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This time of year ... sun, pool, sea ... and as much as you care, there is no way: the hair does dry up. I have prepared some suggestions to improve dry hair, I hope you like it.

Hair can become dry due to poor production in the sebaceous glands of the scalp. But in most cases, chemical treatments are responsible for damaging the wires, making them brittle, opaque and lifeless. Dry hair is difficult to comb, rough, brittle, dull and sometimes electric.

The coloring, discoloration and smoothing rob the natural hydration of the hair. The use of drier, babyliss or irons for winding, sun exposure and saline wind from beaches are some of the factors that contribute even more to the problem.

Drying can also happen because the pH of the hair has changed, the hair cuticles are dilated and unprotected or because the hair has lost its natural fat coating, becoming dry and dull. Yarns longer than 10cm receive less nutrients from the scalp.


Tips to improve dryness

Washing: The temperature of the water should be warm or cool in the case of dry hair. When in contact with the warmer water, the grease that lines the yarn is removed, and it is responsible for leaving the hair silky. In addition, very hot water opens the cuticle of the hair, making it more susceptible to sun, pollution and all other agents that dry the hair. With the milder shower temperature, the scalp does not produce more sebum than necessary, avoiding the oily root.

G Hair Hydrating Kit

Shampoo: The dry hair due to chemical treatments (tincture, lights or progressive) becomes more alkaline than normal. This causes the scales to become more dilated and to suffer more intensely the effects of the sun and pollution (factors that make the wire even more dry). The ideal is to use shampoos that have the most acidic pH (between 4.5 and 5.5), or a neutral shampoo.

Brasil Cacau Shampoo

Moisturizing: In addition to doing weekly moisturizing at home, it takes at least once a month to do hydration and cauterization with a professional. Hydration returns the fat to the hair, while cauterization rebuilds the proteins in the hair. Always remember to apply products suitable for your hair type and type of dryness.

Kanechom Moisturizing Cream

Leave-in: Hair suffers the effects of exposure by ultraviolet rays. If it is to be exposed to the sun, use leave-in with sun protection. There are combing creams or non-rinse creams that leave no residue and seal the hair cuticles, preventing hair from becoming more dry. Using leave-in also helps prevent dryness. Choose a product according to your need and your hair type.

leave in hydrating kit

Tip Repairer: Silicone hair products (such as tip repairers) contain substances responsible for sealing cuticles, helping the hair to recover. The correct thing is to apply after the bath, as a finisher of the process, and never confuse it with a thermal protector. Avoid applying serum before brushing or chapping. Despite the glow you notice after the plank, your hair has been "fried". The wires will start to break and totally lose the brightness. Repairers can be replaced with oils, such as argan, macadamia and flaxseed oils, which will offer the same effects. But follow the order of application: oil and dryer first, until the wires are completely dry. Only then, pass the chap.

Argan Oil

Ampoules: Quick and practical, the hydration ampoules have immediate action, unlike the masks, which need to act on the hair for a few minutes. This product has microparticles that penetrate the wire instantly, providing lightning-hydration. The ampoules line the wires with the necessary fat, seal the hair cuticles and realign the hair.

Inoar Argan Oil Ampoules

Product Suggestions for Dry Hair

There are several specific products for dry hair of excellent quality in the market. Try to make a diagnosis and only use specific shampoos and cosmetics for your skin or hair type. Even so, you have to experiment to see if your hair fits well. Just be aware of the brand: always look for a well-known brand and look for products that contain: macadamia, ox marrow, keratin, jaborandi, cotton extract, semi-flax, wheat germ, ceramides or vitamin A. These components moisturize and Vitality to the hair. 

Tips for dry hair care 1


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