Inoar Afro Vegan - Mask 500g

$ 54.00 $ 78.00

Treatment mask for curly, curly, curly and afro hair. Inoar Afro Vegan Mascara moisturizes and nourishes intensely to keep healthy 4ABC curls always.

Inoar Afro Vegan Mask acts in the replacement of essential nutrients to highlight the beauty the wires. Thus, it causes the hair to become soft and shiny, in addition to showing its true curly and beautiful shape.

How to use

Shea butter: with moisturizing properties that make the hair more supple.

Castor oil: rich in vitamin E, minerals and antibacterial properties, nourishes, hydrates, seals the cuticles and ensures softness and shine.

Application Council
Put a mask on your dry hair, wicking
mecha, from root to tip. Massage and let the product act in the hair, in the
minimum, for 20 minutes. You can also sleep with it in your hair. Lastly,
wash normally with shampoo.

Their bunches are treated, nourished, shiny and healthy.

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