Forever Liss Curls Full Kit Products For Curly Hair

$ 89.00

Kit Forever Liss Professional Curls Full 4 Products
Complete treatment kit for curly and wavy hair. Kit Forever Liss Professional Curls Full moisturizes, defines and controls frizz and excessive volume.
Kit Forever Liss Professional Curls Full brings formulas that clean, untangle and nourish the hair fiber. In addition, they provide more discipline and resistance to the hair while providing incredible luminosity. Conquer a perfect bunch, with health, softness and lightness.
Forever Liss Professional Curls - Shampoo without Salt 300ml: gently cleanses while helping to define curls.
Forever Liss Professional Curls - Hair Mask 250g: extremely moisturizing, softens the hair.
Forever Liss Professional Curls 5 in 1 - Combing Cream 200g: moisturizes and controls frizz and excessive volume.
Forever Liss Professional Curls - Curl Humidifier 300ml: defines curls and nourishes gently.
Elastin: It acts restructuring the elasticity of the threads, providing vitality and a thread more resistant to future aggressions;
Keratin: Helps eliminate frizz, strengthen and reduce hair breakage;
Avocado Oil: It has a high nourishing power, thus preventing dehydration of the strands and reducing frizz for always perfect and defined curls.
Free of salt.
How to use
Apply shampoo over damp hair and massage gently. Let it act for a few moments and rinse. Repeat the procedure, but with a pause time of 3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
Then spread the mask strand by strand and massage. Comb and let stand for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.
With dry or damp hair, apply a small amount of combing cream along the length and ends. Do not rinse and finish as desired.
Spray a small amount of the humidifier along its length and ends. Comb for better product distribution and finish as desired.
Hair hydrated and free of rebellious strands, with well defined curls and controlled volume.

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