Forever Liss Purple Botox Zero for Blond and Platinum Hair 950g

$ 98.00

Botox Platinum Blond Zero Forever Liss was developed with the Anti-Yellow Treatment System technology, with natural actives and Vitamin Blend. It proposes the yellowing, volume reduction and eliminates the frizz of the hair naturally and without formaldehyde. Enriched with Murumuru Butter, Açaí Extract and Purple Grape Seed, this trio penetrates the hair fiber, reconstructs the inner layers of the hair and aligns the cuticles, treating deeply. Repairs split ends and forms a protective shield, shielding the blonde from daily aggressions and preventing early fading of the locks. The botox Matizador for blond hair Forever Liss does not have formaldehyde in its composition, transforming voluminous and frizzy hair into shiny, silky and volume-free hair leaving the blonde alive and platinum.
Suitable for blonde and discolored, with frizz and volume.
Murumuru Butter: Highly nutritious, emollient and moisturizing to the hair, it allows the recovery of moisture and elasticity.
Açaí Extract: Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 Phytosterols, Polyphenols, Vitamins, Essential Sugars and Emollient Oils rejuvenates the threads, protecting them from drying out and color fading!
Purple Grape Seed: Vitamins E and C, in addition to beta-carotene promotes hydration of dry ends leaving the hair more beautiful, shiny and strong.
Formaldehyde free
Deep Hydration
Volume control
Frizz reduction
Simultaneous Tinting
Prevents early fading
How to use
01. Wash your hair with Antiresiduos Shampoo leaving it dry or a little damp
02. Divide the hair into parts, using a brush.
03. Apply botox Zero Platinum blond to the hair respecting the root.
04. Leave the product on pause on the strands, from 5 to 15 minutes or until reaching the desired tinted or platinum tone according to the hair structure (follow)
05. After the pause time, remove the entire product with just water.
06. Dry your hair 100% with a brush and dryer.
07. Finish with a board, 7 to 10x each strand, at a temperature between 200 and 230ºC 
08. After finishing, wash your hair, removing any traces of the product.
09. Conditioner or hydration mask can be applied;
10. Finish as desired.
Wash your hair in the following days with shampoos with a pH below 5.5.
Btx Zero Platinum Blond transforms voluminous and frizzy hair into locks without volume, without frizz leaving them soft, loose, hydrated and free from unwanted yellow.
The result of the product may vary according to the state and conditions of each type of hair;
01 - Botox Zero Platinum Blond 950g
Treatment durability: 20 to 50 days. Do not reapply in less than 50 days.

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