BRASIL CACAU DEEP CONDITIONING MASK 250ml (8.4fl.oz).Fractional Sale.

$ 39.00 $ 49.00

This powerful hair mask provides an extreme nourishing effect root to ends. Eliminates porosity and reduces split hair tendency. Gives the maximum re-hydration with frizz reduction, while accentuating the straightening effect. After applying the Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction, rinse hair and apply Deep Conditioning Mask, massaging it well. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse style as desired
Ideal for re-textured, dry, damaged, frizzy and unruly hair.
Restores your hair from within, eliminates frizz, adds shine and softness.
Your hair will look much more silkier and shinier!
You will receice a fraction of repackaged product:
250ml (8.4fl.oz)  Deep Conditioning Mask
All Orders are shipped within one labor day and tracking number is provided.
NOTE: This is a fractional sale. You will receive a fraction of 250ml (8.4oz) of the repackaged product in bottles with labels identifying the treatment and a form with instructions on how to use it. To get the product in original packing  you should  buy the1000ml (34oz) kit.The manufacturer distributes this product only in packages of 1000ml (34oz)


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