalizers:

Whenever you go out in the sun use a leave-in with sun protection. If you are going to use the dryer, do not forget the thermal protector. They protect and help control frizz in the hair, as well as help in the brush slip in the process of brushing or drying.


Curly hair: 7 tips to get the best of it! November 14 2017

7 best tips for curly hair!

Leave the chaplet once and assume its own beauty, after all, curly hair is beautiful. And never forget that there are no bad hairs, there are only careless threads thrown sideways.

To ensure a hair of envy, it takes some daily care, want to know what are they? Keep reading!

 Intense hair hydration

  1. Intense Hydration

If your hair is kinky, be aware that it is necessary to moisturize it deeply every week. We have some products made especially for you, click here to see:

 Take care of your food!

  1. Take care of your food

We have already talked about it in another post (Check it out HERE) about the importance of your feeding in the beauty of the wires. For curly hair, special care is required with food. Always remember to keep a balanced diet by eating good proteins and fats daily. Our tip is: eat avocado, because the fruit is rich in good fats, that will bring natural oiliness to your hair.

 haircut is so important for good curly hair!

  1. Haircut

Hair that is not cut at a certain frequency will become lifeless over time. In addition, some cuts work miracles and may even decrease the volume of the wires. If you have frizzy hair, invest in cut cuts to give the impression of less quantity.


  1. Massage your scalp

Just as our body needs massage to withstand the pressures of day to day, our wires also need relaxation as they deal daily with sun exposure, chemicals and so on. Whenever you go through the shampoo, remember to massage your scalp, making circular motions for at least five minutes.


  1. Throw away the popular products sold in supermarkets and pharmacies

Contact with salt greatly damages curly hair, and most products sold on supermarket shelves contain this ingredient. Invest in a reliable brand that contains a complete kit for your hair type. Click HERE to check our kit for curly hair.

 Do not comb dry curly hair!

  1. Do not comb your hair when it is dry.

The right time to comb it is after applying the leave-in and that's it. Combing it after dry will only make it more arched and less shiny.


  1. Model the wires

The good thing about having bulky, curly strands is to be able to play with them. You can and should model your hair with products such as hydrant gel (Click HERE), spray intensifier for gloss and oils (Click HERE). Use your creativity.

Now that you already know the steps to ensure a frizzy curling hair, it's time to lose your shame and take on your true beauty! 

Avoid the 5 most common lies about hair care! November 06 2017

Do you wash your hair every day cause fall? Cutting the wires on the full moon increases the volume? We'll unveil 5 myths related to hair care.

 Scalp Health Does Not Influence Wire

  1. Scalp Health Does Not Influence Wire

This, perhaps, is the biggest lie of all. The health of the scalp greatly influences the growth and beauty of the hair. For a flower to grow beautiful and strong, it needs a bed that provides the nutrients needed to make it happen, so you need to take care of the ground where it is. With the hair, it's exactly the same.

 Cut your hair on a full moon day.

  1. Cut your hair on a full moon day.

The development of strands is linked to the care you have with them and not to the phases of the moon. However, some external factors do alter yarn growth and strength, such as sun exposure and tobacco and alcohol consumption.

 Washing the hair every day causes the hair to fall

  1. Washing the hair every day causes the hair to fall

The frequency of hair washing varies from hair to hair, after all, the structure of the yarn requires different care. However, brittle hair is not caused by excess water. The only recommendation in these cases is to give preference to warm or cold water and always remove the waste products so that they do not accumulate in the scalp.


  1. Leave the moisturizer all day helps in the result

This technique does not work and still causes problems on the scalp such as scaling and redness on the skin. Some products exposed to the sun react and still result in irritations.

 Do not dry your hair after bathing causes the root to rot

  1. Do not dry your hair after bathing causes the root to rot

The wires dry naturally, you do not need to use a dryer or anything like that. However, leaving the scalp muffled in the long run eventually ends up causing the wires to become more brittle. The tip is to wipe them well with a towel different from that used on the body, so you do not run the risk of leaving skin residue accumulated on the head.

Learn what is and how to do your capillary schedule! October 30 2017

learn how to do your capillary schedule!

The capillary schedule is an excellent strategy for recovering damaged yarns from maltreatment, but for it to take effect, it must be followed correctly.

Typically, the schedule takes about 1 month. If necessary, you can add more days of treatment until you recover the wires completely.

The treatment is divided into three processes, with the interval of 48 hours between each. Find out what they are:

Hydration: Hydration will replenish water and nutrients, making your hair softer and brighter. You can click here to see which masks with moisturizing function we indicate for your schedule.

Nutrition: Nutrition is responsible for replenishing the natural oil in your hair, making it look beautiful naturally. Click here to check which masks we indicate for this procedure.

Reconstruction: Reconstruction is extremely important to this process as it returns mass and protein to your strands, causing them to strengthen. Click here to know which masks we indicate for reconstruction.

Learn how to do hair reconstruction!

See the table to adapt your schedule.

High Damaged Hair

Week 1




Week 2




Week 3




Week 4




Low Damaged Hair

Week 1




Week 2




Week 3




Week 4




Healthy Hair (Virgin Hair)

Week 1




Week 2




Week 3




Week 4




Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it October 23 2017

Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it


Are you one of those who will not let go of the straightened wires and, every three months at the most, run to the salon to finish the progressive brush? So, it is good to stay alert and take some care to maintain hydration and health of the hair. The procedure, dear to control the wires without having to go through the routine of iron, can cause some damages. Frequent chemistry removes water and nutrients from the hair - and has to be replaced. You may have noticed that, after some progressives, the root tends to get greasier, and the tips even drier. 

-The root has a natural oiliness that spreads to the rest of the hair. When the progressive seals the threads, this oiliness can not come down and is concentrated there. So, too, that the tips tend to get drier.



Specialists suggests that about two or three weeks before you do the progressive, you invest in a cauterization to recover and moisturize the wires.

- Cauterization is a deeper hydration that returns nutrients and water, which are removed by chemistry. So when you have been applying the product, your hair will be moisturized and the progressive brush will seal the yarn.


Choose the right shampoo

Specialists recommends using a shampoo that has acidic pH. It works like this: each part of the body has a PH, the wires usually vary between 4.2 and 5.8 - it is acid, according to a scale that goes from 0 to 14 (when it reaches 7, PH becomes neutral and, above that, alkaline).

- The shampoo with acidic pH will keep the cuticle of the hair closed, preventing it from losing moisture and dehydrate.

A hair stylist gives a tip: if you also have dyed yarn, the shampoo for this type of hair works for both cases.

Choose the right shampoo

Always hydrate

The hydration should be constant, mainly because of the tips, which get even drier than the length. Laine recommends that at least once a week you moisturize with collagen masks, vitamins and minerals.

- This will lessen the dryness of your hair and prevent it from getting hard, without balance and shine. Just wash normally, remove excess water and apply the mask over the entire length, letting act for five to 10 minutes.

Denise adds that in addition to the masks, you can bet on natural products like coconut oils and olive oil to moisturize. Pass before bath and leave to act for some time, then wash normally.

 Use thermos

Use thermos

Those who are progressive often know that as the effect goes on, the dryer becomes even more indispensable - and ends up being part of the routine. Laine Calixto warns of the importance of thermoprotectants. The hairstylist explains that the constant use of the dryer without any protection burns the wires, but that, together with the thermoactive ones, can bring benefits

- These products have nutrients that are activated with the heat of the dryer and are another way to hydrate the wires.

 finalize hair treatments


After drying the threads, finish with products like leave in or serum, which control the threads and still give way in the resected aspect.

- Bet on products with moisturizing substrates such as argan oil, which is extremely moisturizing and lustrous, in addition to helping renew against chemical damage.

Damaged hair: how to return health to the wires October 16 2017

If you think that to have healthy hair you only need to use good products, you are mistaken. Food is one of the main allies for having beautiful threads.

We have already given some hydration and nutrition tips, if you have not read it, click here to read. So, today we are going to talk about the importance of consuming some food so that the final result of the hair + food treatment is the best possible.

 Bananas to help hair hydration


The banana contains Biotin, a vitamin responsible for giving health and growth to the yarn. This food also helps in the growth and fortification of the nails.




Eggs contain nine essential amino acids to ensure strength for your hair.

 Salmon to help hair healthy



The omega 3, present in salmon, not only helps maintain the luster and beauty of the wires, but also prevents double falls and tips.

Do not forget to combine feeding with good hair products, you can know our hair treatment line by clicking here.

How To Cut Your Hair Yourself October 10 2017

How to cut your hair alone

"I cut my fringe at home and it was a disaster!" "I have curly hair and I cut at home, it was horrible!" Who of us did not hear that, and even went through it? When we do not know how to cut hair by self, actually some "hair tragedies" can happen, yes! But with attention, patience and some care, you learn how to cut your own hair without having to leave the house running for help to the first hairdresser. Come on?

How to cut hair alone
How to cut it yourself
Cutting your hair is something you can do with your own hands. You may be wondering "but how to cut hair without causing any mess?", And the answer is: just have attention and patience, and your hair will thank you.

How to cut your hair at home
To cut hair at home there are no big secrets or difficulties. You need to have a place with good lighting, preferably with plenty of natural light or with a light bulb. It could be your bedroom, your living room, the bathroom, the laundry area, the backyard ... where it's best for you. It is also necessary to buy a good scissors to cut hair (no, scissors to cut paper and scissors to cut fabric DO NOT serve !!! Avoid using any scissors other than the one for hair cutting.), Plastic fasteners "duck's beak," clips, or whatever you prefer), fine-tooth comb, and a medium or large-sized mirror. If you can, also buy a plastic cover so that those cut hairs will not stick to your skin or clothing.

How to cut hair in layers
To cut hair in layers, follow these steps: make a well-tailored ponytail, with all hair on the front of the head, above the forehead, ie instead of putting the ponytail back as we usually do , make the tail on the forehead. With your own haircut scissors, trim the tips at once, in the desired amount, in a straight cut. Then let go of the hair. By cutting like this, they will be layered.

How to cut peaked hair
How To Cut Peaked Hair
For those who prefer the strings, see how to cut hair alone step by step: throw all the hair forward and comb very well. When it is well stretched, cut straight. The more you cut, the more trimmed your hair will look, and do not be scared if your hair is too long and looks like it will be short. In fact, you are just pulling the layers from above the hair. To avoid mistakes, cut away from the wick at the nape of her neck so as not to reduce her length too much.

How to cut hair in V
How to cut hair alone in V at home is also possible, just as the above cuts are. Break the hair in half, in exactly two parts. Comb one of the parts very well, hold the combed part firmly and cut it straight into the size you want. Repeat the operation with the other wick. When you release, your hair will be in V. To learn more read our article on haircuts in V.

How to make a short cut at home
How to make a short cut
How to make a short haircut at home? Does it work? Yes you do! Cut short hair by yourself is possible by following these basic steps: use two mirrors so you can see the front and the back of your hair. Brush your hair very well, measure about the size you want to leave the strings, put the hair on top of the head in the center. Twist the hair extensively and then scissor the twisted wick. Do not start too short to regret it, it's better to cut short than cut too much.

How To Cut Curly Hair
Cutting curly hair by itself is also not an impossible task. Although hair is a little more difficult, the curls can also be cut and molded at home, without fear.
With wet hair, comb all over and tie with an elastic band, close to the forehead. Stretch a lot, because curly hair does not lie straight as easily as straight hair. Choose the length you want to cut, and right on the line where you cut, put another elastic, stuck firmly. With the diagonal scissors (almost vertical, that is, almost standing), cut slowly until it is straight. Remember that curly hair shrinks when they dry, so calculate the size taking this into consideration in how to trim hair on its own.

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before! October 02 2017

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

The ultimate success of coloring depends exclusively on the health of the hair, so it is so important to treat it before and after the application of the paint. This means that if the yarns are too dry, they require moisturizing and nourishing so they absorb a beautiful and shiny color, otherwise the result may be well below expectations: extremely dull hair with a very different color than expected. That's why we've listed some of the care you take before and after the application of the paint, know what they are:

  • We strongly advise moisturizing 3 weeks before the coloration, as they will strengthen your hair and reduce the risk of dryness. (check out our moisturizing masks);

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

  • Do not forget to choose a good professional to carry out the application. Look for indications of friends who have already painted their hair and have had good results;
  • The quality of the paint is essential for the success of this procedure, invest in good products;
  • After painting the hair, always wash them in cold water, as it helps to seal the cuticles of the hair, leaving the color alive longer;

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

  • Use specific products for dyed hair. (We have great options, just click HERE);
  • It is very important to moisturize your hair at least once a week. Replace the conventional conditioner with a good moisturizing mask, we have the ideal for colored hair, click HERE.

Colloring your hair: everything you need to know before!

Healthy hair fixes color for longer and gets very shiny after coloring!

Check out our products that will help in the maintenance of your hair.

How to speed up hair growth September 26 2017

If your hair has difficulty growing, it can be a great sign that your capillary health does not go well. After all, healthy, healthy hair can grow about 15 cm per year.

How to speed up hair growth
In desperation, some people have applied hormones, causing even more damage to them. So let's teach some healthy tips for you to solve the problem of static hair:

Establish healthy habits:
A beautiful person is a happy person and in good health. Bad habits interfere with various areas of our body, including our hair. The habit of sleeping poorly and smoking for example, damage the growth and beauty of the wires.

Cut at least double ends:
You do not have to cut your hair a lot, but you need to eliminate the double ends often because they are exactly the ones that keep your hair from growing.

Cut at least duble ends
Drink lots of water:
Drink water. Consumption of water is good for the skin and hair.

Drink lots of water
Eat more Omega 3:
These fatty acids present in fish and some dark leaves can help and greatly in the growth of your hair.

Massage your scalp:
When applying shampoo to the scalp, remember to massage it slowly, with circular motions for at least 5 minutes. Thus, you will stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, bringing the natural nutrients needed to achieve your goals.

Massage your scalp

Use only quality products
Beware of products that sell to the hills on supermarket shelves. Always opt for shampoos, conditioners and masks of confidence, so you will be investing your money in something that will really bring you a return. Follow our tips, use our products and say goodbye to short, lifeless hair.

The best tips for you to get your dreams long hair! September 18 2017


Many women feel powerful with their long locks. Is it your case? And the feeling of throwing the hair back and forth? If you can not imagine yourself with the short strands, and do not care if the trend is bob or long bob, do not let go of their longs, this is for you. Come with us!

But to stay with the look in day and parade with the long and clean yarns you have to take some care. No one wants to give up the long cut just because they are not healthy, is not it? The good news is that it does have a hair without suffering. Just learn some beautiful tips.

 Always hydrate the wires

# 1 Always hydrate the wires

Anyone who already owns a hair knows how difficult it is to keep the length and tip of the hair well moisturized and shiny, right? The dermatologist Fernanda Casagrande explains that our scalp produces a natural hydration, but that it can not get to the tips.

To keep them healthy, it is important a hydration routine that can be done at home. Bet on products that have, in the formula, oils and other nutrients, like the shampoo and conditioner Hydration Source of the Boticario Match line. The products have a formulation with pure coconut oil that goes deep into the hair fiber and moisturizes from root to tip - perfect for daily care!

Another important tip is to moisturize at least once a week - or up to twice a week if the wires are very dry. Bet on quick-to-use and instant-effect masks, such as the Match Hydration Source Capillary Mask. Also based on coconut oil, it should be applied to the logo before the shampoo.

And tip: to potentiate the effect, wrap the head with a plastic cap and a warm towel. After acting for three minutes, wash your hair as normal. The result is light and incredible!

 Watch out for daily assaults

# 2 Watch out for the daily assaults

The longer the hair, the more aggression it suffers - from that over-tight elastic that holds the wicks to frequent dryer use. Stay alert to those moments that sometimes go unnoticed but that can detract from all the care and dedication you have with your wires.

Choose coated elastics, which protect the hair fiber and prevent yarn breakage. Another tip: Wash the wires as soon as you get out of the sea or pool with chlorine, to remove the waste and avoid dryness.

Adept of the dryer - sometimes does not give time to wait all this hair to dry! Or the chap? So never forget to apply a thermal protector before subjecting the wires to heat. In addition to protecting against the damages caused by the dryer and flat iron, the Take Care Well Protective Thermal Protector still reduces the drying time!


# 3 Stay Tuned to Wire Needs

The dermatologist says that it is important to use specific products for each type of hair in order to optimize care. She recalls that the need for an oily coat is not the same as that of a drought, for example. Just as smooth and curly need different nutrition.

If your hair is dry, curly and chemically treated, use products for all of these specificities, alternating with each wash. For example: one day bet on the Take Care of Extraordinary Well Restoration line, and on the next wash in the Take Care of Well Exuberant Clumps line. (I.e.

It is also important to be careful when washing the length and ends. It is best to massage the scalp and let the product run through the locks - wiping them can damage, as well as being unnecessary, you know?

 Loose fear of scizzors

# 4 Lose Fear of Scissors

And nothing of making up excuses not to cut the ends of the hair. Repairing them helps to maintain the length and maintain the quality of the yarn. "It is inevitable that there will be double ends and breaks, no matter how careful you take. Cutting every two or three months is important so that these tips do not open more and more, explains Fernanda.

And if you've ever had that unpleasant experience of asking the hairdresser to take off only the tips and ended up almost with a medium cut, we understand your fear of the scissors! But do not let this stop you from taking care of the wires. So it's always worth finding a reliable professional.

Beware of combing

# 5 Beware of combing

If your hair is smooth or wavy, you may prefer to comb them before bathing - they get very sensitive wet, making it easier to break when combing. If you are curly, comb during the bath (after applying the conditioner), to facilitate the unloading. The best way to comb? Always starting at the ends, so they do not embarrass.

And give preference to wide combs or brushes with soft bristles - always remember to comb your hair with care and delicacy, to avoid damaging them.

6 essential care for you to do with your hair before sleeping September 11 2017


Working, studying, taking care of children, dating ... How many tasks fit into the routine of a modern woman? Lots, and, incredibly, we always take the time to fit in a little something else, especially if it's fun to read a book, watch a fun TV series, or get silky, beautiful hair. After all the soft and soft touch within the reach of the hands is a delight and feel beautiful is beyond pleasant. But for this it is not necessary to wake up and waste time with that brush at 6 in the morning. Next, we teach tricks to get out of bed with the strands in order.

Night-care creams: they have the most diverse functions: some repair, while others nourish, moisturize, finalize and even have those who recover opaque wires. The various night-care creams have in common, in addition to being used during sleep, the texture that resembles a gel and helps not to dirty the pillow. Hair stylist Kátia Silvestre, from Espaço K Hair Styling, always recommends using specific products for your hair type. In general, this type of cream does not need to be washed in the morning, that is, just wake up and enjoy the benefits.

Bedtime Hair: First of all, the hair stylist recommends that getting hair to sleep should not become a habit because with friction the hair can break. But if the idea is one day or another to wake up with curly hair, one option is to make a low braid and fasten with a cloth covered elastic, so as not to leave the locks marked. For a more intense wavy, the tip is to pass mousse on the hair and fasten in a low bun with the elastic fabric or staples.

Hydration with vegetable oils: To save time hydration of the hairs, a good option is to make the night hydration with vegetable oils. Because they are lighter than creams, you can use them during sleep without making dirt, but it is worth lining the pillow with a towel. Some options are rosehip oils, almonds and grape seed. Katia explains that the hair needs to be washed in the morning because the hair can be heavy. Those who have fine hair should avoid this care, as the hair can become very oily.

Change the pillowcase: choose a 100% cotton, so the fabric will make less friction in contact with the threads and the result will be more behaving braids and less frizz.

Cap? Grandma's famous time cap was made with wet hair all stretched to one side and, after a few hours, stretched out to the other, securing smooth strands. Today there is no need to go through all this to get straight yarn, but holding straight hair without a fold in a cap made with pantyhose helps to wake up with the hair without marks or 'face of pillow' and smoother.

Always clean and hydrated hair: hair tricks will hardly bring results if it is dirty or dry. 'Hydrated hair will mean beautiful hair the next day,' says Kátia Silvestre. This does not mean that it is necessary to wash and moisturize every day, this frequency depends on each hair, but, on average, it is recommended to wash every other day, and moisturize at least every 15 days.

5 Secrets you need to know before you paint your hair September 04 2017

To ensure that the color comes out in the desired tone, some care must be taken before painting the hair

 5 essential tips for tinted hair

Having healthy hair, testing the color in advance, taking a break between techniques, following home care and using non-aggressive products are the prerequisites for perfectly colored hair. Below, some experts teach you all the tricks to get you exactly the blonde, brown or redhead you want.


The success of color depends on the health of your wires

This means that if the wires are dry or very porous, they risk not absorbing the right dye and even tarnish. Hence the importance of keeping them always hydrated. "You need to moisturize at least once a week with products enriched with shea butter, argan oil or macadamia to prepare the yarn," says the colorist Yuha Antero, from MG Hair Design in São Paulo . If the hair is very weak and malnourished, invest in restructuration products, which should contain protein and keratin in the formula.


Find the right tone for you

Discover the tone of your skin taking into account the color of your eyes. Blues or greens usually indicate cold skin; brown or darker eyes fall into the category of warm or neutral skin. The hot guy usually makes good partnership, according to Yuha, with copper wires and brown nuances. "The cold skin is highlighted by blond-platinum, brown or reddish-brown. And the neutral looks good with any tone, "adds the expert. Although generic, the trick will help guide your choice. But it is imperative to do a wick test (painting only a small amount) before hammering. "It gives more security in relation to the chosen color, it avoids future regrets and allows to detect possible allergic reactions", explains the hairstylist Julio Crepaldi, of the hall Gallery, in São Paulo.

 5 essential tips for tinted hair

Paint first, smooth after

The ideal would be to opt for either method, as both are very aggressive. However, since this option is almost impossible, prefer to colorize or make lights before starting for progressive or relaxation. The reason: after going through this type of chemical procedure, the wire takes longer to pick up the color and therefore the time that the bleach or tincture will be in action will be much greater. The result is more battered wounds and therefore more dry. If, however, for any reason, you need to straighten your hair before coloring, the hairstylist Sandro Cassolari advises to replace the ink by toning, which is less harmful.


Attention to dyeing at home

The recommended amount of product must be adhered to and the time taken for the tincture to be adhered to. That is: use more paint than indicated or leave it for longer does not mean that the color will adhere better and last longer. It is also important to evenly distribute the product. You should first wet the brush in the paint, deposit a little of the product in the root and, after a few seconds, spread it with a wide comb along the length. "Otherwise, the threads may be stained, with different nuances. This is the main mistake made at home, "says Julio Crepaldi.

 5 essential tips for tinted hair

Choose less harmful alternatives

"Dyes without ammonia are the least aggressive," reports Yuha. Will it make reflexes? Prefer paint to bleaching powder, which removes the mass of hair, leaving it porous. If the goal is to cover white threads, ask the hairdresser about specific techniques, which deposit the product only on them - so you avoid unnecessary application on the other strands. At home, those who do not have much white hair can change the tincture for the toner, which, as we have said, less strikes the thread.


Written by Fernanda Morelli

5 tips to give you the BEST of your dark hair August 29 2017

Among blondes, browns, redheads and even colored, there is a group of women who does not hide: she loves and does not give up her dark hair. In the four corners of the world, the colored threads of black collect admirers who are nothing secret and adept at the motto "the darker, the better." This is one of the most commented beauty subjects of the last days in social media networks.

Although summer looks made with naturally lighter yarns, basic black ladies are eyeing the tips to keep the yarn gorgeous and full of sparkle all year round. To unravel the mysteries of this color so full of style, we invite the hairstylists Suzana Vieira and Alysson Barroso, coloring specialists, to tell you six things that you are already brunette (or thinking about being) need to know.

5 tips to give you the BEST of your dark hair

  1. Using black hair has its advantages

Especially for women with naturally darker strands, the advantage of wearing black hair is that it does not require permanent coloring. In addition, the brunettes most often do not discolor the hair (unlike blondes dyed, for example), which helps to keep hair healthier and less damaged.

  1. Some special care needs to be taken

Like all other shades of dyed yarn, those who have black hair need to use products that have the power to maintain color. Nativa SPA has a line of treatment that is perfect to prolong the effect of the coloration: Vinotherapy.

  1. Yes, black hair can fade

In addition to using products that help keep the coloring more vivid, the tip is to bet on a line with UV protection (especially in the summer!), And prevent the hair from being wet or exposed to the sun. And do not forget the thermal protector!

5 tips to give you the BEST of your dark hair

  1. Your wires need to be bright

One of the biggest risks that black wires suffer from is that they become opaque and lifeless. Keep the cut on time and strengthen the hydration of the threads, especially the dyed ones. Hydrate at least every 10 days with a beautiful layer of treatment mask.

  1. Retouching is necessary

Especially if you have white or blond yarn, you need to touch the color every 15 days, as black often fades.

Learn the best 4 tips to get the best of your tinted hair! August 21 2017

After painting the hair, it is very important to take some care to ensure the brightness and durability of the new color. Know what they are!

 Tinted hair - best 4 tips 1

Using products for dyed yarn, using the oils of the moment and making use of antiperspirant shampoo are some tricks that guarantee the brightness and the color of the newly colored hair. Below, experts tell you which habits should go into your care routine once the locks have been painted.


  1. Use specific hair products with tincture

It's fact: treated hair and well-nourished hold plus color. The specific items for those with wick chemistry are more potent than the traditional ones. "The most important thing to prolong the health of the threads is to invest in hydration, which can be done weekly at home or intercalated at least once a month with a reconstruction procedure in the salon," says hairdresser Marcos Proença, from São Paulo . For blondes, it is worth using once a week products that promise to prevent the wicks from turning yellow. But beware, therefore, in excess, they can leave the hair bluish.


  1. Maintenance calls for oil

When it undergoes very aggressive chemical processes, the hair loses great part of its natural oiliness and, therefore, it looks resected and bristling. "In the care at home, it is necessary to recover this oil, fundamental for the nutrients to reach the tips," says the hairstylist Julio Crepaldi. Products with oil consistency are the best option. Use leave-ins or moisturizing finishers every day or opt for essential oil-based makeup masks once a week.


  1. Anti-dry shampoo can color

This type of product removes any trace of chlorine and other chemicals from the wires that may interfere with the color. It also has the power to soften the tone of the tinctures - especially the lighter ones - without altering it. It is thus well demanded in those cases where the blonde becomes greenish or the brown becomes darker than expected. Extra tip: As it opens the cuticle of the threads, it is advisable to use it before doing hydration. Thus, the assets penetrate better, potentiating the result.


  1. Defer the next visit to the salon

"To prolong the tincture, wash the hair as little as possible by massaging only the root area. Prefer warm water to very hot and avoid dryer, flat and babyliss, which accelerate the fading of the tincture." explains Yuha. Has the root grown a little? Bid on products that work as a make-up for hair. There are versions in a pen or in packages with brush similar to that of mascara, which disguise small changes in color. The toner can also be a solution to disguise a different tone root or white wires (although it does not guarantee 100% coverage), delaying in a few weeks the return to the hairdresser.

tinted hair - best 4 tips 2

How to wash your hair in the best way! August 14 2017


Washing the wires seems like an easy activity, does not it? That is why many people have washed their hair incorrectly, damaging them daily. In this post, you will learn how to wash your hair properly and consequently have more beautiful and shiny hair.

Shower Temperature

Never wash your hair with very hot water, it can dry the wires and also your skin. Opt for washing with warm water (medium-term temperature) because too much cold water can cause oiliness. The water is warm, clean and maintains the natural luster of the threads.

Order of products

First apply the shampoo, which is responsible for taking the fat off the scalp. Always at the root, never at the tips.

Then apply the mask, which is responsible for moisturizing and replenishing the proteins.

Finally, apply the conditioner (only at the tips), which will close the cuticles.

Double application of shampoo: myth or truth?

There is no rule for this. The need to apply twice the shampoo, comes from the oils of the wires: the more oily, the more lack of shampoo they have. Or the size of them, if the hair is long, of course he will need more shampoo. If you have normal hair (no oiliness and shorter), you can only apply the product once. If you wash your hair less often, we recommend that you apply twice to strengthen the cleaning.

Now that you've learned the secrets to keeping your hair looking more beautiful and healthier, check out our products to put them into practice. After all, it is no use following the instructions correctly if you do not use good quality products.

How to make capillary Botox at home August 07 2017

 Botox capillary is a type of intensive treatment that smoothes and gives shine to the hair, leaving them beautiful, hydrated and without frizz. The products indicated for this treatment can be found for sale in HERE, however, this treatment gives better results when it is performed by a trained professional.

Although the name suggests, this treatment has no relation to the botox injections that consist of the application of an injection that paralyzes a certain place of the body, where it is applied.


Before and after capillary Botox

Before BTX treatment


Step-by-step to make capillary Botox

  • To make capillary Botox at home, it is important to follow the following steps:
  • Wash your hair and scalp 2 times with an anti-waste shampoo or with the shampoo included in the capillary Botox kit;
  • Remove excess water from the hair using the dryer;
  • Divide the hair into several similar locks;
  • Apply the capillary Botox product, massaging well each wick from the root to the tips;
  • Let the product act for about 20 minutes;
  • Wash hair thoroughly with water and shampoo suitable for hair type;
  • Make brush and iron the flat across the hair;

To make capillary Botox at home it is necessary to buy a product suitable for this type of treatment, and some examples are:


KB Morrocan

KB German Formula

KB Platinum

Usually, hair botox is used in weak hair, devitalized and brittle because the formula of this type of product intensely nourishes the hair, replacing the nutrients lost due to daily exposure to pollution, wind or heat sources such as sun and hair, but also Is indicated for curly and wavy hair to straighten hair as it reduces the volume and frizz, producing a natural smooth effect.


Price of capillary Botox

The price of capillary Botox products can range from 40 to 100 dollars and can be purchased HERE.

How to use Hair conditioner and masks the best way? July 24 2017



Due to lack of knowledge in the subject, some people replace the conditioner by the capillary mask day by day, damaging the wires, due to the excess of hydration caused by the intensity of these products. See below the differences between Conditioner and Mask:



The conditioners are indispensable products in the day to day, because they return the natural oil of the hair. These oils, emit a protective layer for possible traumas caused by brushes, sun, wind and pollution. In addition, this type of product is considered the main pair of Shampoo, wich, opens the cuticles of the threads, leaving the responsibility to close them due to the conditioner.

Another interesting curiosity of this pair is that the ritual of application consists of the reaction of the positive electric charges present in the conditioners with the negative charges contained in the shampoos, making the hair lighter and shinier.

It can be used after all washes with Shampoo, but always with care, so that it is not be applied in the root, leaving the oily wires and at the risk of dandruff.


Hair Mask

Masks are extremely consistent products, with the sole function of moisturizing and fortifying damaged, dry and lifeless hair. Depending on its composition, the result of the mask may be instantaneous, and when used in the correct period, it is capable of positively transforming any type of yarn.

Because it is so intense, its frequent use can cause an adverse effect and further damage the hair. Experts recommend using this type of product once a month (for healthy hair) every two weeks (for slightly damaged hair) and weekly (for extremely dry hair). You should also avoid application to the root.


Attention: for each type of hair there is an ideal mask and conditioner. Know our products:

To see our conditioners, click HERE.

To see our hair masks, click HERE.


With the right products, it is possible to make a homemade moisturizing with the same results as a professional.


When we talk about moisturizing hair at home, a good product is not necessarily expensive. Currently in the market many moisturizing masks get results very close to the procedure done in the salon, with the advantage of lasting much longer, having packages of up to one kilo. The gains are many: healthier hair, free from dryness and moisturized with a product that makes the difference in the look of the yarn, especially for those who have hair that suffer from chemicals such as coloring and straightening.


The main advantage of hydration pots is the cost benefit. The hairdresser Aline Santanna explains: "these pots of treatment can last up to 40 applications for those who have medium hair, that is, neither too full nor too large.It is an advantage for price and quality, they have a great cost x benefit". In addition, they are practical and save time in the day-to-day, as they avoid constant trips to pharmacies and perfumeries in search of specific products for hydration, and are also economical, since the result in the threads is similar to the procedure done by professionals .


Moisturizing hair at home is not just about passing the mask on the wires and then rinsing. Many people complain that home hydrations are not as good as those in the salon, and that they do not have the same effects as one made by a professional. But with the proper application, it is possible to leave the locks beautiful and healthy without having to mark the time in the hall.

The first secret of hairdressers is to begin treatment from the shampoo, which leave the hair clean and ready to receive hydration. For the mask to have more effect, invest in the anti-waste, which will leave the cuticles of the yarns more open to absorb the assets of the cosmetic. In weekly care, switch use with another type of shampoo, especially if hair is chemically colored, as deep cleansing shampoo gradually removes hair chemistry and decreases the length of procedures - like straightening - in the locks.



Before passing the moisturizing mask on the threads, remove excess water and comb the hair with wide teeth, which prevents the fiber, more sensitive when wet, split while it is combed. Removing moisture is important because water can disrupt the effect of the cream, which may not be absorbed properly.

To apply hydration, a special technique is also required. Pass the product from ear level down, avoiding the root, wick to wick, massaging the hair parts so that the hair fiber absorbs the active moisturizing mask. After massaging the hair, choose a source of heat, such as thermal caps, foil or hot towel, because with heat, the scales of the thread open, facilitating the penetration of the cream into the hair.


After respecting the time of the treatment, which depends on the manufacturer and the chosen product, rinse well, until removing all the waste, as Aline explains: "Rinsing well is a precious tip for those who make hydrations at home. Leave the hair heavy when the problem, in fact, are the residue that stay in the wires. The fault is not the cream, the mistake is not rinse right. "

The ideal temperature for rinsing water is ice, because at this temperature the hair scales close and retain the moisturizer for longer. Take advantage of this time to massage the scalp, which stimulates the renewal of the cells and nourishment of the locks. Another advantage of the icy shower is to brighten the locks, which will become more evident after drying. Then, just go to the usual finalization. If you choose a brush, it is important to use thermal protection to avoid damaging the newly hydrated wires.


The masks of treatment masks are also versatile and can accumulate other functions, such as replacing the conditioner, assist in baths of brightness or potentiate a nutritious hydration with oils and vitamins, explains the hairdresser Lela Athanasio: "Today there is a Incredible variety of oils that can be used along with moisturizing to complement the treatment.It is possible to include the oil in the cream and use the two together, or use the oil as a finisher, only at the tips" taught the hair stylist.


Find these hydrating pots in HERE.

Do you know taninoplasty? A new treatment for your hair! July 11 2017


It is contraindicated, straightening solutions that have chemicals that are extremely harmful to the health of hair, and in some cases even to health. It was thinking about this, that the market revolutionized once again, inventing a new technique to smooth the yarn called Taninoplasty.


What is Taninoplasty

The procedure consists of smoothing and moisturizing the hair in a natural way, avoiding the excessive use of dryers and flat irons, or chemicals that smooth but damage the hair. The composition of the product counts on the tannins, substances in some vegetables, mainly the bark of macerated grape, chestnut and oak.

Experts say these micronutrients are excellent anti-inflammatories and are often used as a preventive of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Due to its effectiveness in several health treatments, it has been found through research that Tannins are also an excellent cure for extremely dry and rebellious hair, and promise to smooth the yarn perfectly without causing any damage.

You can find the ideal Taninoplasty treatment for your hair by clicking here


Written by Barbara Barros

Your hair almost virgin again with keratin replacement! July 03 2017



Learn how to do a keratin-based shock treatment and recover the wires at home. You will have more shiny and silky hair.

Only good for hair in a state of calamity! If your hair is hydrated, it can get hard and even break!


Regain natural strength of hair

There are several ways to use liquid keratin. Choose the ideal one as you need it. The lighter reconstructions are for poorly damaged hair. Allow at least 15 days between applications. Learn to do:


Light Reconstruction

After passing the shampoo, apply the keratin wick by wick to two fingers of the root. No need to massage the wires. Leave for about 15 minutes, remove, pass conditioner and rinse.


 Average Reconstruction

Wash the hair with anti-dry shampoo and remove the moisture with the towel. Apply the keratin to two fingers of the root, wick by wick. Wait 15 minutes, remove, pass moisturizing mask and wait 20 minutes. Rinse and wipe down a conditioner tipper. Rinse again.


Shock treatment:

After washing hair with shampoo, apply moisturizing mask, wait for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. Put the keratin on the length and ends of the hair, and blow dry.



After washing with antiperspirant shampoo, apply the keratin to two fingers of the root. Brush thin wicks and then wipe the iron.


Choose the product to make the replacement at home


Her almost virgin hair again with keratin replacement

1 · Keratin Ampoule, Felps POWER UP


Use other products with keratin to strengthen the

1 · Smoothing Shampoo Cadiveu

2 · Smoothing shampoo Is My Love

3 · Smoothing shampoo Amazon by Felps

Best hair treatment guide! Find the best one for you! June 20 2017

At every moment, new treatments appear with the promise of making hair more beautiful than ever. And at this time of year, where sun exposure and sea and pool bathing can dry out and further damage the wires, it is good to understand the function of each one, in order to choose the best solution to recover and invigorate your Tresses

Verinha Santos, a professional at Casa Mauro Freire, explains that the first step before making the decision is to talk to your hairdresser. "It all depends on the professional's analysis, which is best suited to suggest the best treatment. What we usually take into account are the chemical procedures already performed, the frequency with which the wires are washed and the exposure to the sun, "he says. Renata Souza, partner of SPA Dios, also explains that another factor to be taken into account is the season. "In summer, the yarns have a greater dryness. The heat causes the scales to dilate, causing greater loss of nutrients and water, and the result is double tips, tangled strands, opaque ect. It is worth remembering that, exactly for this reason, we need to pay close attention to the hair in the pre-summer, with the intention of keeping it more silky. " has prepared a list of nine treatments that will help make your locks healthier. Look:

  • Collagen Treatment: Launched this month by the Dios Dios, is an alternative to protect the strands of external aggressors like sun, sea and pool, being a good option especially for blondes. "In addition to collagen, there are other important active principles to ensure hair health: protein, keratin and 13 types of amino acids that help preserve color - especially blond - and prevent the wires from getting green in contact with chlorine" , Says Renata. According to the specialist, the effect is immediate and there is a reduction of frizz, as the treatment helps to prevent dryness, taking away the porosity and ensuring more shine, elasticity and resistance to wires.
  • Cauterization: Better known, the procedure, clarifies Verinha, serves to leave the hair less porous and restores the keratin lost in chemical processes, making the wires shiny and silky. Cristhofer Gloe, Blend hair stylist, says that it is especially recommended for those who have extremely sensitive and brittle locks. "The application starts with deep cleansing shampoo and then applies the keratin, which stays in the hair for a few minutes. Then we rinse and we pass a moisturizing mask that must act for five minutes. The last step is washing and drying as you prefer, "he says. The specialist claims that cauterization is contraindicated for hair that is already healthy and with sufficient keratin in its fiber
  • Moisturizing: The name speaks for itself, and Seide Abdala, an orthomolecular doctor specializing in hair, says it is critical to regaining the wear and tear of the wires and the loss of moisture caused by external agents to which everyone is exposed, such as salt, dust, Dryer and flat iron. "It is a treatment that replenishes lost water and acts on the surface of the fiber. The creams act in the capillary emollience, sealing the scales ", he says, noting that alone is not enough for those who need to recover the structure lost in chemical treatments like smoothing. "The frequency with which the hydration is done depends on each hair. If it is very dry, the ideal is to perform every week, and the least dry, every 15 days or a month. Before passing the cream, however, a good wash with anti-waste shampoo is necessary ", he teaches.
  • Nutrition: Similar to hydration and with identical application, it is recommended as maintenance of a cauterization by Andreia Costa, owner of the Hair Pin salon. "It is possible to do at home and indicate the ampoules that are liquid, because they return the water lost without weighing the wires," he says. The contraindication is for those who have the oily root. The biggest benefit, according to Gloe, is the replenishment of nutrients and minerals.
  • Embroidery: Exclusive treatment of the Dios Dios, revitalizes the threads and minutely removes the double, dry and damaged tips, without touching the length, the cut or the volume, says Renata. "It is suitable for all types of hair. The double ends are carefully cut one by one with the scissors. This process requires extreme attention and does not change the length. The open scales are more receptive to the mask with vitamins and nutrients that is applied soon after. The softness is immediate, "says the specialist.
  • Sealing: The treatment acts almost like a smooth progressive, explains Verinha. "It closes the hair cuticles, reducing knots and frizz, but does not change its texture, ie it does not smooth. It is a procedure that provides for the strengthening and the birth of new wires, "he says. Gloe explains how it is done: "We use a deep cleaning shampoo and apply the product without using conditioner. We dry and we board. We must be cautious with chemically treated wires or light ones. A wick test is recommended before proceeding. "
  • Shielding: Indicated for hair that needs hydration and cauterization, that is, that are weak and dry, can be made on any wire. For the hair stylist of Blend, the main benefits of the treatment are to return water and oil to the locks, leaving them with luster, softness and silkyness. "At the same time, the procedure rebuilds the hair fiber internally, leaving the hair healthier and stronger."
  • Velatherapy: Good alternative for those who have damaged hair after the continuous use of finishers, dyes and reflexes. "It is indicated, mainly, to blondes, women of thin hair and / or hair with difficulty to grow. The technique consists of separating the strands into medium strands and passing the candle flame along them, "says Renata. The specialist of the SPA Dios clarifies that the goal is to unclog the channels through which vitamins and nutrients necessary to make the hair healthy. "The technique is also capable of eliminating double ends and recovering the texture and brightness of the threads, but the treatment is contraindicated for porous or elastic hair."
  • Reconstruction / Restoration: Reconstruction is indicated for dry and brittle hair and has an application similar to that of hydration. "And the effect is very similar to that of cauterization, but with less intensity. The procedure restores lost matter and keratin by reconstructing the hair fiber and returning proteins and minerals. The hair grows stronger and has a better texture, "says Gloe, who points out that hair donors who are not damaged or lack keratin should avoid it, under the risk of stiffening the hair fiber. Andreia draws attention to the importance of cutting the ends before rebuilding. "You should not abuse rebuilders. Imagine that it is a cement - inside the wire, in excess, it can harden and leave it brittle. "

    Moderation is essential

    The owner of Hair Pin argues that it is important to alternate treatments to prevent the wires from becoming impervious. "The ideal, for example, between a sealing or shielding is to make a cauterization so that the hair is always strong. If waterproof, it takes time to lighten up and does not absorb the nutrients from the treatments. "

    HYDRATION X NUTRITION. Discover which is the ideal treatment for your hair! June 12 2017


    With lots of hair treatments that exists in the market, many people have difficulty in discerning which is the ideal for their hair type, and with this, end up harming it by the excesses of vitamins and other components in these products.

    Hydration and Nutrition are treatments with different goals, and often used without knowledge by most people. Understand here the difference and find out which one is the best option for your hair type:



    It is suitable for opaque and dry threads. Its main purpose is to retain water, providing the natural moisture of the hair, returning movement and flexibility to it. Normally, hair exposed to much chemistry needs the care of hydration.

    We recommend: Panthenol, Glycerin, Keratin and Silicones.



    Even the virgin hair of children needs nutrients. Nutrition is a very important replacement because all the wires are exposed daily to the sun, the wind, and in some cases, to the sea. Therefore, it is necessary, to restore the natural oiliness of the threads, lost with these day-to-day exposures.

    We recommend: Argan or Moroccan oil and Vegetable butters, such as Cocoa and Karité.

    Karité Butter

    Check out all our products and choose which one your hair needs to shine here.

    The best way to avoid oily roots and dry hair tips! May 22 2017


    Women with mixed hair need to take double care when it comes to taking care of the locks. Is it better to buy a product for oily hair or dry hair? We will give simple and very practical tips to make your day to day life easier.

    Usually, women with curly, curly and curly hair are more likely to have oily root and dry ends. This is because the natural hydration produced by the scalp is concentrated at the root and can not get through the wires.

    Not only the type of hair, but some external factors like the weather, excessive chemical procedures and the use of inappropriate products at the time of the bath also end up contributing to this type of hair.

    Contrary to popular belief, washing the locks more than once a day to remove excess oil from the root is not beneficial. This process actually ends up stimulating the region to produce more oil.

    Another mistake made by many women is to spend a long period in the bath so that the water takes off the excess oil from the hair. However, what really takes away oil is the shampoos and not the water.

    The products used at the time of the bath are, in fact, very important. As your hair has different characteristics along the yarn, every part of it needs special care.


    In the root, use a specific shampoo to control excessive oiliness and protect the scalp. On the tips, wager on conditioners and moisturizing products to prevent dryness.

    Do not exaggerate in any of the products and rinse well in the washes. Leaving waste can end up damaging the health of your hide with irritations and dandruff, for example.

    Hydration in mixed hair is necessary, but needs to be done with attention. As the root is more oily, the treatment creams should be applied only on length and at the tips. Escape from the scalp area and repeat the procedure once a week or every 15 days.

    If you can, find a professional to guide you with the best technique. Homemade moisturizing is another great option for those who do not have much time on a daily basis. The only recommendation is to pay attention to the best product for your hair. Testing before and seeing how your hair reacts is critical to a good result.

    Learn 6 special tips for you who love Hair highlights! May 15 2017

    If you are not a natural blonde, you know that lightening the locks can cause a lot of changes in the hair, such as breakage, dryness and color fading. The American Marie Claire consulted Clayton Lee, colorist of "Bumble and Bumble", to know how to treat the hair post-chemistry



    By making lights, you should wash your hair less (avoid washing every day), regardless of your type of yarn, because the procedure dries and much washing will aggravate the problem and still fade the color. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, look for specific formulas to maintain and protect color and prefer non-sulphate products. To ensure that your blonde will not yellow, invest in a purple shampoo, but do not use every day, once a week is enough.



    If you have decided to become blonde, consider that the care will be eternal. Fading the wires causes damage and dryness. Therefore, you need to use nutrition mask or reconstruction on the wires, depending on your need, once a week or every 15 days. Also, invest in a leave-in. Whenever you wash the hair, wipe it in damp hair to achieve softer locks and seal the cuticles.



    Dryer, flat iron and babyliss damage any type of wire, but are especially threatening to those who make lights. But since you probably use some (or all) of them, you need to minimize the damage. Use a cream or spray to protect your hair before using one of these tools. And do not forget to apply on full length hair and tips.



    When you go to the pool, wear a hat or cap to prevent the sun's rays from reaching the wires. They also dry and change the color. But if there is no way, there are hair products with SPF, apply before exposing to the sun.



    Unnatural blondes think that the first swim they get in the pool will stay with the green wires. In fact, it's a risk, but there are a few ways to prevent it. Putting on a burrow is a great protection, but if your style was not great, you should prepare the wires before entering the pool: "Apply conditioner before entering the pool or the sea to create a barrier between your hair and the Salty or chlorinated water, "advises the colorist. "After leaving the pool, rinse your hair as soon as possible to remove the residue." If you swim frequently and notice some green tone on your wires, use a deep cleaning shampoo. But if the green persists, you should seek out your hairdresser for him to arrange the color.



    First and foremost, make sure your hairdresser does the touch up without damaging your hair. Other than that, retouching should be done when needed and not in a very short period of time. If you make lights every month or every two months, it will probably damage, break and cause excessive dryness to your wires. And to prevent hair from breaking and becoming fragile, invest in masks, especially those formulated for hair with a coloring process. In the absence of a mask, you can also use only the conditioner and let it act for ten minutes.

    We hope we can help you, always! =)

    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz! April 24 2017 3 Comments

    We’ve tested the method that turned phenomena into salons

    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

    Victims of frizz, unite yourselves: this matter is for you.

    Like thousands of women, my hair seems to have a life of its own, no matter the season or the humidity of the air. Every day my strings rebel as much as I put leave-in, spray, etc. It is a boring condition, but I confess that I had given up trying to find a solution. "Emphasize your faults," said Diana Vreeland, and so I fell into the capillary conformity.

    Until I met the botox for the hair. About 15 days ago, I tested the method applied by hair stylist Evandro Angelo, from C. Kamura Hall, in São Paulo. And you want to know? I fell in love.


    Capillary botox is a hair fill treatment that recovers the shine and elasticity of hair. Its greatest merit is the almost complete elimination of frizz.


    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

    Treatment that has become a breakthrough in hair salons in recent years, it promises (and, believe me, it does) reduce frizz and up to 50% of the volume without removing the natural waves from your locks. Not to mention the brightness - seven days after the application, I continue to receive praise for the healthy appearance of my hair.


    "Capillary botox is formulated with raw materials of very low molecular weight," says Evandro. Unlike the progressive brush, it does not take formaldehyde in its composition, in addition to having no smell and not causing discomforts such as itching or burning eyes during the application. In practice, it is the kind of completely painless, odorless and "quiet" treatment to do. All you need is time. "It will promote volume reduction and elimination of frizz thanks to the thermal realignment of alpha and beta zones of the fiber," explains the hair stylist.


    Reserve at least three hours of your day when venturing out with the hair botox - but I guarantee it's worth it. The first stage is the traditional washing of the hair, which follows from the application of the product along the entire length of the threads, from the root to the tips. 50 minutes later, most of the botox is rinsed, leaving only 20% of the substance in the locks. After this phase, with the help of a board, the yarns are sealed quietly, wick by wick. After that, go to the water again: it is time to do the final rinse and finally perform the brush with a drier.


    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

    Although you come out with the super smooth strands, do not confuse the capillary botox with progressive brush: it takes out the frizz and the volume, not the curls and waves. In short, the treatment leaves you with hair the best style "I woke up like this", but without the part of the messy wires.

    I washed my hair 24 hours after the treatment and did not have any problems: a week later, I leave the bath and let my hair dry naturally (I am not adept at the hair dryer). The result is that famous "salon effect" every day.


    Does not have. Everyone can do it!


    "Avoiding anti-oxidant products, keep the hydrations fortnightly at home and, every 30 or 45 days, perform deeper hydrations with your reliable professional," advises Evandro.


    We have lots of different hair btox for you to choose wich one fits better with your hair. Check the collection HERE.

    Get the best hair color at home! April 17 2017

    Tips to change hair color at home without making a mistake


    When the idea is to change the look, revolutionizing hair color is often the first choice of women. But as it is not always possible to run to the salon, the solution is to dye the hair at home. Not that it's complicated, but changing the hair color at home requires extra care not to make mistakes and have unpleasant surprises.


    Tips for not making mistakes

    Choosing the color of hair paint is perhaps the most difficult part. The packaging of dyes usually brings a picture of color effects, this helps in the decision. But remember that tincture does not lighten tincture. If your hair is already dyed and you want to lighten the yarn, it is necessary to make a discoloration in the salon, passing one paint on top of the other can have a disastrous result.

    Before you paint your hair at home, do the touch test to make sure you have no sensitivity to the product.

    Put one drop of the coloring and another drop of developer behind the ear or forearm. Rinse after 40 minutes and wait 24 hours. If the area becomes red or irritated, do not use the product.

    The hair must be dry to receive the dye. Before painting, stay at least a day without washing your hair, natural oiliness protects the hair and scalp from chemistry.

    To know the ideal amount of dye, evaluate the length and volume of your hair. Long or very bulky yarns need two or more dyeing kits.


    Prepare the dye by carefully following the instructions in the explanatory leaflet, each manufacturer has important guidelines that guarantee better results. The dye may run off and cause stains on the skin and clothing, so wear gloves and a towel on the shoulders.

    Pass a silicone ointment, Vaseline or even shaving cream on the forehead, ears, around the face and at the nape of the neck to protect the skin from blemishes, especially if the tincture is dark.

    Divide the hair into several wide strands to ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Start the application by the nape of the neck, the wires of this region usually resist more the action of the paint and therefore need more time.

    If you are just tinkering at home, start the application at the root, wait 20 to 30 minutes, then pull the ink toward the tips. Let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. This prevents the root from getting lighter than the tips of the hair.

    When finished applying the mixture throughout the hair, check the indication of the box on which the action time of the dye. Wait rigorously for the indicated time, let the dye act or a little more or less can alter the final color, stain the wires and impair the fixing of the product.

    When removing the product, rinse the hair until the water comes out completely without color. Do not use shampoo, most kits come with a post-coloring treatment cream sache to firm the color, pass and leave to act as directed. After dyeing, try to use specific shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair, they have ingredients that help maintain hydration of the hair.


    Learn how to use flat iron the best way! April 10 2017

    Without care, the appliance may severely damage the strands.

    Wearing a full, smooth, healthy hair is part of many women's wishes. It is not by chance that the techniques of smoothing multiply year after year. There are a multitude of treatments, formulas and even equipment to make the dream come true. Between complex and time-consuming processes of the traditional brush, the plaque, also known as plank or piastra, is pleasing because it is accessible and, mainly, because it has fast results. However, the use of the device requires extra care with the wires, which can easily be lifeless and dehydrated. See tips by the hairdresser Amanda Dias to use the iron without damaging the health of your hair.

    Basic care

    To use the chapel you need to face a series of steps. It is recommended to do a good wash in the hair, to dry carefully with the towel (without rubbing it to not open the cuticles of the wires), to use a dryer and then to adopt the device.

    Overuse of the hair iron dehydrates the hair. Even devices that promise to moisturize can cause havoc. Like the most common models, they remove moisture from the hair, that is, they do just the opposite of the basic principle of hydration, which is to bring water to the wire. Therefore, to escape catastrophic consequences, the ideal is to abuse thermoactivated protectors and conditioners without rinsing. The products create a layer of protection between the heating of the plank and the wire.

    The best models

    There are so many options in the market that it is difficult to know which model to buy to use at home. The ceramic tile takes advantage of the competitor's titanium because the board's temperature is distributed throughout the surface of the metal plate in a stable manner. This means that the wires are more protected from the heat oscillations during the procedure, different from that of titanium.

    Another positive aspect of the ceramic model is that it optimizes its time, since there is no need to pass it several times in the same wick to smooth. However, be careful if you opt for appliances like this: it provides more heat and thereby opens the way for burning the wires.

    As for the thickness of the board, the ideal is to stay in the middle and bet on a medium plaque, which contemplates the best qualities of the finite and the broadest. It allows the smoothing of more wires and also makes the process more agile.


    Step by step

    - Wash your hair thoroughly and rinse carefully to prevent any residues of shampoo and persulfator from getting into the hair.

    - Remove moisture from the hair with a towel. Care should be taken even when the flat iron is suitable for use on wet wires.

    - Use a thermal protector in the wires to prevent them from suffering irreparable damages in contact with the heat of the board

    - Check the temperature of the iron. Experts recommend that it should not exceed 180 degrees.

    - Divide the hair into strands two to three fingers in diameter and pass the appliance from the root tips, beginning at the nape of the neck. Be careful with the movements: never leave the board standing in point for long.

    Get the best of your hair on winter! April 04 2017

    Find out what hair care you should have in winter


    In winter, hair needs special care because of the low temperatures. In this period, we usually take hotter baths and the high temperature of the water ends up removing the oil from the scalp, which has a function of natural protection and lubrication of the wires.

    With the removal of this natural oil, the hair can look dry, brittle, with double ends. In some cases, the body understands that I need to restore this lack of oiliness and therefore, the hair can look greasy.

    Just like in the summer, the hair needs special attention when the cold arrives. And the top hair care tips in winter are pretty simple, check it out.




    Using shampoo and conditioner of good quality and suitable for your hair type and doing hydration is the best option to keep the hair healthy in the winter.

    First it is necessary to do a deep cleaning of the wires and to remove all the impurities. Then make a moisturizer with a specific cream for your hair type. Hydration should be repeated weekly.


    Warm water

    Hot water is one of the main enemies of hair in winter. Dehydrates the wires, increases the fall and causes a scaling of the scalp that can be mistaken for dandruff. Therefore, avoid hot water in the wires to the maximum, always use warm water.



    It is natural for hair to become oily in winter. So opt for lighter conditioners and creams and to untangle wires, use non-rinse products.




    The use of the dryer must be done correctly, because the hot air in the wires causes the weakening. To prevent this from happening, apply a thermal protector or tip repairer to protect the hair before drying the hair.


    Sleeping with wet hair

    It is not recommended to sleep with wet hair, because besides being damp, it becomes weak and brittle. Also avoid wearing hats, berets, scarves and caps, as they increase hair oil even more and can cause fungal and bacterial scalp to appear on the scalp.


    Scalp massage

    When washing the hair, massage the scalp. Thus, circulation and oxygenation will be active and acceleration occurs in the growth of the wires.

    Learn the best way to use your conditioner! March 13 2017

    Learn how to use the conditioner once and for all! Learn the importance of this product to your hair and the mistakes that you should avoid when using it.


    Washing the hair is the most frequent procedure in our hair care routine. The shampoo and conditioner are the first products we choose to treat them. And this is not for nothing. They wash, treat, and condition the wires. But, do you really know how to use the conditioner the right way? Here's how to choose yours and the mistakes you should avoid.


    How to use the conditioner correctly

    Correct use of the conditioner does not start in the shower, but during your decision to purchase the product. In fact, the first thing to do is choose the correct conditioner. It should be exactly for your hair type, the more specific the better. For example, you can opt for cosmetics for curly yarn, which are usually drier and need more moisturizing, with the right products these problems can be solved or minimized.

    During washing, the first step is the correct use of the shampoo. The ideal is to apply it at your fingertips and then massage the scalp with them. Do not rub the wires as this may break them. Rinse well, repeat procedure if necessary. Remove excess water with a towel or shaking the wires. Then apply the conditioner by massaging the length and tips. When applying the product, use it only below the height of the ears, without touching the root. This will prevent oiliness near the scalp. The root of the hair is already naturally moisturized, as it receives oil from the scalp. So, even if your yarns are dry, never apply the cream to full length.


    Wick massages, put a part of the hair in the palm of the hand, at the height of the ear, close it and slide down. This will close the scales. Leave on for the time indicated on the product packaging and then rinse thoroughly. Allow the water to drain through the wires until all the conditioner has been removed, as the product stays in the wires and will become opaque, heavy and dry. Remember that the conditioner was made to be rinsed and should not be left in the hair.

    It is important to note that the conditioner forms a protective film on the wire, protecting it from dehydration and also from possible damages caused by harmful agents, such as pollution, for example. In addition, this product is responsible for the smoothness of hair, making them easier to comb, brighter and less prone to breakage and double ends. It is foolish to think that the conditioner is only necessary for those who have dry hair. All hair, even oily ones, need to get the product after the shampoo, especially after using a highly astringent, such as anti-waste.

    And, remember, if your wires are damaged, dried out or needing further treatment, also invest in a mask that will complete the care ritual.


    Product Tips


    Rusk Sensories Conditioner


    Tigi Bed Freak Control Conditioner


    Nioxin Scalp Therapy Hair Conditioner

    Check it out wich one is the best for your hair and get the best of it always!


    The best 10 care tips for all hair types March 06 2017

    Simple and easy-to-follow tips for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful

    There are certain care that when adopted as a habit keeps the hair of any woman looking healthy and much more beautiful regardless of the type of hair she has. So we've selected 10 suggestions so that you can also take care of your hair as it deserves, check out:

    1. Take care of your hair when washingThe-best-10-care-tips-for-all-hair-types-0

    To make your hair look beautiful and well cared for, it is important to use only products intended for that type of hair. There are specific shampoo and conditioner lines for curly, smooth, oily, dry, dyed, chemically treated hair, among others.

    Do not wash your hair in excessively hot water and avoid washing it every day. Always remove all shampoo and conditioner from it by finishing washing and moisturizing it. Always prefer cold water as it helps to close the cuticles and avoid that horrible aspect of peeling and creepy hair.

    1. Dry your hair without ruining it

    Before you dry your hair, use a thermo active product to protect your hair from the heat damage of the dryer and the flat iron. Avoid drying your hair with the hair dryer too close to the root, always leave it 15cm off your head. Use the flat iron only if it is extremely necessary and try not to leave it too long in the hair.

    1. Cut your hair regularly


    To keep your hair always strong and healthy and avoid the appearance of the dreaded double ends cut your hair at least every three months. Choose a cut that values ​​your face, after all the hair is his "frame" and deserves every whim.

    1. Hydrate your hair

    It is necessary to hydrate every 15 days to ensure the health and brightness of the threads. Hydrations can be made at home or in the salon, with the right products for your hair type. Who prefers, can make a homemade mask to moisturize the hair.

    Wash your hair thoroughly with an anti-waste shampoo and remove the entire product. After washing it, apply the mask only on hair length, massage and wait 15 minutes. Remove the product completely from the hair and be ready to dry or pack it as you wish.

    1. Protect the wires from the sun

    The hairs suffer a lot when exposed to the sun, they get very dry. That is why it is always important to always protect them with a hat when going to the beach and in any situation where your head will be exposed to the sun for a long time. In addition, when the scalp suffers from the action of the sun, the dandruff appears leaving the hair looking dirty and oily. To make them even more safe against UV rays, use a sunscreen for hair.

    1. Comb gently


    Be very careful and patient when brushing or combing your hair. If they get embarrassed easily, lightly fasten them with elastic when going out in the wind and when sleeping. When untangling use a comb with wide bristles and never a brush. Comb gently so as not to break the strings, but gradually untangle.

    1. Escape the frizz

    For your hair to always be tidy, looking like commercial shampoo hair, it is recommended to use a defroster after drying. In this way, the creepy hairs go down and the hair looks better.

    1. Feed yourself well

    Food directly influences the beauty not only of the hair but also of the skin and nails. The most indicated foods to leave healthy hair are those rich in iron, copper, zinc, minerals, vitamin B12, biotin, proteins and iodine. What should be avoided includes canned, refined and artificial foods.

    1. Drink liquids


    Water is responsible for moisturizing the skin and hair, so it is essential to always drink plenty of water and juices. In this way your hair acquires natural hydration that comes from your body and helps to make your hair even more soft and shiny.

    1. Avoid wetting your hair in pool water.

    Swimming pool water usually has large amounts of chlorine and other substances that dry and weaken the wires, so if you go to the pool and they get wet, wash them immediately and hydrate them so your wires are not damaged by chlorine. Nothing to leave chlorinated water in the hair for hours and hours.