Inoar Divine Curls Home Care Kit 250ml/8.45fl.oz

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The Inoar Divine Curls line was made for those who have curls - and so you do not even think about living without them. Comprising Shampoo without cumulative ingredients, Conditioner, Mask and a Gel Finisher, cleans to measure and hydrates the wires without regret, keeping the memory of the curls for hours thanks to the active extracted from the golden flax seed, leaving them with flexibility and without frizz, ready to move around.
- Divine Curls Shampoo 250ml
- Conditioner Divine Curls 250ml
Main benefits:
- Restores the nutrients needed for well defined, soft curls, with volume controlled and free of frizz
- Not aggressive with capillary fiber
- It conserves the hydration inside the wires
- Improves brightness and softness for defined, luminous and very well-moisturized curls
- Activates the memory of curls and waves
- Leaves hair soft and healthy
- Condition, disentangle and shine, without weighing in the threads
How to use
Divine Curls Kit (Shampoo and Conditioner) 250ml
Application Council
Wash your hair with Divine Curls shampoo, gently massaging for 3 min. Repeat the process if necessary. Rinse thoroughly.
After washing the hair, apply Divine Curls conditioner, wicking the wick, always activating the curls. Leave on for 3 min. Rinse thoroughly.
Cachos defined, with hydration and softness in day.

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