La Grace Progressive Brush Thermal Sealing 2 x 1000ml

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La Grace Thermal Sealing is a Capillary Alignment system that forms a protective film and seals the cuticles, eliminating frizz, volume and damaged appearance of the wires.
La Grace Escova Progressiva is a hair restructuring and thermal realignment treatment.
La Grace Escova Progressiva contains resin oils with emollient and anti-frizz action that act as volume reducing agents and provide the realignment of the capillary surface, giving the hair a temporarily smooth and disciplined effect.
La Grace Escova Progressiva has actives that increase the shine of the hair, that balance the oiliness and the fall of the strands and that enhance the hydration effect. It also has essential oils that form a protective film for sealing the cuticle, thus conserving the realignment of the threads.
La Grace Escova Progressiva is a treatment that provides frizz-free and perfectly straight hair. With the line's products, the professional hairdresser performs the thermal realignment service that promotes capillary repair from the inside out and helps to transform the damaged strands into straight, shiny and fully aligned hair.
La Grace Escova Progressiva provides deeply restored, luminous and soft hair.
La Grace Escova Progressiva has high moisturizing power and achieves a high level of volume reduction depending on the type of hair on which it is applied. Its balanced pH provides the best result.
La Grace Escova Progressiva transforms voluminous and frizzy hair into shiny, silky hair without volume. It is compatible with any and all chemical processes, where the hair can be washed immediately after application.
Cuticle Dilator Shampoo 1000ml: Smooth creamy foam, restores hydration and restoration of damaged hair caused by various daily aggressions. Progressively promotes the effect of hydration, improving combing, shine and softness of hair day after day.
1000ml thermoactivated sealant: Smooth, light and fast absorbing formula, it forms a silky and velvety film on the threads protecting and conditioning them without leaving them oily. Restores hydration and restoration of hair damaged by various daily attacks. It promotes the sealing of the cuticle, detangles the strands and prolongs the hairstyle, leaving them light, soft and with an intense shine.
Step by step
1 - Apply Shampoo to wet hair, massaging gently. Let the foam act for a while. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation. Use warm water.
2 - Remove excess water from the wires by pressing gently with a towel.
3 - Remove about 70% to 80% of the moisture from the wires with a dryer, without brushing.
4 - Divide the hair into 4 parts. To do this, divide the wires from ear to ear through the top of the head and divide this amount into 2 parts. The rest of the hair (middle and nape) is divided horizontally in half, forming 4 parts.
5 - Apply the Volume Reducer to thin strands, starting at the nape. Keep a distance of 2 cm from the root.
6 - Let it act for 20 minutes.
7 - Dry 80% of the wires with a dryer at a warm temperature (without brushing). We recommend removing the nozzle from the dryer in this step.
8 - Without removing the product, pass the flat iron in very thin strands on the wires, at least 7 times to seal the cuticles well.
Advice and Observations:
We recommend this product only for use by suitably qualified professionals.
We recommend the use of the maintenance line: Post Progressive Kit for greater durability of the result.
The product should not be used if the client has a sensitive, irritated or injured scalp.
Use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children is not recommended.
Included Items
01 La Grace Dilator Shampoo 1 liter;
01 La Grace Thermoactivated Sealant 1 liter


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