Many women have the desire to lighten their hair but do not want to undergo chemically aggressive processes that need eternal touches. Therefore, in this matter we will give some tips for those who want to light the wires naturally and away from the saloons.


1- Sun

Although the sun is in many ways harmful to the hair, when it comes to getting blonde it can be a great ally. The sun clears the wires, especially in summer, when their incidence is higher. To keep from getting dry, always moisturize your hair.


2- Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another alternative. But attention! If your hair is dark it runs the risk of turning red. Therefore, this tip is restricted to those who already have blond or light brown wires. The way to do it is simple: Dilute the juice of a lemon into a little water and let it act for about 30 minutes in the sun. After the procedure you need to apply a conditioner.


3- Chamomile tea

This is one of the most famous ways to lighten the wires naturally. Make a concetrated tea and spray on the wires, exposing them to the sun. The longer you leave, the greater the effect.


4- Power Mix

If you want to potentiate even the effect, make a blend of chamomile, lemon, cinnamon and canendula tea. If you do not worry so much about naturalness, you can even add a little hydrogen peroxide. But do not forget: too much hydration after the process!

Stressed person, Stressed hair November 07 2018


Have you tried everything and can not understand why your hair is falling? It may be that even if you feed yourself well and buy the best products, your problem is internal.

Hair is very sensitive parts of our body and can sometimes suffer damage from the inside out. We have talked about this on the blog a few times about food for example, but there is another factor that can also damage our wires: our mental health.

Stress hair loss is real and scientifically proven. During periods of stress the body releases a substance that increases the production of estriol, which in turn blocks the entry of nutrients in the capillary region causing a premature termination of the growth phase. In addition, stress also increases hair oiliness, favoring the formation of dandruff.

First of all, if you consider yourself to be a stressed person you must go to a specialist. It will probably ask you blood tests that are essential to diagnose this problem. The examination is very important even because lack of nutrients can cause stress (is one problem may be connected to another).


If you really are sure that your problem is this, you will probably go through two steps: firstly, you will use products like shampoos, vitamins and hair tonics.

Another part of the process is "de-stressing." This part will depend on your degree and may or may not need medicines.


Our tip:

 If you notice that your hair is falling, seek help, but do NOT get stressed out because of this problem. Remember that nowadays we have great professionals in the area and it is not the end of the world. Being stressed will only make the wires worse.

Also, to prevent this from happening, always have good habits in your routine for your mental health, such as physical activities or going out with friends. The secret of a happy and healthy life is balance!




Hydration is indispensable to combat the damage caused by excessive heat, the use of dryer and plank, chemical, pollution and other external factors that strike the wires. Therefore, moisturizing with coconut oil is highly recommended in hair recovery, as the oil has a powerful nutritive action. This oil can be used alone to make massage, but there are also other ways to boost hydration.



Hydration with coconut oil and honey

1 Wash hair only with shampoo;

2 In a bowl, put a teaspoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey, mixing them well;

3 Apply to hair, carefully;

4 Leave on for 40 minutes;

5 Wash your hair again.



Hydration with coconut oil and cornstarch

1 Mix 200 ml of water with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and mix well;

2 Bring this mixture to the heat until it thickens;

3 Remove from heat and add 2 tablespoons of moisturizing mask and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil;

4 Wash hair only with shampoo;

5 Pass the mixture throughout the hair;

6 Leave for 40 to 60 minutes.



Hydration with coconut oil and egg

1 Mix in a container 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil;

2 Apply to dry hair;

3 Leave for 1 hour;

4 Wash your hair with water only;

5 At night, apply coconut oil and sleep with it in your hair;

6 The next day, wash your hair normally.


Hydration with coconut oil and sugar

1 Mix with 1 tablespoon of hair tonic, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of demerara sugar;

2 Apply the blend to the hair;

3 Leave for 5 to 10 minutes.



Hydration with coconut oil and aloe vera

1 Make a blend with 3 leaves aloe vera, 1 tablespoon hair tonic, 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon moisturizing mask;

2 Apply on any root of dry hair;

3 Let it act for about 1 hour.

Coconut oil is an excellent ally and you can use them in oily or dry hair. Now it's time to recover your wires and choose the best hydration for you!

Worse things you can do to your hair! September 10 2018


Sometimes it seems that the hair revolts against us. Is not it? We hydrate, we try to take care of it, but even then it seems to have a life of its own. The point is that hair is a delicate part of us and you may be having some bad habits and having no idea. We hope that with this list you can identify the mistakes you are making to have healthier and beautiful hair.

Hot water can harm your hair

1- Washing very often or with very hot water

This practice removes a good amount of the oils that are essential for the health of the yarns.

Never brush your hair with strong

2- Brushing the hair wrongly

Two fatal errors: brush the hair with them wet or brush from the scalp (the right thing is to start from the tips).

Never use towel to dry yarns

3- You use towel to dry the yarn

The texture of a regular bath towel irritates your cuticles, causing frizz. Therefore, a cotton shirt is the best option. Just squeeze the excess moisture carefully and wrap the hair in the T-shirt.

4- Use dirty hair brushes

Sometimes we forget to clean the brushes all the time, right? But when brushing the hair, several dead skin particles that are not perceived by the naked eye are attached to the brush. This dead skin is the perfect environment for the accumulation of different types of bacteria and do not clean can help them go to your scalp.

5- Stuck hair all day

If you have the habit of use stuck hair very hard and for a long time, it can damage the wires, leaving them damaged, because the root is literally pulled back.

6- You are not eating enough protein

Your hair is made up of protein, so make sure you are eating foods that have enough of it, such as fish, chicken, lime, and other grains.

7- You are doing a lot of hydration

These products usually have a lot of silicone. The problem is that the substance, when used in excess, tends to accumulate in the strands, resulting in heavy, lifeless hair, rather than a shiny and soft. It is best to make hydrations only when necessary or invest in products without silicone.


Written by Luiza Lima

Why isn’t your hair growing?! July 24 2018

why isn't your hair growing?

Hair grows, usually between 1 cm and 1.5 cm per month. If the growth of your wires is on this average, do not worry cause that it's all right. It really is difficult to see the difference, so we advise you to take a picture every month and compare.

When measuring, be aware of the shape of your hair. If it is smooth, it grows down straight and it is easier to have notion of growth. But curly  wires make the whole curve, so you need to look at the size when they are so you will have a better sense of how much they have grown.

If after comparative you realize that your hair really is not growing, we will list some causes that can be associated with this:

- Double Tips

The hair grows with the double ends, but they do not allow to reach a good length because they break before.

- Dry hair

For the same reason double ends, dry wires become brittle and do not grow. In this case, you need to invest in lots of hydration.

- Lack of nutrients

Like everything in our body, hair needs nutrients and vitamins to grow. In that case, if you do not have good nutrition, it can affect your wires.

Wrong shampoos can harm your hair

- Wrong Shampoos

Shampoos and conditioners should be allied to your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive when choosing the products. Do not use a shampoo for blond hair if you are brunette, for example.

- Season of the year or menstrual phase

Your hair grows less in winter and less when you're menstruating, so if you're in one of these stages, relax, there's nothing wrong with you!

If you have already discarded all the above options, it may be time to seek out a specialist. Other causes such as hormones, thyroid function, scalp health or genetics may be the reason for your problem. But do not worry, they all have a solution and if you take care right, your hair will grow more beautiful than before!

Combing your hair right can help hair growth

Written by Luiza Lima

Discover 8 food types that make your hair healthier! June 26 2018

"You are what you eat". That we can make hydrations and choose good hair products, everyone already knows, but what rare people are aware is to care with hair from the inside out. As important as what we choose to get through the threads are the foods we choose to ingest. In today's text let's talk about some foods that gonna change forever the well being and the health of your hair.

Go to the nearest supermarket and add in your cart:

1- Carrot

Carrots can make your hair healthier!

It offers two very important nutrients: beta-carotene, which is a great antioxidant and therefore rejuvenates hair, and the second is vitamin A that nourishes scalp cells and interferes with the production of natural oils.

Ideal quantity: 1 unit average per day.

2- Spinach

Containing iron, a mineral that participates in the formation of red blood cells, nourishes the hair follicles. In addition, it regulates the yarn growth cycle.

Ideal quantity: 1 dessert plate per day.

3- Oats

The grain contains silicon, a mineral capable of structuring keratin, a protein that forms hair. Oats also contain B vitamins and zinc. These two vitamins together promote growth and help control hormonal changes, which can lead to falling and grow of white wires ahead of time.

Ideal amount: 1 tablespoon

4- Orange

The benefit to the hair is in the pectin, white part that wraps around the buds. There are fibers that will help remove toxins, which, in excess, contribute to the increase of oiliness and the appearance of dandruff.

Ideal quantity: 1 unit

5- Strawberry

Strawberries can make your hair healthier!

The fruit has flavonoids and vitamin C, substances that activate the blood microcirculation in the scalp. With the help of these nutrients, the yarns grow faster, harder and less subject to falling, cracking and drying.

Ideal amount: 1 cup of tea per day.

6- Natural yogurt

Yogurt has amino acids that strengthen the yarns and vitamins of the B complex. They favor the deposit of keratin in the yarn, making it more full-bodied and resistant.

Ideal amount: 1 cup (200 ml) per day.

7- Chestnuts

Chesnuts can make your hair healthier!

This oleaginous one deserves space in its diet for offering zinc. The lack of this nutrient leaves hair thin, brittle and dull.

8- Salmon

Salmon is very good to your hair!

Salmon has high doses of omega-3 and selenium. Together, they fight inflammation, protect the scalp against ultraviolet radiation, improve circulation and the quantity of nutrients of hair bulb

Ideal amount: 1 medium fillet three times a week.


Written by Luiza Lima

Dryers: allies or enemies? June 18 2018


Hair dryers are a controversial subject. Although they are often associated with ruining your hair, if used correctly, they can be a great ally in your routine.Often, after doing many chemical treatments, the threads become elastic and very difficult to be combed. Especially blond women, after making lights, face this problem. In this case, the dryer is a great ally, because if it dries naturally, perhaps the hair will burst.

Hair dryer reduces frizz

In addition, the dryer is a great ally of sealing, which is a treatment for frizz which nourishes the hair by means of heat. Keratin, for example, is an essential protein for hair that needs heat to be absorbed in the best way. So a great way to use the dryer is to buy a keratin (liquid, preferably) and put it in the hair after bathing once a week. After passing the product, dry the hair thoroughly immediately. Your hair will become super hydrated.

As you can see, the dryer is not just an enemy of hair. Everything is relative and he can be a great friend! But do not forget: always use a thermal protector so that the heat does not reach the scalp.

.Hair dryer is not an enemy!

Written by Luiza Lima 


Learn how to take care of your hair after straightening April 17 2018

 With so many products on the market, nowadays a woman can choose what type of hair she wants. It is possible, for example, to have a curly hair and make a straightening treatment. However, nothing comes for free in the world, so, you have to be aware of the care that must be taken after modifying the structure of your hair. But do not worry! In this text we will help you continue with strong hair after straightening.Curly hair

To begin with, it is advisable to reduce the number of chemicals after the procedure. It's good to wait some time to dye your hair or make highlights. When you paint it again, ask the hairdresser to do a test to see if the hair can get another procedure. If the wires have become elastic, it is best to postpone the process.

It is also very common for the hair to become dry after straightening. If you notice that yours is like this, make hydrations weekly with products for your hair type. Another good tip is to put a thermal cap or a plastic bag to drown the hair with the cream, boosting the hydration. Leave-ins and natural oils are also a great option. The tips tend to get even more dry because straightening makes it difficult for nutrients to reach them. In this case, it is interesting to apply silicone to the ends.

Before and after straightening treatment

Lack of brightness is also a well reported problem after straightening. In that case, probably the cause is the loss of keratin. Therefore, it must be returned to the hair, applying liquid or cream keratin weekly in the first month. Then the application can be reduced to every 15 days.

Lastly, feel your hair! Just wash it when you really need it, and not because of routine. The less times you wash, the more your smoothing will last and you will still maintain the natural nutrients and oiliness.

Result of a hair straightening treatment

So, we came to bring the good news to you: no more nightmares! It is totally possible to have straight and healthy dream hair, you just need to take care of it later. In addition, we show that it is not so difficult to have the care routine. With some good products, the nutrients will be returned to the hair strands.

CLICK HERE to see our after care products.


Written by Luiza Lima

Do you know hair botox and it’s benefits? March 12 2018

Fall in love with the technique that promises to bring life back to your hair

 Hair btox treatment results

Probably, if I ask you about botox, you will answer me something about the skin.

However, the advances of the beauty industry and the search for the satisfaction of women have generated a new treatment that is already a trend among the famous: hair botox.

Differently than botox of the skin, capillary botox does not come from botulinum toxin. In fact, the process gets that name because just like the other botox, this procedure promises to slow the aging of the hair. Over the years, the hair loses the nutrients that make it beautiful and shiny and becomes brittle and opaque. The proposal is to bringthe hair back to life, making it younger.

The result of this technique is a hydrated, resistant hair with much less frizz. In addition, one of the singularities of the treatment is that it returns the natural appearance of the hair, making the hair looks beautiful without appearing to have been chemically treated.

women's nightmare: double tips

As if all the benefits were not enough, the technique promises to end the women’s nightmare: the double ends. This is because the procedure seals and returns the lost volume of the wires, leaving the same thickness from the root to the tips. In short, hair botox is a revolution that makes it possible to make life easier for modern women, who often have a busy routine and are unable to take care of their hair on a daily basis. The treatment is beneficial and more than that, long lasting.

Click HERE to see our hair botox collection of products. 


Written by Luiza Lima

Tips to keep your hair healthy in the summer! January 29 2018

Tips to keep your hair healthy in the summer!

Hello dear ones, ready to start another year? It is coming the season of vacations, heat, sun, beach, swimming pool ... who does not like this phase very much are our hair that suffer with the aggressions. It is not easy to go through summer with always beautiful and hydrated hair. Beach, pool, sun and lots of wind leave hair brittle and dry - so you have to be especially careful with them. Excessive sweating can also cause problems for the scalp such as mycoses, dandruff and itching.

At this time you can wash your hair every day, but opt ​​for more natural, mild and sulfate-free shampoos.


The dangers of summer to the hair

  • UVA and UVB rays stimulate the loss of keratin, destroy and oxidize hair, which lose color and become dry. If exaggerated in the sun exposure can even burn the scalp and flake.
  • The wind is responsible for those bizarre nodes super hard to draw and that result in a wig with broken wires.
  • Salt opens the cuticle of the strands, leaving them hardened and dull. This is because it removes all the water present in the hair. The result is cruel: damaged hair with frizz and a super volume.
  • Sand in contact with salt and wind makes the locks get even more frizz.
  • Chlorine is a poison to blondes. In addition to leaving the hair greenish, it dries out and generates double ends.

 Tips to keep your hair healthy in the summer!

Wire Care Tips

  • Use a good leave-in. Applied after bath, it forms a film on the wire and helps in protection. Liquid products are for oily hair; the ones in cream are more suitable for those who have dry hair. Use away from the root. Before going to the beach or pool, apply a leave-in cream with sunscreen. Reapply after entering the water. If you do not have a leave-in with filter, opt for vegetable oils like: buriti oil, argan, sesame, pumpkin seed, or shea butter. Rice water also protects against the sun's rays and moisturizes well. Use these products on damp hair when the goal is sun protection.
  • As far as possible, always rinse the wires with normal water after a swim in the sea or pool. If you do not have a shower nearby, use a bottle of mineral water.
  • If you spend many days at the beach or enjoying the pool, use a non-waste shampoo once a week to thoroughly clean the chlorine and salt.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to more aggression with the hair dryer and flat iron (leave it to use on special days only!). When letting the hair dry to the natural, bet in finalizers that do not contain oil in the formula to give a more messed up air.
  • The sun's heat can potentiate the effect of a moisturizing mask. But remember that, even so, the reaction time indicated by the product must be respected to avoid negative effects, such as oily threads or even compromising the capillary structure. If you want to take advantage of the high temperatures in your treatment, apply the product on the threads, letting it act for the indicated time and then removing with water.
  • Enjoy the summer to take lots of cold baths. Hot water is the enemy of hair as it stimulates the excessive oiliness of the scalp and swells the scales of the hair, leaving them dull.
  • Wear a hat or cap so you do not burn the wires.
  • Avoid hair products that contain alcohol, which dry hair
  • For blond hair look for products that protect the color and pigmentation of the hair. One trick to soften the greenish is to apply apple cider vinegar on them.
  • In a spray bottle, mix cold water with a teaspoon of honey, and spray in the hair during the day, if you feel that the weather is very hot and your hair is dry.
  • Enjoy the evening treatments. Just apply the cream on damp hair and let it act through the dawn. It recovers part of the lipids that were lost on sunny morning.
  • To make a quick and efficient hydration bet on the ampoules.


Tips and hints for products to use on the beach or pool

Cadiveu Sol do Rio - Hair UV protector 50ml

Cadiveu Sol do RIo - Hair UV protector 250ml

Cadiveu Sol do Rio - Hair summer maintanance kit


We hope you can get the best of your hair this summer! 

Learn how to keep your hair healthier January 08 2018

We came to the third post on how to make your hair brighter with some care at home, look and guarantee a beautiful shine!

Method 3 - Keeping Hair Healthier

 Use shampoo less offen

3.1 - Use shampoo less often.

Washing the hair often removes the sebum, which is the natural oil that protects and keeps the hair healthy. Without it, there is more breakage, weakness and dryness. Keep your hair luminous by washing them no more than twice a week.

It may take a week or two for your hair to balance and become accustomed to this frequency. Be prepared to leave them trapped during the transition time.

Between each wash, you can stimulate the roots using dry shampoo. It removes excessive oiliness.


3.2 - Use natural products.

Washing and styling hair with chemically charged products can damage them over time. Many shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain substances that contribute to various problems. Look for natives who do not have the following ingredients:

Sulfates. These are usually found in shampoo. They are aggressive cleansing agents that remove the natural oil from your hair.

Silicones. They are very common in conditioners and leave-in products to give shine. Silicones can accumulate in your hair and leave them looking opaque.

Alcools. These are commonly found in gel, spray and other styling products. Its use dries the wires over time.

 Hav a healthy lifestyle

3.3 - Have a healthy lifestyle and diet.

No matter what you do with your hair, they will not look naturally shiny if you are not healthy from the inside out. Eating well and staying hydrated has a great effect on the appearance of the hair. Try to eat the following foods more often foods for very healthy hair:

- Fish, beef, poultry, eggs, vegetables and other foods that have too much protein. Hair is made of protein and suffers instantly if it does not consume enough.

- Avocado and walnuts. They contain healthy fats that make your hair look bulky and shiny.

- Vegetables rich in nutrients. Green leaves, such as spinach and kale, are especially healthy for hair.

- Drink lots of water. When you are dehydrated, your hair loses its luster and begins to fade. Drink plenty of water to keep them healthy. Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

- Eating fruits and vegetables with lots of water can also help with hydration. Prefer the watermelon, red fruits, apples, cucumber, lettuce and cabbage.

- Drink herbal tea and other caffeine-free teas for additional hydration.

 protect your hair from external elements

3.4 - Protect the hair from external elements.

The sun, extreme temperatures and environmental pollution can make your hair look really ugly. Protect them from damage by taking the following measures:

Wear a hat when it is very sunny. Too hot sun can damage the wires if it does not protect them.

Use a swimming cap. Chlorine leaves hair dry and debris. If swimming without the cap, wash them immediately after leaving the pool.

Do not get out in the cold with wet wires. They will become cold, which causes frizz.


How to get your hair brighter combing January 01 2018

This is the second post on how to keep your hair beautiful and shiny with simple care, look:

Method 2 - Combing your hair

 Aplly leave in at your wet hair

2.1 - Apply leave-in conditioning while the wires are wet.

If your hair is dry, it may get a little lifeless after it has dried. Use a good leave-in conditioner to make them less dry and opaque. While still wet, apply a portion the size of a 25-cent coin of the product. Using a comb, scatter to the ends.

 Drying hair at air

2.2 - Let them air dry.

Of course a brush can make them soft and shiny at first. However, after a while, doing brush constantly will damage them and leave them looking opaque and rough. By letting them air dry, there is no risk of damaging it. After a few weeks or months, you will begin to notice the difference in texture: they will be softer and brighter.

Avoid as much heat as possible to stylize your hair. Little girls, baby liss and others can give a beautiful result temporarily, but with prolonged use, they leave the hair lifeless.

 Argan finishing oil

2.3 - Use a finishing oil.

As soon as they dry naturally, gently spread the finishing oil through the wicks. A good product will give instant shine and protect wires from damage. Wait until they are dry for a better result. A little is enough, so do not use more than a portion the size of a dime, depending on the length of your hair. It is possible to buy a special hair oil, or use one of these oils as a finisher:

Olive oil

Argan oil

Almond oil

Jojoba oil

Castor oil

Coconut oil


2.4 - Try a serum to give shine.

 This is a product that has a special formulation to give shine to the hair. It contains silicone and other ingredients that leave the wires instantly shiny. Most of them can be used on both dry and wet hair.

Using serum every day can have the opposite effect. Silicone can give shine, but buildup over time weakens them. It's best to keep it for special occasions.

Look for an alcohol-free serum. Alcohol can dry out hair.

 Reduce frizz to the maximum

2.5 Reduce frizz to the maximum.

Frizz is an enemy of the bright wires. A halo of frizz leaves hair dull and rough instead of shiny. It is possible to tame frizz in any type of hair by following these steps:

Wash your hair with cold water. The cold helps to keep the wires flat and flat, rather than standing upright. You'll be amazed at the difference that this simple step can make.

Do not dry your hair tightly with a towel. Slap it lightly and then let it dry in the open air. Using a towel with force leaves them armed and with frizz.

Replace the brush with a wide-toothed comb. Brushing can break the wires, especially if they are curly or wavy. Broken strands stand up, causing frizz. Use a wide-tooth comb. Back off your hair when it is still wet, starting from the tips towards the root.

Use silk or satin pillowcases. Who has curly hair knows that this trick works wonders to avoid frizz. The cotton fabric absorbs moisture, leaving the yarns dry and frizz. Satin or silk preserve the hair in the natural state without frizz.

 Cut your hair reguraly

2.6 - Cut your hair regularly.

Removing the double ends makes all the difference to give more luster. Ask your hairdresser not to use chemistry or excess heat to straighten your hair.

How to have bright hair December 25 2017

We are going to make a series of posts on how to have the most brilliant hair possible. In each post will be disclosed a method to have the best of your hair every day, at home!

Method 1 - Using hair masks

 Eggs are good for hair brightness

1.1 - Use egg.

It may seem strange, but an egg does wonders. The yolk nourishes the yarns so they do not look lifeless. The clear cleans them, removing any residue. The result is very shiny hair after only one application. Here are the instructions:

1 Beat an egg in a small bowl.

2 Moisten your hair.

3 Place the egg on your head. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread it to the ends.

4 Leave it in your hair for about 15 minutes.

5 Wash them with shampoo as usual. Rinse with cold water for maximum brightness.

 Apple cider vinegar are good for hair brightness

1.2 - Try to use apple cider vinegar.

Increasingly it has been considered a natural conditioner and glow intensifier. It balances the pH, clears the threads and leaves them loose and soft. After drying, the smell of vinegar will not remain. Follow these steps to make a treatment with apple cider vinegar: 

1 Use your usual shampoo, but skip the conditioner.

2 Pour the mixture 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 tbsp of water to the head. Comb to the ends.

3 Let it act for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water at the end of your bath.

 Avocado is good for hair brightness

1.3 - Make an avocado mask.

The fruit has natural fats that nourish and brighten. Using a ripe makes it easy to uniform application. Put on the avocado mask when your hair is dry and needs extra hydration.

1 Knead avocado until smooth. You can also use a processor.

2 Moisten your hair.

3 Spread it from the root to the tips.

4 Leave for at least 15 minutes.

5 Wash with shampoo normally. Rinse with cold water.

 Honey is good for hair brightness

1.4 - Use honey.

Honey is moisturizing and has whitening power. This combination is perfect for brightening opaque hair. Raw honey is very nutritious, but any type works well. To make a mask with it,

1 Mix ¼ cup honey and ¼ cup water.

2 Wet the hair.

3 Comb them to spread the mixture.

4 Let her act for 15 minutes or more.

5 Wash with shampoo normally. Rinse with cold water.

 Deeply conditionning hair works good for hair brightness

1.5 - Deeply condition hair.

 If they are not bright because they are dry, lifeless and with frizz, a deep conditioning treatment could help. Once a week, follow these steps to do this:

1 Wet the hair.

2 Comb 1 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil from the root to the tips. Put on a plastic bath towel.

3 Let it act for an hour or overnight.

4 Wash with shampoo. You may need to wash it 2 to 3 times to remove oily residue. Rinse with cold water.

Learn how to get the best of your gray hair! November 27 2017

Learn how to take care of your gray hair!

The gray and white hairs are becoming more fashionable, and with it, enhancing the beauty of age and naturalness. But to have dazzling white threads, you have to take some care. Find out what they are:

 Purple Shampoo

Keep the color

It is necessary to apply some shampoo with grayish or violet pigments, to neutralize the color and not to leave it yellowish. We recommend using this product every 15 days. Click HERE to find purple products.


Always moisturize

White hairs tend to dry out faster than others, so a rigid routine of hydration is needed. We recommend the use of moisturizing masks once a week. Click HERE to see our hydrating masks.


Protect from the sun

Regardless of white or not, the wires need to protect themselves from the sun just as our skin needs. In addition to protecting from the sun for the health of the wires, it is necessary to avoid the sun's rays due to the yellowing of the hair. Click HERE to find a good hair sun protector.

 Gray hair combing and moisturizing

You can find some products for your white hair in our store, just click HERE.


Written by Bárbara Barros

Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it October 23 2017

Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it


Are you one of those who will not let go of the straightened wires and, every three months at the most, run to the salon to finish the progressive brush? So, it is good to stay alert and take some care to maintain hydration and health of the hair. The procedure, dear to control the wires without having to go through the routine of iron, can cause some damages. Frequent chemistry removes water and nutrients from the hair - and has to be replaced. You may have noticed that, after some progressives, the root tends to get greasier, and the tips even drier. 

-The root has a natural oiliness that spreads to the rest of the hair. When the progressive seals the threads, this oiliness can not come down and is concentrated there. So, too, that the tips tend to get drier.



Specialists suggests that about two or three weeks before you do the progressive, you invest in a cauterization to recover and moisturize the wires.

- Cauterization is a deeper hydration that returns nutrients and water, which are removed by chemistry. So when you have been applying the product, your hair will be moisturized and the progressive brush will seal the yarn.


Choose the right shampoo

Specialists recommends using a shampoo that has acidic pH. It works like this: each part of the body has a PH, the wires usually vary between 4.2 and 5.8 - it is acid, according to a scale that goes from 0 to 14 (when it reaches 7, PH becomes neutral and, above that, alkaline).

- The shampoo with acidic pH will keep the cuticle of the hair closed, preventing it from losing moisture and dehydrate.

A hair stylist gives a tip: if you also have dyed yarn, the shampoo for this type of hair works for both cases.

Choose the right shampoo

Always hydrate

The hydration should be constant, mainly because of the tips, which get even drier than the length. Laine recommends that at least once a week you moisturize with collagen masks, vitamins and minerals.

- This will lessen the dryness of your hair and prevent it from getting hard, without balance and shine. Just wash normally, remove excess water and apply the mask over the entire length, letting act for five to 10 minutes.

Denise adds that in addition to the masks, you can bet on natural products like coconut oils and olive oil to moisturize. Pass before bath and leave to act for some time, then wash normally.

 Use thermos

Use thermos

Those who are progressive often know that as the effect goes on, the dryer becomes even more indispensable - and ends up being part of the routine. Laine Calixto warns of the importance of thermoprotectants. The hairstylist explains that the constant use of the dryer without any protection burns the wires, but that, together with the thermoactive ones, can bring benefits

- These products have nutrients that are activated with the heat of the dryer and are another way to hydrate the wires.

 finalize hair treatments


After drying the threads, finish with products like leave in or serum, which control the threads and still give way in the resected aspect.

- Bet on products with moisturizing substrates such as argan oil, which is extremely moisturizing and lustrous, in addition to helping renew against chemical damage.

How to speed up hair growth September 26 2017

If your hair has difficulty growing, it can be a great sign that your capillary health does not go well. After all, healthy, healthy hair can grow about 15 cm per year.

How to speed up hair growth
In desperation, some people have applied hormones, causing even more damage to them. So let's teach some healthy tips for you to solve the problem of static hair:

Establish healthy habits:
A beautiful person is a happy person and in good health. Bad habits interfere with various areas of our body, including our hair. The habit of sleeping poorly and smoking for example, damage the growth and beauty of the wires.

Cut at least double ends:
You do not have to cut your hair a lot, but you need to eliminate the double ends often because they are exactly the ones that keep your hair from growing.

Cut at least duble ends
Drink lots of water:
Drink water. Consumption of water is good for the skin and hair.

Drink lots of water
Eat more Omega 3:
These fatty acids present in fish and some dark leaves can help and greatly in the growth of your hair.

Massage your scalp:
When applying shampoo to the scalp, remember to massage it slowly, with circular motions for at least 5 minutes. Thus, you will stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, bringing the natural nutrients needed to achieve your goals.

Massage your scalp

Use only quality products
Beware of products that sell to the hills on supermarket shelves. Always opt for shampoos, conditioners and masks of confidence, so you will be investing your money in something that will really bring you a return. Follow our tips, use our products and say goodbye to short, lifeless hair.

Learn the best 4 tips to get the best of your tinted hair! August 21 2017

After painting the hair, it is very important to take some care to ensure the brightness and durability of the new color. Know what they are!

 Tinted hair - best 4 tips 1

Using products for dyed yarn, using the oils of the moment and making use of antiperspirant shampoo are some tricks that guarantee the brightness and the color of the newly colored hair. Below, experts tell you which habits should go into your care routine once the locks have been painted.


  1. Use specific hair products with tincture

It's fact: treated hair and well-nourished hold plus color. The specific items for those with wick chemistry are more potent than the traditional ones. "The most important thing to prolong the health of the threads is to invest in hydration, which can be done weekly at home or intercalated at least once a month with a reconstruction procedure in the salon," says hairdresser Marcos Proença, from São Paulo . For blondes, it is worth using once a week products that promise to prevent the wicks from turning yellow. But beware, therefore, in excess, they can leave the hair bluish.


  1. Maintenance calls for oil

When it undergoes very aggressive chemical processes, the hair loses great part of its natural oiliness and, therefore, it looks resected and bristling. "In the care at home, it is necessary to recover this oil, fundamental for the nutrients to reach the tips," says the hairstylist Julio Crepaldi. Products with oil consistency are the best option. Use leave-ins or moisturizing finishers every day or opt for essential oil-based makeup masks once a week.


  1. Anti-dry shampoo can color

This type of product removes any trace of chlorine and other chemicals from the wires that may interfere with the color. It also has the power to soften the tone of the tinctures - especially the lighter ones - without altering it. It is thus well demanded in those cases where the blonde becomes greenish or the brown becomes darker than expected. Extra tip: As it opens the cuticle of the threads, it is advisable to use it before doing hydration. Thus, the assets penetrate better, potentiating the result.


  1. Defer the next visit to the salon

"To prolong the tincture, wash the hair as little as possible by massaging only the root area. Prefer warm water to very hot and avoid dryer, flat and babyliss, which accelerate the fading of the tincture." explains Yuha. Has the root grown a little? Bid on products that work as a make-up for hair. There are versions in a pen or in packages with brush similar to that of mascara, which disguise small changes in color. The toner can also be a solution to disguise a different tone root or white wires (although it does not guarantee 100% coverage), delaying in a few weeks the return to the hairdresser.

tinted hair - best 4 tips 2


With the right products, it is possible to make a homemade moisturizing with the same results as a professional.


When we talk about moisturizing hair at home, a good product is not necessarily expensive. Currently in the market many moisturizing masks get results very close to the procedure done in the salon, with the advantage of lasting much longer, having packages of up to one kilo. The gains are many: healthier hair, free from dryness and moisturized with a product that makes the difference in the look of the yarn, especially for those who have hair that suffer from chemicals such as coloring and straightening.


The main advantage of hydration pots is the cost benefit. The hairdresser Aline Santanna explains: "these pots of treatment can last up to 40 applications for those who have medium hair, that is, neither too full nor too large.It is an advantage for price and quality, they have a great cost x benefit". In addition, they are practical and save time in the day-to-day, as they avoid constant trips to pharmacies and perfumeries in search of specific products for hydration, and are also economical, since the result in the threads is similar to the procedure done by professionals .


Moisturizing hair at home is not just about passing the mask on the wires and then rinsing. Many people complain that home hydrations are not as good as those in the salon, and that they do not have the same effects as one made by a professional. But with the proper application, it is possible to leave the locks beautiful and healthy without having to mark the time in the hall.

The first secret of hairdressers is to begin treatment from the shampoo, which leave the hair clean and ready to receive hydration. For the mask to have more effect, invest in the anti-waste, which will leave the cuticles of the yarns more open to absorb the assets of the cosmetic. In weekly care, switch use with another type of shampoo, especially if hair is chemically colored, as deep cleansing shampoo gradually removes hair chemistry and decreases the length of procedures - like straightening - in the locks.



Before passing the moisturizing mask on the threads, remove excess water and comb the hair with wide teeth, which prevents the fiber, more sensitive when wet, split while it is combed. Removing moisture is important because water can disrupt the effect of the cream, which may not be absorbed properly.

To apply hydration, a special technique is also required. Pass the product from ear level down, avoiding the root, wick to wick, massaging the hair parts so that the hair fiber absorbs the active moisturizing mask. After massaging the hair, choose a source of heat, such as thermal caps, foil or hot towel, because with heat, the scales of the thread open, facilitating the penetration of the cream into the hair.


After respecting the time of the treatment, which depends on the manufacturer and the chosen product, rinse well, until removing all the waste, as Aline explains: "Rinsing well is a precious tip for those who make hydrations at home. Leave the hair heavy when the problem, in fact, are the residue that stay in the wires. The fault is not the cream, the mistake is not rinse right. "

The ideal temperature for rinsing water is ice, because at this temperature the hair scales close and retain the moisturizer for longer. Take advantage of this time to massage the scalp, which stimulates the renewal of the cells and nourishment of the locks. Another advantage of the icy shower is to brighten the locks, which will become more evident after drying. Then, just go to the usual finalization. If you choose a brush, it is important to use thermal protection to avoid damaging the newly hydrated wires.


The masks of treatment masks are also versatile and can accumulate other functions, such as replacing the conditioner, assist in baths of brightness or potentiate a nutritious hydration with oils and vitamins, explains the hairdresser Lela Athanasio: "Today there is a Incredible variety of oils that can be used along with moisturizing to complement the treatment.It is possible to include the oil in the cream and use the two together, or use the oil as a finisher, only at the tips" taught the hair stylist.


Find these hydrating pots in HERE.

Your hair almost virgin again with keratin replacement! July 03 2017



Learn how to do a keratin-based shock treatment and recover the wires at home. You will have more shiny and silky hair.

Only good for hair in a state of calamity! If your hair is hydrated, it can get hard and even break!


Regain natural strength of hair

There are several ways to use liquid keratin. Choose the ideal one as you need it. The lighter reconstructions are for poorly damaged hair. Allow at least 15 days between applications. Learn to do:


Light Reconstruction

After passing the shampoo, apply the keratin wick by wick to two fingers of the root. No need to massage the wires. Leave for about 15 minutes, remove, pass conditioner and rinse.


 Average Reconstruction

Wash the hair with anti-dry shampoo and remove the moisture with the towel. Apply the keratin to two fingers of the root, wick by wick. Wait 15 minutes, remove, pass moisturizing mask and wait 20 minutes. Rinse and wipe down a conditioner tipper. Rinse again.


Shock treatment:

After washing hair with shampoo, apply moisturizing mask, wait for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. Put the keratin on the length and ends of the hair, and blow dry.



After washing with antiperspirant shampoo, apply the keratin to two fingers of the root. Brush thin wicks and then wipe the iron.


Choose the product to make the replacement at home


Her almost virgin hair again with keratin replacement

1 · Keratin Ampoule, Felps POWER UP


Use other products with keratin to strengthen the

1 · Smoothing Shampoo Cadiveu

2 · Smoothing shampoo Is My Love

3 · Smoothing shampoo Amazon by Felps

Best hair treatment guide! Find the best one for you! June 20 2017

At every moment, new treatments appear with the promise of making hair more beautiful than ever. And at this time of year, where sun exposure and sea and pool bathing can dry out and further damage the wires, it is good to understand the function of each one, in order to choose the best solution to recover and invigorate your Tresses

Verinha Santos, a professional at Casa Mauro Freire, explains that the first step before making the decision is to talk to your hairdresser. "It all depends on the professional's analysis, which is best suited to suggest the best treatment. What we usually take into account are the chemical procedures already performed, the frequency with which the wires are washed and the exposure to the sun, "he says. Renata Souza, partner of SPA Dios, also explains that another factor to be taken into account is the season. "In summer, the yarns have a greater dryness. The heat causes the scales to dilate, causing greater loss of nutrients and water, and the result is double tips, tangled strands, opaque ect. It is worth remembering that, exactly for this reason, we need to pay close attention to the hair in the pre-summer, with the intention of keeping it more silky. " has prepared a list of nine treatments that will help make your locks healthier. Look:

  • Collagen Treatment: Launched this month by the Dios Dios, is an alternative to protect the strands of external aggressors like sun, sea and pool, being a good option especially for blondes. "In addition to collagen, there are other important active principles to ensure hair health: protein, keratin and 13 types of amino acids that help preserve color - especially blond - and prevent the wires from getting green in contact with chlorine" , Says Renata. According to the specialist, the effect is immediate and there is a reduction of frizz, as the treatment helps to prevent dryness, taking away the porosity and ensuring more shine, elasticity and resistance to wires.
  • Cauterization: Better known, the procedure, clarifies Verinha, serves to leave the hair less porous and restores the keratin lost in chemical processes, making the wires shiny and silky. Cristhofer Gloe, Blend hair stylist, says that it is especially recommended for those who have extremely sensitive and brittle locks. "The application starts with deep cleansing shampoo and then applies the keratin, which stays in the hair for a few minutes. Then we rinse and we pass a moisturizing mask that must act for five minutes. The last step is washing and drying as you prefer, "he says. The specialist claims that cauterization is contraindicated for hair that is already healthy and with sufficient keratin in its fiber
  • Moisturizing: The name speaks for itself, and Seide Abdala, an orthomolecular doctor specializing in hair, says it is critical to regaining the wear and tear of the wires and the loss of moisture caused by external agents to which everyone is exposed, such as salt, dust, Dryer and flat iron. "It is a treatment that replenishes lost water and acts on the surface of the fiber. The creams act in the capillary emollience, sealing the scales ", he says, noting that alone is not enough for those who need to recover the structure lost in chemical treatments like smoothing. "The frequency with which the hydration is done depends on each hair. If it is very dry, the ideal is to perform every week, and the least dry, every 15 days or a month. Before passing the cream, however, a good wash with anti-waste shampoo is necessary ", he teaches.
  • Nutrition: Similar to hydration and with identical application, it is recommended as maintenance of a cauterization by Andreia Costa, owner of the Hair Pin salon. "It is possible to do at home and indicate the ampoules that are liquid, because they return the water lost without weighing the wires," he says. The contraindication is for those who have the oily root. The biggest benefit, according to Gloe, is the replenishment of nutrients and minerals.
  • Embroidery: Exclusive treatment of the Dios Dios, revitalizes the threads and minutely removes the double, dry and damaged tips, without touching the length, the cut or the volume, says Renata. "It is suitable for all types of hair. The double ends are carefully cut one by one with the scissors. This process requires extreme attention and does not change the length. The open scales are more receptive to the mask with vitamins and nutrients that is applied soon after. The softness is immediate, "says the specialist.
  • Sealing: The treatment acts almost like a smooth progressive, explains Verinha. "It closes the hair cuticles, reducing knots and frizz, but does not change its texture, ie it does not smooth. It is a procedure that provides for the strengthening and the birth of new wires, "he says. Gloe explains how it is done: "We use a deep cleaning shampoo and apply the product without using conditioner. We dry and we board. We must be cautious with chemically treated wires or light ones. A wick test is recommended before proceeding. "
  • Shielding: Indicated for hair that needs hydration and cauterization, that is, that are weak and dry, can be made on any wire. For the hair stylist of Blend, the main benefits of the treatment are to return water and oil to the locks, leaving them with luster, softness and silkyness. "At the same time, the procedure rebuilds the hair fiber internally, leaving the hair healthier and stronger."
  • Velatherapy: Good alternative for those who have damaged hair after the continuous use of finishers, dyes and reflexes. "It is indicated, mainly, to blondes, women of thin hair and / or hair with difficulty to grow. The technique consists of separating the strands into medium strands and passing the candle flame along them, "says Renata. The specialist of the SPA Dios clarifies that the goal is to unclog the channels through which vitamins and nutrients necessary to make the hair healthy. "The technique is also capable of eliminating double ends and recovering the texture and brightness of the threads, but the treatment is contraindicated for porous or elastic hair."
  • Reconstruction / Restoration: Reconstruction is indicated for dry and brittle hair and has an application similar to that of hydration. "And the effect is very similar to that of cauterization, but with less intensity. The procedure restores lost matter and keratin by reconstructing the hair fiber and returning proteins and minerals. The hair grows stronger and has a better texture, "says Gloe, who points out that hair donors who are not damaged or lack keratin should avoid it, under the risk of stiffening the hair fiber. Andreia draws attention to the importance of cutting the ends before rebuilding. "You should not abuse rebuilders. Imagine that it is a cement - inside the wire, in excess, it can harden and leave it brittle. "

    Moderation is essential

    The owner of Hair Pin argues that it is important to alternate treatments to prevent the wires from becoming impervious. "The ideal, for example, between a sealing or shielding is to make a cauterization so that the hair is always strong. If waterproof, it takes time to lighten up and does not absorb the nutrients from the treatments. "

    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz! April 24 2017 3 Comments

    We’ve tested the Capillary Botox method that turned phenomena into salons.

    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

    Victims of frizz, unite yourselves: this matter is for you.

    Like thousands of women,the hair seems to have a life of its own, no matter the season or the humidity of the air. Every day the strings rebel as much as I put leave-in, spray, etc. It is a boring condition, but I confess that I had given up trying to find a solution. "Emphasize your faults," said Diana Vreeland, and so I fell into the capillary conformity.

    Until I met the botox for the hair. About 15 days ago, I tested the method applied by hair stylist . And you want to know? I fell in love.


    Capillary botox is a hair fill treatment that recovers the shine and elasticity of hair. Its greatest merit is the almost complete elimination of frizz.


    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

    This new hair treatment that has become a breakthrough in hair salons in recent years, it promises (and, believe me, it does) reduce frizz and up to 50% of the volume without removing the natural waves from your locks. Not to mention the brightness - seven days after the application, I continue to receive praise for the healthy appearance of my hair.


    "Capillary botox is formulated with raw materials of very low molecular weight," . Unlike the progressive brush, it does not take formaldehyde in its composition, in addition to having no smell and not causing discomforts such as itching or burning eyes during the application. In practice, it is the kind of completely painless, odorless and "quiet" treatment to do. All you need is time. "It will promote volume reduction and elimination of frizz thanks to the thermal realignment of alpha and beta zones of the fiber," explains the hair stylist.


    Reserve at least three hours of your day when venturing out with the hair botox - but I guarantee it's worth it. The first stage is the traditional washing of the hair, which follows from the application of the product along the entire length of the threads, from the root to the tips. 50 minutes later, most of the hair botox product is rinsed, leaving only 20% of the substance in the locks. After this phase, with the help of a board, the yarns are sealed quietly, wick by wick. After that, go to the water again: it is time to do the final rinse and finally perform the brush with a drier.


    This is Capillary Botox, best treatment for hair frizz!

    Although you come out with the super smooth strands, do not confuse the capillary botox with progressive brush: it takes out the frizz and the volume, not the curls and waves. In short, the treatment leaves you with hair the best style "I woke up like this", but without the part of the messy wires.

    I washed my hair 24 hours after the treatment and did not have any problems: a week later, I leave the bath and let my hair dry naturally (I am not adept at the hair dryer). The result is that famous "salon effect" every day.


     Anyone can do it!


    "Avoiding anti-oxidant products, keep the hydrations fortnightly at home and, every 30 or 45 days, perform deeper hydrations with your reliable professional," 


    To see selcted hair botox products we have availale ckick HERE.

    G-Hair Moroccan Treatment. What To Know About One Of The Best Hair Care Smoothing Products September 19 2016

    Inoar Moroccan Smoothing Treatment
    The G Hair Moroccan Hair Smoothing Treatment consists of a Hair Treatment which is to the volume reduction and in addition to all the nutrients your hair needs, thus giving softness, shine and a natural smooth as if it had made brush every day.

    Treatment G Hair Moroccan Hair Shampoo
    Deep cleansing shampoo for the treatment of normal or dry hair. Remove wire residues and prepares them for the Moroccan Hair Treatment.
     G Hair Moroccan Hair Treatment Mask recover damaged hair and reduces its volume in the first application.

    The Moroccan Treatment has 3 Complex technology, Cocoa Extract, Keratin and White Clay, retrieves the wires damaged by chemical processes, giving them back the motion, shine, softness and volume reduction in the first application.

    Unlike other products, the Moroccan Hair Treatment  has a nice cocoa flavor, which provides added convenience. Furthermore, rinsed and holding the hair on the same day of treatment application. 
    Inoar Moroccan Smoothing treatment product
    Take a look at some of the results! How special!
    Inoar Moroccan SMoothing Product 2
    Another one, and look at this user review below:
    "Guys, I just loved this product is easy to apply, is a product that is worth the price you have and the result is excellent, so I, as my sister and my mother loved the result, super worth it to have bought, I recommend to who wants smoother hair (because yes, smooths SIM), and also recommend to anyone who wants to reduce the volume of the hair, the result this there, WONDERFULL"
    So, don't lose this chance to get the best of your hair!
    You can see This product here.
    Written by Alexia Cristina

    The advantages of using Hair Spray! September 12 2016


    You've done a hairstyle and at the end of the night your hair was all messy? After hours in the hall the final result was not good as you would like? Many have gone through similar situations. It was not just you. Regardless of the constitution of the wires are thin or thick, straight or curly, the use of hair fixers will help keep the hairstyle for a long time.

    In the old days, when it came to fasteners, we remember sprays or gels that left the hard hair look wet, in addition to very dry wires. Today there are more advantages than disadvantages in using a fixative. Technology has advanced and the products have a lighter formula and with different levels of fixation, which prevents the wires from getting the appearance of dirty. Thus, the present sprays, after application, give more naturally to the hair and are easy to be removed in the wash.

    So, what are the fixers?
    The fastener is a lacquer, varnish of a type which mixes a high pressure gas passes when the valve packing. The product is intended for hairstyles, especially in finalizing the same, ensuring a good fixing. There are no limits to the use of sprays, at any age, hair and thick wire size the use of fasteners is valid to ensure an intact hairstyle.

    Apply the spray at the correct distance
    Advantages of applying the hair fixative

    With already dried and brushed wires, apply the product at a distance of at least 15 centimeters away from wires. This distance facilitates distribution of the product, allowing it to be distributed throughout the hair also. If the hairstyle is a bun, you can sprinkle the nearest spray around the hairstyle for security; so it will be tight. If you want to leave the flat or curly wires, the tip is to apply the right next fastener strand by strand and after that pass the board or curling iron.

    Removing and maintain the hydrated wires after use fasteners?
    To remove the wire spray, you should wash the hair, massaging well with the fingertips over the head and rinse under running water. If you use too frequently the fastener, either daily or weekly, it is advisable to regular hydration to prevent the hair becomes brittle and parched.

    How to choose a hairspray?
    The market has a wide variety of hair fixatives products, but your choice will depend on your needs. If you want to keep a ponytail, bun, braid or loose hairstyles with curls and long flat, choose a quality product that serves to keep the hairstyle for a long time. As Hair Spray Inoar which has a high power setting, providing more control wires and durability hairstyle. It features ease of application, since it does not require drying after brush. Its formula contains D-panthenol and vitamin E, which provide hydration and shine. It can be easily removed with the passage of the brush.


    Know hair botox and its benefits for your hair! September 06 2016

    Yes, you read that right: Capillary botox. Mania around the halls in Brazil, treatment (also known as capillary reconstruction) lends only the name of the facial procedure. The idea is to fill damaged hair (with moisturizing ingredients that have nothing to do with botulinum toxin) and uniform thickness, since, over time, the tips tend to be much thinner than the root. And, for good measure, reduces frizz. That's how we like!

    Hair botox and its benefits

    What is capillary botox?
    It is a kind of reconstruction for very damaged hair, more efficient than a regular hydration, which returns lost nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, lipids ... formaldehyde-free, it is worth stressing that the capillary botox is not the main objective of smoothing hair - if someone sell the treatment well, in fact, be suspicious. "When the hair mass is reset, the wires are more disciplined and hence smoother. But it is important to stress that the procedure is not considered a smoothing "endorse Tats Medeiros, hairstylist from DUO, Salon in São Paulo.

    Everyone can do the hair botox?
    Treatment is one of the most recommended for hair abused by chemical, dryer and flat iron. You have lights, dyes or shapes the hair every day? Capillary botox, so it is a good alternative to reverse the damage. Good news: there is no contraindication, since the procedure does not take components prohibited by Anvisa.

    How is the treatment?
    The procedure and the products used in hair botox can vary from salon to salon (remembering that the non-use of formaldehyde is the rule, okay?), But there is a pattern that is usually followed: "The first step is to wash the hair one to twice with the shampoo of the chosen line. Then it is applied, in fact, the rebuilder product, which can be in a tube or cream, "explains Alison Alvarez, hairstylist Studio W Iguatemi (SP). It is well distributed in small sections and acts on the wires for five minutes. At this stage, some brands recommend adding heat source. Then it's the turn of the mask, which also calls for another five-minute break and of course full rinse. "Finally comes the finisher and the stylization," concludes Alison Alvarez, who claims that the treatment should be repeated after 15 or 30 days, according to the hairdresser's recommendation.

    And the results?
    Do not expect to leave the salon with shampoo advertising tresses. As there is much exposure to moisturizing agents, the wires may become a heavy aspect - the real result could only be felt after the first wash at home. "The recovery brightness and elasticity of the wires is guaranteed," says Tats Medeiros.

    How much?
    To make the capillary botox, it is necessary to pay out on average 250-320 real. But remember that this value may vary according to the room.

    Can you do at home?
    Ideally, only the maintenance is done at home - after all, nothing replaces a good treatment done in the salon, where the effectiveness is guaranteed. But if you lack money, can you make use of rebuilders products found in perfumeries, of course. We have suggestions below! Always try to use shampoos and conditioners of the same line (if any), ok?

    You can find lots of other products in here

    G.Hair German Formula treatment Step by Step Video! August 19 2016

    Helloo Folks! We have another good video for you to learn the best way to do Keratin treatments at home, or in a salon. Today we prepared a G.Hair German Formula step by step made by inoar and edited by KeratinBeauty, check this out!:



    Hair Treatment Mask: understand the benefits for your hair! August 16 2016

    Hair Treatment Mask: understand the benefits for your hair!

    Every vain woman has the notion that maintaining a hydration routine is the key to success to have beautiful, silky hair. When lack of time to go to the salon, treat the wires at home is the best solution, however buy the most expensive cream cosmetics shop is no guarantee of good results. Concerned about the cost benefit of customers, some brands have launched economic packaging with a 1kg hair mask to influence women to deal with the often hair care and hair health even more. If before was lost more than 30 minutes with a thermal cap the hair to enhance hydration, today a product revolutionized the practice.

    The hair treatment masks - as hydration ampoules - act in a few minutes and dispense heat source, as have high penetrating power in the hair fiber due to active into smaller particles, such as micro-keratin.

    To make the application, it is not necessary or out of the shower, however, contrary to what most women do, the correct order to apply the hair mask is after the shampoo, since the detergent action opens the cuticle for cleaning. Thus, the cream ingredients better penetrate into the hair, promoting repair and treatment of ?? capillary structure. But the conditioner, which has function to soften the wires and close the scales of the locks must be applied - and rinsed - finally.

    A good tip is to use a antirresíduo shampoo to remove the deeper impurities from the scalp that the common shampoo is not able to do before applying the mask. This shampoo opens the scales wire and allows the entry of moisturizing and reconstructive cosmetic active.

    As for the girls who have mixed or oily hair, use of mask is recommended before shampoo, with the wires still semi clean. Apply the product and leave it for the desired time, then wash the head with shampoo and conditioner usually.

    See? The hair mask treatment can give the best of your hair if used properly! To find the ideal mask for your hair, click here!

    VIDEO: How to do a Keratin Treatment at home! August 08 2016

    How to do keratin treatment at home

    As we promissed you, we gonna give you every week a video teaching you the best way of taking care of your hair at home, or even with a professional, using the best products in the web!

    This is a video made by Cadiveu Brasil, very simple and clean, and easy to understand and follow. It shows you how easy it is to do a good Keratin Treatment at home! What are you waiting? Get the best of your hair!



    Don't forget to follow us on Youtube!

    25 tips to get the best of your hair everyday! August 01 2016

    To have hair dream you can not give up the daily care, choosing the right products, and think of the ideal cut for your face type. And it is not necessary to spend a lot or spend hours in the lounge.

    25 ways to get the best of your hair

    Home care for hair

    1 - A beautiful hair can never be washed with water 'piping hot' because the heat opens the cuticle of the wire and cause frizz. Use only cold and warm water.

    2 - When washing your hair at home, make two steps: Use the measure of a real coin 1 shampoo, massage the wires with the fingertips, rinse well and repeat.
    3 - Shampoo anti-residue is used at least once a week. But it should be avoided by those with progressive or dye, because it clears the chemical.
    4 - Never use conditioner at the root, not to increase the oiliness of the region. To find out where to apply the product, measure four fingers from the letter. From there down, the conditioner is released.
    5 - Remove any hair conditioner, nothing to leave a little bit to help comb.
    6 - No matter if your hair is straight or curly drained: always use a cream to comb after washing. It serves to replenish nutrients and protect the wires.
    7 - Then use the finishers. A good leave-in is the beauty secret of many celebrities. and spread the product with your hands and comb the threads. But use the product sparingly, as excess can leave the hair heavy. Ideally, the equivalent of a 50 cent coin.
    8 - Who does brush need to use a cream that termoativo and protects the wires, have ingredients that moisturise.

    9 - Whoever brightness can apply the silicone in wet or dry hair. To reduce the dry aspect, pass on the tips after the leave-in. It will form a gloss film.
    10 - The ointment is indicated for modeling the wires, but if your hair is oily, avoid, because it is greasy. Instead, use a cream to model hairstyles or silicone, if the problem is frizz.
    11 - The tip for frizzy hair is to use the mousse after the leave-in. Spend the equivalent of a product ping-pong ball, use a comb to help spread and flatten the wires in his hands.
    12 - If your hair weapon throughout the day, choose a strong hold mousse, which is twice more powerful than common, to tame her curls and avoid that lioness effect.
    13 - The face shape is crucial to the choice of court. The inverted triangle shape goes well with frayed and side bangs wires. Round, with long frayed on the ends. The square should stay away from short. And the oval goes with almost all cuts.

    14 - Who has straight hair and want to give volume to cut it in layers. And who has rolled up and want to tame the wires should reels off them.
    15 - The chanel remains high, and can be used even by those who have curls, but is bulky.
    16 - One way to know if you can be blonde is the eyebrow. If it is dark, closed with wires, you should not adopt the tone. But if it is dark and translucent, with thin wire and a little skin showing up, all right.
    17 - Who has the whitest skin can have any color hair.
    18 - Who has dark dye and want to whiten should go easy. Make wicks every three months, and when 50% of your hair is lighter, have to see in color. That way, you mugs less wires.
    19 - As soon as you leave the room, buy shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type. Ask your stylist to choose the best products to use at home.
    20 - A lot of people think the color wash assaults less wires, but this is not true. If used for three months, the amount of color pigments accumulated on the wire is the same dye, but without apparent effect the same.
    21 - Take a break of at least one month between two chemical to save hair.
    22 - moisturizing should be done at least once a month in the lounge.
    23 - If your strands are very dry, need moisturizing products. Find out through the label if they have oil fruits and nuts, avocado and shea butter, which are great to hydrate. See some HERE. Since brittle hair that break easily, such as those with dye, proteins need to be strengthened.

    24 - Cut the ends of three months.
    25 - Want to moisturize the wires? See the best product options HERE.

    Cadiveu Brasil Cacau instructions video! July 29 2016 2 Comments

    Lots of our precious customers ask us frequently about how to use our products at home. Without spendind any money in sallons and everything. So, we decided to give you a instruction video, showing very carefully step by step of using CADIVEU BRASIL CACAU. 

    Take a look and eliminate any doubts!




    Check it out at out Youtube Channel.



    The importance of using Conditioner! July 26 2016

    A good shampoo combined with the nutrients that the hair must bring excellent results, after all, we tested it almost every day. Now, the conditioner is abandoned by many women. But is that most people know their role and benefits for hair? Let us understand then why use it!


    What does the conditioner?

    Before understanding the function of conditioner you need to know how to act shampoos hair. In addition to its active treatment, the basic function of shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp, removing its oiliness. In this wash, shampoo opens the scales of the cuticle to make hair cleaning. As the shampoo removes all the oiliness of the wires, the hair becomes electric, so it is necessary to open the scales back to close to prevent the hair is dried with appearance and dull.
    That's where the conditioner comes in. The conditioner has the function to return the natural oils of the hair was removed by shampoo, leaving it as close to the natural. The conditioner closes the hair scales, eliminating wires of electricity, acquiring an invisible protective layer that facilitates combing and provides nutrition and shine to the hair when dry.

    What are the benefits of conditioner?

    The basis of all conditioner is to neutralize the hair electricity, closing his scales, leaving more pliable and shiny hair. But today conditioners have different active ingredients in their formulations, which besides its basic benefits, depending on the assets it contains, provide the hair:

    basic benefits:

    Benefits that go beyond the basics:
    Protect the hair from physical and environmental damage;
    Protect the hair attacked by chemical and the continued use of boards and dryers;
    Minimizes friction between brushing and another.

    The hair repairing attacked by chemical, environmental conditions and heat sources occur because of the conditioner forming a protective film on the wires that decrease water loss and dehydration.

    It is noteworthy that its benefits are temporary and last only until the next wash, so it is necessary to its constant use. Although the conditioner has many advantages, its use should be moderate and removed completely from the hair, because the excess will produce an increase of sebum, leaving hair heavy and dirty look.

    Conditioner x hair types

    In oily hair
    The conditioner should be used sparingly and applied to not weigh half of the hair at the root, but should not be eliminated its use.

    On dry hair
    The conditioner becomes even more important, therefore, substantially improve the wires are generally fragile. It can be used throughout the length.

    In colored hair
    The conditioner protects the color and makes it dura longer. If your hair is dry or oily, worth the tips above. Specific conditioners for colored hair further potentiate the results.

    The guide Tricologists not use conditioner on the scalp not to clog the hair bulb, which can cause dandruff and other problems and hair loss.

    Conditioner x hydrating mask: you can replace them?

    Opinions are different. There are those who make this place and enjoy the result, others do not. The mask when applied on hair for a few minutes moisturizes the wires, but when used the right way, with massages and acting longer, hydration will be deeper and satisfying. The mask has its formulation components when used in excess can dry hair, such as keratin.

    So it is not recommended to replace the mask by conditioner continuously because this was meant to be applied weekly or fortnightly (depending on the situation of the wires). But the conditioner has been developed specifically for everyday use without compromising the structure of hair, on the contrary, it significantly improves the appearance of hair.

    For you understand a little more power conditioner ...

    ... A lot of people, after using the mask of hydration, apply conditioner to finish. However, this only makes sense if the pH of the mask is the lower the pH conditioner, because in this case the conditioner will act further closing the hair cuticles. Otherwise, there is no need. Another widely used technique is the co-wash, which means washing the hair with conditioner, usually every other day. Dry hair, curly, dyed with chemical and benefit greatly from this technique.

    But if you still choose to do the replacement, do not delete the fully conditioner, especially if your hair is damaged by chemical processes. Pass the interim washings with cream treatment.

    The same applies to creams to comb and leave in. Both have different purposes of conditioners, their formulas are different. The comb cream to have a heavier formula is most appropriate for frizzy hair, curly, for the same models the clusters taking the volume. The leave also models in the hair, but goes beyond that, by not penetrate the wires, it forms a protective layer, so it is also recommended before the use of flat iron or dryer


    The shampoo and conditioner complement each other, so the use of only one does not give the desired effect. Use this double strengthens and enhances the beauty of hair. Use the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand is a way to enhance the results, because their formulas were made to complement each other.

    Today there are plenty of efficient products with specific purposes and affordable ones. Get to know your hair to understand the most appropriate conditioner to your tresses.

    Meet excellent products for your hair here.


    Written by Débora Dos Santos

    Take care of your blonde hair! July 18 2016

    Champion order in the sallons, blonde hair never goes out of fashion or disappoint. But despite being the world's preferably keep blond hair can be intimidating for some women, after all the questions on the maintenance and care can be endless.

    However, even a very special attention is required, it is more than possible to get that stunning blonde with red carpet effect that both stands out and still maintain healthy and hydrated wires.

    In addition to finding the tone who best matches their beauty and personality, keep some care before, during and after the application of color is crucial to keep the blond hair ever day. And for this, use the right technique can make all the difference in the final result. Learn some valuable tips, take your main doubts about it and relax: blonde keep up it is easier than you think.

    How to choose the right tone?

    Drika Becher, colorist and hairstylist Studio Jefferson Hoffmann says that makes her diagnosis with the person's skin tone. However, it is also essential to analyze the historical and hair health to assess whether this stands or not the chosen procedure.

    Generally, midtones as honey blonde and golden blonde combine perfectly with all skin types, emphasizing especially brunettes and black women. Cooler tones like the famous platinum blonde, for example, are more suitable for girls with lighter skin due to the subtle contrast.

    Despite some theoretical constraints, the choice of color is closely linked to the style and personality. Therefore, even if not the tone that a rule is ideal for you, can work very well in a general aspect showing your style and highlighting their beauty.

    When choosing a color for your hair, confirm that the technique used to obtain the results you want will not damage your wires. If your hair receives or has received certain chemical you will likely have restrictions in many procedures or may be advisable to more specific care. So watch this step to ensure the most appropriate choice for your hair.

    Products and procedures to care for blond hair

    Perhaps the main questions that arise before starting the steps to dye hair are on the health of the wires, after all, the chemistry of the coloring process can easily set off the hair, totally interfering with the visual.

    Staying loiríssima and the finished hair nobody wants, is not it? But if you use the right products for your need, you will not have reason to worry. Some are essential to keep alive and radiant color and should be used daily. Others are more suitable for sporadic use, aiding in hydration of the wires to keep them healthy and with the ideal texture.

    According Drika Becher, to keep blond hair is necessary first of all to detect the quality of yarn, analyzing, for example, are porous, dry, oily, fatty or even require water. On the general care that must be taken, it indicates the use of five essential items necessary for a perfect result. Are they:

    Daily care

    1. Shampoo: The shampoo you use every day may not be the most suitable for the needs of your hair, so advises Drika to make the correct diagnosis. Thus it is possible to know which treatments you should look at your shampoo, and, of course prioritize who does not wear the color and not interfere much in the hydration of your hair. Remember that if you use chemical, need to preserve the structure of the wires as much as possible. The specific shampoo for the needs of your hair should be used whenever you are washing it. Leverage daily care also using a good moisturizing conditioner.

    2. Thermal protector: The thermal protector exists to complement the team champion of her hair against the harmful effects caused by the heat of the flat iron, hair dryer, curling iron or similar, helping to protect and maintain the fiber and capillary structure, automatically keeping the color and the wire texture. Very high temperatures damage the cuticle of the wires, causing them to lose tack and open. The heat also spoils the hair hydration, it makes all the wires retained water simply evaporates. The thermal protector prevents the loss of water, creating a coating that seals the hair and protects the dreaded consequences. Use shield with the still damp hair before applying any modeler that emits heat.

    3. Hydration oil: oil Hydration is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the hydration of the yarn and it can be used in various ways. It is almost always implemented as a finisher after the smoothing process and discoloration, handing hydration and sealing the wires. Hydration oil can also be mixed to the mask to enhance the power of treatment or even before sloshing or dryer, in the case of oils (those containing silicone in the formula may melt and stick to the yarn when used before shaping hair ). The use of oil can be daily, except for those who already have oily hair, they shall use it no more than 1 time per week. But even being released for your hair type do not overdo it. 2 to 5 drops per day is already more than sufficient for a good result. Apply the yarn length of the mildly massaging, always maintaining a distance from the root of at least two fingers.

    Take care of your blonde hair hydrating oil

    Periodic care

    4. Hydration Mask: When discolor hair, wire scales open and lose vital properties that keeps with a beautiful and healthy appearance. Keep hair hydration is very important, no matter what his color, but when the hair is blond care must be redoubled. Use from time to time a good mask hydration will restore the lost proteins and amino acids, nourishing, moisturizing and rebuilding the wires. To achieve excellent results moisturizing hair at home, remember that certain precautions be taken at this stage. First, choose the right mask for your hair type. To use it, apply to hair after washing them with shampoo already indicated to the case, spread evenly without massaging and then comb. Let sit for the recommended time (respecting the range of each brand!) And then rinse. Do not forget that the mask is not conditioner and therefore should be used no more than 1-2 times a week.

    take care of your blonde hair hydrating mask

    5. Shampoo silver or purple: The desamarelador shampoo, also known as silver or purple shampoo, is a great friend of blonde hair. The decolorization occurs when the hair melanin is removed, leaving gray or white. However, as keratin and ceramides, natural properties of hair, are yellow, the wires inevitably end up winning this tone after a while. Purple shampoos serve as a color wash to cancel the yellow wires leaving them with a blond tone more shiny and natural. Despite being an old acquaintance, it is always good to have attention at the time of use. Be attentive to the ideal type for you. The desamareladores shampoos that has a bluer tone are more suitable for darker blond. For lighter blond ideal choice are the violet shampoos. As the use of recommendation is also a maximum of 1 or 2 times a week, try combining use with moisturizing mask. After washing the hair normally with your daily shampoo, apply the purple and let it act as long as required by the manufacturer, usually 5 minutes maximum. After rinsing apply a moisturizing mask following the instructions step.

    Purple Botox for hair

    Discoloration Care

    Perhaps the step that most need attention is the discoloration, so it is important to understand when it is necessary and what are the contraindications.

    Drika Becher highlights once again the importance of knowing hair health before starting any chemical process. "In general, the main care of the discoloration is the analysis of hair history, or choose to open tones with lighter shades of own colorations. A well-kept hair always more likely to hold the bleaching procedure. The hair is bleached when suffers a great loss of amino acids, water and fat automatically causing drying out or when there is a big reaction, break or fall off. "

    Discoloration occurs through the wire melanin removal by oxidation, which opens the scales of it and allow the bleach to penetrate and do your job. The darker the hair more layers of wire have to penetrate it, which means the need for more time for it to take. Regardless of color, the process is highly damaging to the hair, requiring great care before and after.

    Quick Manual of discolouration: valuable tips

    Discoloration is the chemical process that punishes more hair. When removing the pigment of the wires, it also takes away everything that leaves your beautiful hair, as keratin, amino acids, fat, protein and vitamins. The dry and brittle hair effect that occurs after dyeing is a result of discoloration, so follow some indications can be very important to keep your healthy and beautiful blond hair.

    • Remember to always start with the diagnosis of the wires to not compromise their capillary structure. After meeting your goal, make sure that your hair is able to withstand such treatment.
    • If your hair is very fragile, you may need to prepare it a few days before to receive the chemical. successive or even a wire may be cauterization moisturizing solution.
    • Have In mind that discolor the wires looks good on all women, but not all the hair. If the wires are too compromised to health such a procedure is not mentioned at all.
    • How Much darker the original hair, the more aggressive is the depigmentation process.
    • The Lighter hair are not free from aggression caused by discoloration. In general, to achieve the required platinum blonde you must be prepared to combat the harmful effects of the procedure.
    • The Tip of Drika is betting on treatment masks to hydrate and repair the wires and not give up a good shampoo silver not yellow hair. It indicates the shampoos silver of Keune or Schwarzkopf for having the most concentrated violet pigment.
    • It Can perform this step at home, but if you do not have much intimacy with the bleach is best to seek help from an expert. Thus, in addition to ensure that everything is done in the safest way, it becomes easier to achieve the desired result and avoid dreaded route accidents.
    • The Cauterization and hydration are also treatment options after discoloration. The hair at this stage is very delicate and needs to replenish the nutrients lost. The weekly moisturizing will be your great allies from here.
    • Avoid Exposing the discolored hair to the sun or other agents such as salt and pool chloro not to fade color.

    You can see this and lots of other products by clicking the image above!

    We hope you like!


    Written by Bruna Lewinsky

      7 Ways to take care of your curly hair July 11 2016

      Every day increases the number of people who decide to leave aside the artifices used to smooth the locks and resolve to take the curly hair. In addition to beautiful and natural, this type of hair also shows the very characteristic of people adept style and needs special care.
      Not just a good cleaning with shampoo. Other actions are also necessary to make these hair with a natural and beautiful look to see.

      7 ways to take care of your curly hair

      Tips to make curly hair more beautiful

      1. The secret to a beautiful curly hair is good hydration. Experts advise to use shampoo without deep cleansing assets to prevent drying and conditioner throughout hair length. The ideal is to use products from the same line, as a product complements the other. The use of masks is also indicated once a week to hydrate the wires.
      2. Always have at his side a good leave-in (cream to use on the hair after shampoo and conditioner). It controls the curly hair frizz and creates a protective film around the wire. For best results, apply it on damp hair and shape curls with his fingertips.

      3. Do not comb your hair dry. This undoes the natural shape of curls and leaves with an undesirable volume. Ideally comb them during or after the bath with your fingers or combs with wide teeth, which prevents the chill and the wire breaks.

      4. To dry, use diffusers. It reduces the amount of air sent by the dryer, and thus helps reduce frizz.

      5. Do not wash your hair with hot water. In fact, this tip is for all hair types. Hot water takes his own oiliness wire and leaves your hair drier. So, try to wash in warm or cold water.

      6. Be aware of available products for curly hair. Those specific to wire reconstruction should only be used with guidance and assistance of a good professional. Bleach and ammonia usually found in dyes, should also be avoided as they dry out and leave a opaque hair.

      7. Look for a court able to maintain the natural beauty. It can vary with each hair, the ideal are subcultured that make the strands fit. The layered cut causes the volume to decrease greatly. Medium cuts short length are also indicated. The most important is cut frequently to keep the resected ends.

      Source: EDUCATION PORTAL - Online Courses: More than 1,000 online courses with certificate


      What is tinting the hair?

      Tinting the hair means to neutralize, add or enhance any color in blond hair, discolored or lights, using a softer resource for application of nuance. In today's article you will learn how to tint your hair properly.

      We will start by explaining how tinting the hair color neutralization. We use this process, neutralization, to withdraw any unwanted hair color, in this case especially the lights. A very classic example of tinting to neutralize nuance is what is done in finalizing the lights.

      When hair is bleached, either with cap or foil, and the end result of bleaching is a very discoloring between the chicks, orange blonde or orange (is because when it discolors black hair and dyed with dark nuances background bleaching is this), the ideal is tinting the hair to neutralize those tones and try to get the most beautiful blond.

      The greater the discoloration (lighter whitening bottom of the hair) is more faithful color ink or color wash applied in tinting as the whitening of hair bottom prejudice the outcome of final color (fantasy).

      Imagine the hair as a sheet of paper about to receive an ink while this sheet is lighter, more visible and will be true color of the applied paint, but if this sheet is colored certainly when mixed with other color will be changed.

      Note that after tinting the hair strands procedures such as lights and also helps maintain the health of that, since closing the cuticle of the wire was exposed in the bleaching process.

      As tinting the hair step by step

      To make the nuance for nuance blonde hair, which in this particular case must be some grayish reflection to neutralize traces of orange color, you'll need the dye, if you want more discreet and dark lights use 8.1, depending on the orange tone 8:11 or 10.1 for lights in shades lighter, more revealing emulsion 10 volumes (oxygenated water or ox). Make the mixture in the ratio indicated by the manufacturer of paint and apply the new hair rinse the bleach, right there on the sink without pause time or at most a 3 minutinhos, and presto, there is no longer the orange in lights, because we apply dye with gray reflective color when in contact with orange neutralizes.

      As soon as we explained in the beginning of the article while lighter is the hair, the more closely the color applied to tinting the hair, so while most field of higher colorimetry of art will be your perception and hit the bottom line when it comes to tinting one hair to neutralize a color or tint to add or enhance reflection color as the background color always will influence the color to be applied.

      So if your intention is to enhance or add some nuance in blond, do the same way, make the mixture of dye, the desired color, the more x 10 volumes and apply to blond hair or just discolored, but taking into account the current color.

      Tinting the hair to enhance a reflection in blond is ideal for those who have in mind a color that you want a lot but can not reach only with discoloration. Depending on personal preference, such as platinum or super light brown.

      Tinting for gold or platinum lights

      For more golden lights in her hair, prepare a tincture with nuance that contains the golden reflection (x.3), use 8.3 if you want darker and discrete lights, and 10.3 for the lighter, more x 10 volumes and apply to hair in the same way as explained before, after rinsing the bleaching of yarns, the sink and also with wet hair. If you prefer the more platinum lights, mix x 10 volumes more dye 8.1 or 10.1, and apply the wires proceeding also.

      It is worth noting that for tinting the newly bleached hair is used oxidant 10 volumes, because the hair is still with open scales and carrying facilitates the action of the product, but to reddish tones (if you prefer the mahogany lights for example) tinting It should be made with 20 x volumes.

      Another cool tip is tinting again the old lights, because over time tend to stay with orange appearance, always taking care to set the tone of neutralization, orange is a color, yellowing is another gray reflection in yellow hair will leave green them.

      How tinting the hair to fix flaws

      It is quite common to come across people disillusioned with the lights in her hair as a result of disharmony tones the wires, lighter root length, or vice versa, know that tinting the hair also corrects this type of failure.

      When it is light in color-treated hair, but with natural root, happens this uneven whitening effect of parts because virgin hair is discolored more easily and quickly than the dyed hair (right would work root and length in different ways to avoid this result is alternating volumagem the ox or the application of bleach).

      Although the sink abrade the root of the hair with dye or tint darker tone height, as a result of bleaching in the length of wires, applying the hue to the root with the aid of a comb wait for about 2 minutes then pulling the whole product the length knead briefly, without pause, and rinse, you will notice the uniformity in the tone of the lights so dry tresses.

      Practical example: After discolor hair I root with tone height 10 (Extra Light Blonde) and length with tone height 8 (light blonde), tinting the lighter areas of the hair root, with tone height dye 6 (blonde dark) more x 10 volumes, or color wash, pause 2 minutinhos pull the dye to the length massage quickly without pause, and rinse.

      Learn how tinting the hair with different shades

      With these tips tones you can still create beautiful effects of reflection, matizanto all hair or a few strands only.

      Tinting the hair with paint 10.81 x 10 more volumes if you intend lights in more natural tones.
      For mild effect beige tint to tone paint 10.0 and 31.9 x more than 10 volumes.
      and platinum tones are achieved with ink tones 10.1 or 11.12, more x 10 volumes.
      Dyes with reflection color purple (number 2 after the tone height) neutralize the yellowing, egg yolk color in the lights.

      How tinting the hair correctly and safely

      Do not tint your hair with homemade formulas, such as gentian violet, ketchup, sugar beet, etc. We witness daily, countless examples of people dissatisfied with the outcome of this type of procedure, such as purple, stained and dry hair. The worst of these formulas is that some still hinder the work of correction by the professional.

      So bet on own hair care products and for the purpose in question, you can find many on the market and very reasonable prices.


      Written By Mirella Ramos

      Understand the differences between different treatments for damaged hair June 27 2016

      Change shampoo from time to time, make a homemade moisturizing, apply a powerful reconstructive mask and even make a cut to strengthen. To some extent, in fact, these alternatives work, but there are times that you need to stop everything and take care of the hair in the salon, to have a specialized diagnosis of the need for wires at that time, rely on high-tech assets, more than any else, hands and the look of a professional.

      We conducted a survey to clarify the difference between three very sought after techniques in halls and quite effective: hydration "power" Nanokeratinization and cauterization. Next, know the details about each of the three techniques and find out which one is best suited to your case.

      Hydration "POWER"
      What it is: It is a deeper technical hydration that allows the wires to recover water and also reponham nutrients to restore softness and return to being healthy. Assets used in each case will vary according to the room and the trader, but generally oils (argan oil, jojoba oil, macadamia, grape seed, pomegranate seed, coconut etc.) are most formulas, as well such as vitamins and amino acids. "This method was very benefited from the rediscovery of the properties of vegetable oils, essential in restoring hair. I particularmene use argan for silkiness and shine; and jojoba, for reconstruction of the hair fiber, "says hairstylist Eliodorio Wilson, Wilson Eliodorio Studio in São Paulo.
      How it works: oils have very concentrated nutrients that soften the cuticles of the wires and penetrate more easily into the fiber, enabling better absorption of amino acids, vitamins and proteins, which when applied alone, also permeate the surface of the yarn treating it in out.
      Indication: Hair dry and brittle, whether as a result of chemical or excessive exposure to sun, salt and chlorine; and also excessive use of dryer and flat iron. "If you notice that your hair is dry in appearance and too embarrassing, easily, is a sign that needs to be hydrated," teaches Silvana Lima, Studio W Iguatemi, also in São Paulo.
      Frequency: Who will evaluate is the hairdresser. Dependedo wire state may be carried weekly, biweekly or monthly.

      What it is: The treatment involves the application of keratin by means of nanotechnology to enhance efficacy. That is, the molecules of this protein are reduced to the smallest possible size and thus penetrate more easily and deeply on the wire. "The aim of this treatment is to replace the keratin - missing matter when the hair is subjected to chemical processes - damaged wires, which are porous and subject to breakage; and thus restore its structure, "explains Tania de Souza, Ricardo Maia Professional Hair & Make Up, Brasília, DF. Keratin increases the yarn strength, which in practice means a strengthened hair. When there is loss of this protein, the wire is weak, without resistance. "If there is no replacement of keratin, the cuticle is opened and the wire becomes too thin at the ends and can even break only to touch on the shoulder," says Silvana Lima, Studio W.
      How: Application of Keratin is made by spraying, to thereby form a microparticle mist of the substance and to facilitate uniform application. "This method ensures that the keratin is well distributed, reaching the entire surface of the hair," explains Tania de Souza.
      Indication: Hair subjected to strong chemicals, such as smoothing, discoloration and permanent. All these processes are deeply act on the wire and break the sulfur bonds that make up the keratin. For this reason, Nanokeratinization can not be used on hair that has not undergone chemical process, at the risk of being too hard, by excess keratin. "The hair must have flexibility, that is, after stretched, the right is to return to the place, if it does not and wire break is porosity signal, it is weak and needs to be restructured," says Bruno Amorim, the Celio Faria Beauty Institute in Belo Horizonte.
      Frequency: It will depend on the wire conditions, but in principle, when the need for treatment is urgent sessions should be done once a week. Then, with time, as the hair is restored, it can be done on average every 40 days, but everything will depend on the indication of the professional who can even give "high" procedures, after a period.

      What it is: Considered by experts as one of the most effective treatments to resurrect destroyed wires. The hairdresser Lela Athanasius, Crystal Hair, of Rio de Janeiro, explains why: "To seal completely the cuticle, cauterization ensures that all the nutrients applied to the wire remain deposited there for longer, thus smoothes split ends, eliminates frizz and returns the elasticidado wire, "says the expert. So in addition to healthy and resilient, hair recover the natural balance and the wires become more disciplined. The assets used are defined by hairdressers and it depends on the needs of each case. Tania de Souza, Ricardo Maia Hair & Make up of Brasilia, for example, makes a cauterizing the base of vitamin C, which has antiquebra action, and also adds a bit of keratin, for resistance; and ceramides, which nourish and add shine to the hair. Already Lela Athanasius, of Rio de Janeiro, prefers to make amino acids, which help in growth and have antioxidant action; keratin and other proteins such as collagen, which also strengthens the yarn.
      How does it work: The cauterization itself - sealing process after the wires receive nutrients - was originally made on the action of heat, by means of the iron, lock the lock, including some salons still do so. The novelty, however, is cauterization cold. "It's an evolution of cosmetics. The new method saves time professional, the client and acts with the same efficiency ", ensures Bruno Amorim, the Celio Faria Beauty Institute. This cauterization cold is similar to a leave-in turbo that has the same capacity of the shield wire plate, only without heat, its effect is chemical.
      Note: The procedure is ideal for brittle wires, porous, dull and double-ended, especially for those undergoing discoloration and wicks.
      Frequency: Ideally, treatment should be remade every 15 days. But the hairdresser can intensify the treatment, for example, once a week, if found necessary; or extend the range, and 15 days between an application and another.


      It is people, there are a few different types of keratin. All have the same function is to reconstruct, but each is indicated for the degree of damage suffered hair.

      But their usefulness goes far beyond that. She can wrap the wires with a film making them resistant returning its elasticity. It also moisturizes, strengthens, restructures and gives shine to tresses. All good right?

      But today I will speak only of the types of keratin, will not display products and brands




      Liquid Keratin

      I think this is the most known. It is very powerful and should be used when your hair is very damaged and brittle because it can avoid breaking this wire leaving it thicker.

      Simply spray on the hair, without exaggeration. It can be used before and after chemical, especially if they are highly elastic. It can be used pure or blended with rebuilders creams potentiates them. Use according to indication of the product.

      It can also be added in the mixture of discoloration, a third sprayed. They say it helps not to damage either the hair. A famous hairdresser taught.

      Hydrolyzed Keratin.

      With low molecular weight and be soluble in water does not weigh on the wire. It can easily penetrate the cuticle recovering faster that hair.

      Perfect for instantly help the damaged hair. You will find that keratin in liquid, gel and some rebuilders products.

      Keratin Plant.

      Very similar to the natural keratin in our hair. It contains vegetable amino acids. It can be hydrolysed or hydrogenated, but as I said above the hydrolyzate has a greater power to penetrate the wire.

      Keratin Hydrogenated.

      Perhaps the most used in reconstructive products found in stores and pharmacy. You know those homemade cauterization? Most use this keratin.

      It is less powerful than the other, only maintaining perfect hair weakened.

      The reconstructive masks are perfect for maintenance and prevention of daily aggressions. But if the case is serious type when the hair looks like it will morrééé to play the pure and more potent Keratins.


      Writen by Marcia Sales


      Every woman who has blond hair - natural or not - passes the situation of seeing his faded hair color with a yellow egg that does not fit at all with it. Even those who do just lights or the wonderful Californian strands go through it. Out beautiful hall and after twenty days are faded or with a weird yellow. If you go through it is time to learn how to use treatment matizador for blond hair.

      What are matizador treatment for blonde hair?

      The matizadores for blond hair, as the name implies, are able to replace the normal blond color in hairs. They can act in two ways.

      There are on the market various kits shampoos, conditioners and masks while cleaning and treating, have a chemical action with a purple pigment that acts in yellow yarn leaving the platinum blonde.

      There is also the famous purple shampoos that work the same way. These products are called by desamareladores professionals and can be bought in drug stores and perfumeries.

      To get the desired result you need to follow carefully the instructions on the package, and obey the time of action, or you run the risk of seeing your hair stand on a step down the original.

      Product cream

      Another way to matizador more accepted by professionals, are the products that neutralize the wires, and help neutralize unwanted color of the wires.

      Usually they are toners and help a lot when the blond hair is greenish due to the pool and beach.

      As they last longer, they need to be reapplied a few times and dry out less hair. But be careful: tinting is seen as a color, so it is always best when applied by a professional and also requires intense hydration.


      How to have a good result when using matizadores treatment for blond hair

      There are some rules you should follow to get a good result with matizadores for blond hair:

      If you opt for shampoos, conditioners and masks called desamareladores or purple shampoo, do not use more than once a week. Excess purple pigmentation may very dry out the hair.

      To maintain the health of your hair, keep a routine treatments and moisturizing masks, with good quality products.

      When applying the shampoo, condition and matizadores masks at home spread the product evenly by the hair and leave it for up to 5 minutes - read the instructions on the packaging. If you leave it to take longer, you run the risk of being left with too much hair platinum, almost white. Watch out!

      No matter what type of product you choose, just buy very good quality and recognized brands options. In this regard, no way, the most expensive are the best. If you try to save, you run the risk of spending which saved and even more at the hairdresser to fix the color.

      You can always better to take your questions with a professional, talk to your hairdresser and ask tips on how you will make your treatment.

      If you liked these tips, share with your friends, leave your comments.


      Written By Cosmética